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  1. Premeditated_Marder

    Asymmetric battles the cure for low population?

    I think they definitely need to balance the number of bots on each side. That, to me, looks like the only really egregious MM issue here. I mean, I've seen cases where the higher tier was all BBs and CAs, and the lower tier was CAs and DDs, and I'd LIKE to see the ship types also balanced, but given the asymmetric numbers, I'm not sure that's actually doable. Definitely a lower priority than the bot numbers per side. As mentioned above, being the only human player on your side versus all humans, it's the other team getting random battle rewards for playing a co-op game. Only solution I can think of otherwise would be that bot ships counted for 2/3 or 1/2 a human ship, or something.
  2. Premeditated_Marder

    Fix Fighters...

    Well, there would be NPC pilots like there are bots for unfilled spots, and the CV player would be driving the CV, launching other missions, I would think. The CV flight ops would probably look different than it does now, for sure. But I would definitely be interested in playing this.
  3. Premeditated_Marder

    Fix Fighters...

    they actually did this in Pacific Storm; Lesta studios had a flight combat sim, with naval combat. That's what I'd like to see WoWS/WoWP become, tbh. Multiple portals to one single game. Pilot queues up to play a game, a CV player launches an airstrike, the airplane player gets the mission the CV player launched, but the plane player is flying the plane. CV player grades the pilot on how he did, rewarding doing things the orders might not have anticipated or stated. CV player says "airstrike the DD" but plane player takes out the hitherto unspotted CV, he's getting top marks, for instance.
  4. Premeditated_Marder

    Preparing for 21-Point Commanders - a PSA

    It's how I see it. I'm not incorrect, I'm in disagreement, which I'm free to do, by the way. And I'll stop using "seriously" when you stop using it in exactly the same way, seriously.
  5. Premeditated_Marder

    Preparing for 21-Point Commanders - a PSA

    You say "someone", but no, it's "most everyone". Once most have reached the goal, it is time to set a new goal, that's how goals work. I suppose they could simply have stacked on two more levels on top of the old system, and I'd have been fine with that, but I'm also fine with this too, at least until I see why I shouldn't.
  6. Premeditated_Marder

    Preparing for 21-Point Commanders - a PSA

    It's not "moving the goalposts", it's "Well, most everyone has gotten to the objective, time to set a new objective". Seriously, your 19-point captain is still a 19 point captain, you're not having ANYTHING "taken away from you". You just now have somewhere to go with it, is all. Not sure about the skill rework, but given the outcome of the CV rework, I'd rather they fixed that, than open new cans of worms, the old ones are still festering quite nicely.
  7. Premeditated_Marder

    3 battles pink again

    First and foremost: you do not get a teamkill penalty for sinking an enemy (red) ship, you get a TK penalty for either hitting a teammate with ordnance, or disconnecting early from the game. That's just the way it works. We're not doubting your perception of your game, we're doubting the accuracy/completeness of that observation. There just has to be more to it than what you're telling. Probably something you just didn't see in all the chaos. It happens. With a replay we can show you exactly what it was; without it, all we can do is tell you how it works, and that's really all there is to it.
  8. Premeditated_Marder

    Warped? Really? Now what?

    Jingles also covered this in one of his videos, probably on one of the British CVs. The reason he cited was due to the operational requirements: the US Navy was by and large going up against other carriers at long ranges, so having more planes and more speed (to evade the return strikes) was more useful, whereas in the North Sea area, the threat was land-based air power, and the ranges were short to the point that evasion really wasn't feasible, so they had to be armored to withstand those hits. I don't recall him citing his sources on that, but I do know he reads a TON on this sort of thing.
  9. Premeditated_Marder

    The end of an era, Lert avatar change

    Props for the purposeful titling on the thread, as opposed to things like "a question" or "can anyone tell me...". New avatar... the jury's still out.
  10. Premeditated_Marder

    "This Ship Is In Battle"...

    probably to discouraging YOLOing battle after battle to the detriment of your teammates.
  11. Might also see if Flamu would be interested in reviewing the replay for a critique; he's really good about explaining the "why this is a good move, that was a bad move" , kind of thing. 'See here, you've got that radar cruiser over there; you just turned to get into his radar range and you didn't have to..." If he'll do it, you'll learn a lot. He gets really inflammatory on his streams, but when he dissects a replay, it's a very different, very constructive, experience.
  12. Premeditated_Marder

    Running WOWS From A Ram Disk

    Because if someone's question indicates they're going about something that's pointless or counterproductive, it's a greater service to point this out, than just help him down the path that's not actually going anywhere. He might know this already, but if that's unclear, it's being a good friend to say something.
  13. Premeditated_Marder

    Best tier and ship type to learn the game

    I'd play every line up to tier 6. By that point you will know pretty much what to expect from each line, although there are a few exceptions. (the US Battleships get a BIG speed upgrade at tier 8+, the German BBs get torps at 7, but lose them thereafter, but the core characteristics remain the same.)
  14. Premeditated_Marder

    Who have you seen in game

    Faced off against @Destroyer_KuroshioKai in Ranked the other day; he had the Kidd, I had Asashio B. We did eventually lose; I got a moral victory in being able to drive him off (with a fair bit of help from my allies), at least for quite a while.
  15. Premeditated_Marder

    CV ai in co-op cheating???

    Yup, and I've seen the last cruiser unspotted, yet the two remaining bots keep perfectly aimed at him trying to chase him down. Same for torps, they see them as soon as you launch.