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  1. Premeditated_Marder

    How Sad

    And aircraft, and shells in flight... pretty much exactly like any launched ordnance. Funny that.
  2. Premeditated_Marder

    Total trashing of Early AM coops- how to ruin game

    @Princess_Daystar Please explain how this was antagonistic.
  3. Premeditated_Marder

    Total trashing of Early AM coops- how to ruin game

    Okay, let's try another tack. True or False: co-op is seen as "easy mode" by the vast majority of the playerbase?
  4. Premeditated_Marder

    Total trashing of Early AM coops- how to ruin game

    I think you don't really know what antagonism really looks like. It's not seen here, because it's against the forum rules. Not surprised, just... more disappointed in my fellow players than I should be. I mean, seriously? "This easy thing I'm doing... OTHER PEOPLE ARE ACTUALLY DOING IT TOO, FIX IT" just simply doesn't register to me as a legitimate complaint. I see it as OP really thinks he should be entitled to solo games and still be rewarded. If you don;t want other players, it's very simple: play in a training room. Please explain to me how pointing that out is in any way antagonistic?
  5. Premeditated_Marder

    Total trashing of Early AM coops- how to ruin game

    I initially thought that telling the simple truth would be better received. But I'll settle for amusement instead.
  6. Premeditated_Marder

    Total trashing of Early AM coops- how to ruin game

    Words alone can't tell how amused I am at the reactions to that post I'm getting. Thus far: 1 "Cool" 3 "Meh" 7 "Boring" (thumbs down)
  7. The difference is you can get only a few resource boxes each day, which might or might not contain any coal. These are in addition to those boxes, and guaranteed do contain coal, and you know how much in advance.
  8. Premeditated_Marder

    Total trashing of Early AM coops- how to ruin game

    You want to play with bots, set up a training room. You want actual rewards, consign yourself to the reality that other players are going to be involved.
  9. Premeditated_Marder

    How can you get a negative ship sinking score?

    Yup. Shoot your teammates enough, and you turn pink, and if you keep it up you'll do enough damage to sink yourself. If that's all you sink, that nets you the -1.
  10. OMG, that I've got the NERVE to disagree with you. How dare I! Just to be clear here, you're the one pitching a fit here, not me. For something to be broken it has to either be physically damaged (a board snapped, for instance) or not serving its intended function. "Get you into a game with equally divided skills/records of players" was never part of the design of the matchmaker, so by definition, it's not broken. You are trying to argue for an enhancement you want, but calling it broken; that's simply not accurate. The enhancement request is a fair point to make, and one that's come up before (with about as much results as here, that is to say, none). Personally I'd like to see them try it. You could balance by PR, but not WR, since all the latter would do is push everyone down to 50/50 and before long everyone would be 51/49, so no point there. I'd also suggest an Elo rating system, where everyone starts off with 1600 and you lose or gain points based not only on the win or loss, but on the rating of your opponent. Not sure how that'd work in a 12 v. 12 format, usually that's for 1v1 stuff like chess.
  11. See, this guy gets it. Yeah, being bottom tiered, you're at a bit of a disadvantage against some of the enemy ships, but on the other team, there's a player with a boat that's in exactly the same situation. That's the one you're competing with, and if he's not helping his team because he's mad about being bottom-tiered and you're not, you're doing better. Otherwise, it's the same drill as before. If you're a DD, make note of how many radars and their durations, how many german hydros, pay attention to the minimap and where those radar ships get spotted. Play your game, don;t get focused on what you can't do anything about. If you're a tier 6 DD in a tier 8 game, you're still a DD, and you can wreck that T8 BB's day. The T8 DD might wreck yours, but you're not helpless; if you can force a mutual kill on each other (torps?) or at least whittle him down to a sliver of health, then you've as much as killed him.
  12. four things: 1: No one's crying, unless you are. 2: Exactly how would you measure "skill" for the matchmaker to use? 3: Let's say you did find a way, let's say W/L (win-loss) ratio. What would happen is it would push everyone towards a 50/50 ratio and then it would be random anyways, like it is now, and even then, folks will be trying to manipulate their way through that. Can't manipulate random. See also the Marcus Cole quote at the bottom. 4: I'm not for or against such a change; if you thought I was, that's your misunderstanding. I don't think it's possible, especially when you consider how to measure "skill". I KNOW it's not the way it's set up. It's set up to get balanced classes of ships into a game within a tier spread. If it does that, it's done its job. I know that when queue times get extreme, queue dumps happen (one game had 12 vs 12 destroyers, for instance), but that is really rare. Marcus Cole: "I used to think it was horrible that the universe was unfair. But then I thought, what if the universe WERE fair? Then the bad things that happen to us, happened because we deserved them? Now I take great comfort in the general unfairness of the universe." Last note: don;t confuse "random" with "evenly distributed". Flip a coin twenty times, you'll notice you have streaks of 3 or 4 in a row of heads or tails. The more you flip, the closer the overall score gets to 50/50, but each individual flip is random.
  13. Except that MM has never been designed to matchmake by skill, so it's not broken. Not doing what you want it to doesn't make it broken, it not doing what it's designed to makes it broken.
  14. Premeditated_Marder

    Remove the exploitive damage control cheat

    DC does not "make torps go around" battleships, carriers, and cruisers, it stops the sub's torps from homing on them. If your shot is good, the torps won;t need to curve to hit them, like DDs have to do. It's only being a troll if you're intentionally riling folks up, which I don't think you're doing, but you are very mistaken or just not knowledgable on some of the fundamentals of how this works. That DC is also the only mechanic those ships have to stop floods and fires, and it's all the same cooldown, so a ship that DCs your ping is now unable to stop fires or floods (or your next ping) until it comes off of cooldown. Same thing if they use it on those fires raging. So. Several things here: 1: Learn how DCP works. In particular, learn the active periods and cooldowns. https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Consumables#Damage_Control_Party short version: Longest: US Battleships, 20 seconds, absent upgrades or skills affecting them. 80 seconds cooldown. Long: Other (non russian or IJN) BBs: 15 seconds, same caveats as above, same cooldown. Russian BBs: 10s action time, 40s cooldown (exception: Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya, 15s action time, 20s cooldown). The trick here is they only get 4 charges, after that, no DCP. Warspite: 5 seconds action time, 60 seconds cooldown. Part of the price she paid for those 16" guns at tier 6, I would imagine. Cruisers, DDs, 5 seconds action times, cooldown 60 seconds for cruisers, 40 for DDs. So. Knowledge is power; your opponents are using it. Use it yourself, or get more of it, and you'll be at parity, or have an advantage. That is up to you.
  15. Premeditated_Marder

    So what about your Karma?

    Underrated, IMO.