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  1. I also am asking for a spot i have been around for awhile and understand what it is required of the players that get hunted "the masked" I also have set aside time this weekend for this event. be it being the one hunted or hunting them. I have participated in various wg events before. I did sign up i think i had my forum pms active i am double checking that now. I have followed cc for awhile and subscribe to some of there channels and i am active as well on discord. Again i am asking for a second chance to be one and would play proudly and respectfully to those who may sink me :D. thank you for your consideration on this Fem.
  2. airone

    The Coo of Boom Flag

    this is totaly hype for u pigeon on your own flag this is something to definatily strive for i would think better than the ships. nice flag though who designed it was it you or a coworker