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  1. KillerKingCobra

    Privateer Program: General Information + FAQ

    This sounds so good
  2. KillerKingCobra

    Something isn't right

    Merc_R_Us I mean is when I'm playing in any of my CV's any ship doesn't matter what type it is they are able to take out every plane I have in the sky way before I'm able to get close enough to them to lunch an attack also I did look at the videos and when you were playing with your torpedos I lunch mine pretty much at the same distance you do and even if I line it up right I still get no hits on mine
  3. KillerKingCobra

    Something isn't right

    I play mostly BB's but I do switch here and there, while playing I have noticed that my shots at all distances are not even coming close to the target but when everyone else shots at me I have a ton of damage done to me. So theirs are a lot of times where I would line up a shot from 20 km away perfectly and even though they are broadside to me I still miss completely but when they fire at me and I'm angling my ship from the same distance they hit me so hard that it takes half my HP away or kills me instantly. Now I have benn playing this game since beta and I have been having this problem since and 1 more thing when I play with my CV's my torpedoed don't arm even if I lunch them at a good distance, my bombs don't land where they should and it doesn't matter what trie the CV is a single ship is able to completely take out my entire fleet of aircrat away before I can even get close to them oh and it's just AA that I face so please if anyone who is reading this and can help me out I would really appreciate.
  4. KillerKingCobra

    Submarine Testing

    I like how wargaming is trying to add submarines to the game but I the submarines batteries need a little bit more time added on or when they surface the batteries should recharge like 25-50% of what the batter is at it's fullest then they are able to stay underwater longer that would be nice to see.