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  1. The bossman speaks truth. I'm apparently losing my mind. :D
  2. We've never hit 40 teams before so maybe next time if we get/keep 40 teams?
  3. Gather your teams and assert dominance now. Limited space available. We have hit 27/40 participating teams and it's only the first day of sign-ups. Join today! King of The Sea Information and Sign-Up
  4. Rest in Peace dseehafer.

    Rest in Peace. It's always sad to lose a member of the community. Especially one that has been around for so long. He will be missed.
  5. so, whats next?

    WSL of course
  6. Ya I've been busy and don't really play warships anymore so i don't do a lot of posting. I just help organize and run WSL.
  7. Warships Supremacy League is looking for new referees to help keep the latest chapter in its history running smoothly. WSL is opening applications for referees effective immediately. There are only a few limitations as to whom may be a referee. 1. Must not be on a WSL team participating in the current season/off-season tournament that you will be a referee in 2. Only 1 referee per clan 3. A Referee may not make a ruling for or against a team that contains a clanmate of his/her clan or a member of his/her sub-clan. Applicants not already on the WSL Discord will not be considered. The Referee Application form can be found here: https://goo.gl/forms/vkfUYPETsTvp65Bk1 WSL Discord: https://discord.me/supremacy Please send any questions to Macabe#2111 on discord and they will be answered as quickly as possible
  8. Supremacy League: Referees Wanted

    Please join the discord and message me there. :)
  9. training room

    We had 30 something teams of 9 people each so over 300 players in the training rooms. Probably just server instability or a connection issue.
  10. training room

    WSL has never run into this problem. And I'm sure we're the leaders in training room use. Training room uses just as many resources as a regular battle so i doubt they're limited. It's not like there is 12k+ concurrent players anymore.
  11. Tier X DDs need nerfing.

    Replay or didn't happen. You have to use a training room and a low tier map to make that happen. And even then it will only spawn maybe 1 random ship in a random place on the map if it does at all. If you're going to make up a story, make it believable. Outlandish statements are a trademark of blatant fail-trolling.
  12. Flavour of the Ocean

    Please don't bring us into this with farcical statements about something that never transpired.
  13. Clan Battle Strategies

    The true strategy is to not play CW. Play WSL.