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  1. Macabe

    Hangout by the Sea

    I think 'Okay' is the best description of how I'm doing. How are you?
  2. Macabe

    Hangout by the Sea

    Wow, this thread is still going 5 years later.
  3. Macabe

    A Jog Down Memory Lane of the Fiascos over the Years

    The 100 man clan fiasco. Clans were originally supposed to use the same roster system as WoT and WoWP. Pigeon of War told us it was safe to shove people into WoT clans and WoWS would copy it like WoWP did. Q and an RU dev told me directly behind closed doors it was fine to use the WoT roster, it would carry over. This killed a few of the original larger clans including mine that had multiple rosters. Imagine having a Main Clan, Social Clan, and a Training Clan adding up to 300 people and then one morning we suddenly needed 10 clans and 10 times the organization because of the roster constraints. I'm still convinced that was just a small cash grab. The articles on the WoT and WoWP sites/forums conveniently disappeared when they did it.We weren't the only group affected.
  4. Followers that have been following for at least 7 days.
  5. Given the current climate and WG's 9 year track record on this forum, it's really not an over reaction.
  6. Macabe

    A Lert Alert

    Probably cat stuff.
  7. Learn russian and only post suggestions on RU forum if you want them to care/read it.
  8. There's a correlation with forum use and spending money. If you're in a clan, there's a high likelyhood that at least one person in your clan is on the forum periodically. The forum user spreads their dismay amongst their clan. That 1 person has now influenced everyone that they talk to in that clan to spend or not spend money. There's a slight snowball effect. So yeah, a minority use the forum but that minority is spreading forum news to the community as a while talking about it with their clans as well as in battles and in-game chats.
  9. Macabe

    WG wants more respect!

    I remember getting told by RU(relayed by our NA Manager) that my feedback was wrong and that it should've been X and not Y because it it wasn't what they wanted. A lot of the OP ships in game got buffed before implementation because they were OP in one aspect but lackluster in another aspect. The problem arised when the latter was the way the ship was supposed to be used and the former was not. So they'd buff the latter and leave the former in its OP state and then implement without a final phase of testing. Live testing of the first cruisers with smoke and hydro was kinda hilarious because of this.
  10. Macabe

    WG wants more respect!

    Those of us that have been here since Murmansk-gate recognize that WG doesn't care about the legality of things that they are doing if they can get away with it. WGRU has a totally different mentality to those of us in Western markets. They are under the mentality that we should just be happy that they are providing things for us to buy. Western markets thrive on hospitality and good customer service. WG is accustomed to a completely different way of handling things in RU and that's basically "sucks to suck".
  11. Macabe

    WG wants more respect!

    I can find a picture of him from the depths of the forums if you want.... If you really want TMI and Canadian.
  12. Macabe

    WG wants more respect!

    Care to share? I got told to go F myself when I was a ST Coordinator so, I'm not buying what you're selling. LWM's narrative is very on point with WGHQ's general attitude toward their CCs, ST/STCs, wiki staff, and their own employees at times.
  13. Because the real game is sh--posting. Edit: Why is neg rep gone. My day is ruined.
  14. Macabe

    WG please address MM, or fix it....

    5 tier 9 BBs vs 5 tier 9 BBs 1 tier 7 BB vs 1 tier 7 BB 2 tier 9 cruisers vs 2 tier 9 cruisers 2 tier 7 cruisers vs 2 tier 7 cruisers 3 tier 9 destroyers vs 3 tier 9 destroyers. How dare WG balance the teams perfectly!!
  15. They were never for sale unfortunately. I secondary gun built the captain on the one i got. Close range carrier best carrier.