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  1. Because the real game is sh--posting. Edit: Why is neg rep gone. My day is ruined.
  2. Macabe

    WG please address MM, or fix it....

    5 tier 9 BBs vs 5 tier 9 BBs 1 tier 7 BB vs 1 tier 7 BB 2 tier 9 cruisers vs 2 tier 9 cruisers 2 tier 7 cruisers vs 2 tier 7 cruisers 3 tier 9 destroyers vs 3 tier 9 destroyers. How dare WG balance the teams perfectly!!
  3. They were never for sale unfortunately. I secondary gun built the captain on the one i got. Close range carrier best carrier.
  4. I didn't think it possible for the game to get worse in the time i spent away from it honestly. I see they still don't listen to their testers. And if they did listen to their testers and this was considered ok, i am disappoint. :( This guy gets it.
  5. Macabe

    Div with Supertest ships?

    Of all the things someone would point me to... >.> Unless something changed since i was a Supertest Coordinator. That's allowed assuming they aren't 3 supertesters purposely throwing 3 of the same test ship into the MM.... Back to my wows retirement i go.
  6. Macabe

    The WoWS forum of late (shippost)

    As of late?.... Do you mean to tell me that in my absence that the forum improved and then degraded back to this state?
  7. I am no longer a leader(neither is Fog_Battleship_Yamato or Fog_Destroyer_Johnston/raffgard) of -FOG-, -TSF-, or -FBS- and haven't been for a few weeks now. Yes i realize i actively use the same teamspeak for other games. I have no authority over any world of warships clans on the teamspeak so please stop using this as a "but you still own the teamspeak so you must still be a leader"(I actually don't own it). Please be aware if you message me regarding The Fog Community, i can not help you nor will i even attempt to do anything over a clan that i do not have authority over. " Reskird " is the new commander and handles all three clans. Any questions or concerns should be sent to him. I will no longer be reachable once my obligation to being an Admin for WSL ends in approximately 8-10 weeks. It was fun for awhile but quite frankly World of Warships is not the game that it could have been and i will no longer support its current progression once my current obligations are complete. The hope is that this status will stay visible so people can find the correct person to message.


    I leave you with an obligatory cat gif: 



    1. Fog_Repair_Ship_Akashi


      Well I'm sad to see you guys go but i hope to play Destiny 2 with you and kancolle with Yamato. Hopefully you can come back in the future till then good luck and hope to talk to you on the TS and have fun killing minions of the Darkness with you.

  8. Macabe

    Mouse's (New) Summary of Premium Ships

    Take all of my pos rep for all the hard work you do.
  9. Macabe

    How to Control your Win Rate

    Yes, in co-op. Where bots are excessively easy to deal with. Random battles is another thing entirely. The who battleship at long range thing: That's not how you play battleships.
  10. i would like to join was playing a game against a member named Fog_Cruiser_Atago and rememberd that i wanted to join a clan. Seen both the TV show and Movie plus love the game of WoWS. Also play my ARP Kongo quiet frequently

    1. Vangarre_Colonel


      that and really love the fleet of fog


    2. Macabe


      I'll get a recruiter to contact you.

  11. Macabe

    Premium Ship Review - USS Indianapolis

    Cruiser armor is still cruiser armor. It's paper regardless due to the size of shells being flung around.
  12. Hmm, I just can't imagine what kind of pet you have...

    1. Macabe


      Definitely not a cat :P