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  1. We had 30 something teams of 9 people each so over 300 players in the training rooms. Probably just server instability or a connection issue.
  2. WSL has never run into this problem. And I'm sure we're the leaders in training room use. Training room uses just as many resources as a regular battle so i doubt they're limited. It's not like there is 12k+ concurrent players anymore.
  3. Replay or didn't happen. You have to use a training room and a low tier map to make that happen. And even then it will only spawn maybe 1 random ship in a random place on the map if it does at all. If you're going to make up a story, make it believable. Outlandish statements are a trademark of blatant fail-trolling.
  4. Please don't bring us into this with farcical statements about something that never transpired.
  5. It'll be somewhere, I'll tell the two in charge of streams to make it more visible.
  6. http://www.warshipsupremacyleague.com/season5/matches Join our discord for which streamers are streaming what.
  7. Can you confirm that just having training room enabled will no longer cause a false positive? Supremacy League is currently on hold because of this issue and we don't want to tell 40 teams of 12-15 people to use a mod that might get some of them banned.
  8. The true strategy is to not play CW. Play WSL.
  9. Isn't the game they literally copied asia only?
  10. I wouldn't say we "need" refs by i don't plan on turning away volunteers.
  11. I am no longer a leader(neither is Fog_Battleship_Yamato or Fog_Destroyer_Johnston/raffgard) of -FOG-, -TSF-, or -FBS- and haven't been for a few weeks now. Yes i realize i actively use the same teamspeak for other games. I have no authority over any world of warships clans on the teamspeak so please stop using this as a "but you still own the teamspeak so you must still be a leader"(I actually don't own it). Please be aware if you message me regarding The Fog Community, i can not help you nor will i even attempt to do anything over a clan that i do not have authority over. " Reskird " is the new commander and handles all three clans. Any questions or concerns should be sent to him. I will no longer be reachable once my obligation to being an Admin for WSL ends in approximately 8-10 weeks. It was fun for awhile but quite frankly World of Warships is not the game that it could have been and i will no longer support its current progression once my current obligations are complete. The hope is that this status will stay visible so people can find the correct person to message.


    I leave you with an obligatory cat gif: 



    1. Fog_Repair_Ship_Akashi


      Well I'm sad to see you guys go but i hope to play Destiny 2 with you and kancolle with Yamato. Hopefully you can come back in the future till then good luck and hope to talk to you on the TS and have fun killing minions of the Darkness with you.

  12. Hold down ctrl while left clicking. They'll fire when in range provided they're not destroyed.
  13. Isn't PS4/XBONE current gen? Next gen would be their replacements.
  14. I think that's less of an iChase thing and more of a global backlash thing.
  15. Not from my perspective.