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  1. Lerch2000

    WoWs 50k Stream Codes

    Thx, the first one worked fine but the second (oldest) one didn't, but that's no surprise given the time-lapse.
  2. Lerch2000

    Extreme Lag Spikes in Game

    Same, 2 months ago I upgraded to a 5g, I have double checked and triple checked and everything is fine other than this game lately. The funny thing it comes in spikes (like old school lag switches in console COD series). Wargaming really should take a closer look into things (not saying it's their fault) lately things have been like the game has had sync issues more.
  3. One problem I have with a heal on a DD is the amount of health a destroyer has to begin with, they are not hard to kill at all if you hit them. To be honest, that is the same reason why I'm not liking the limited smoke duration, yes you have more charges by default but what good are those if you're dead? It's not like their concealment is going to keep them alive. But we will see when the line is finally in the game if its basically the same I can't see much use for them in random matches. (This is based on the Destroyers from the RN crates, I honestly haven't seen much information on the DD's from the tech-tree)
  4. Interested to see the changes, carriers currently do have issues (AP bombs, Strafing, and manual targeting) but these are things that can be learned minus the AP bombs (completely overpowered). The current learning curve you all put into place with strafing and manual targeting you did no favors implementing a Tier 6 to unlock (resulting in a harsh learning curve for the average or new player). You are basically telling the new players to grind a line in the tree, meaning Carriers at which that line will completely change half way thru instead of learning how to use these abilities. So yes the carriers in-game do have some issues that may be worked out but taking a whole different route I think that's a little much. After watching the video I am more curious as to how you're approaching this, the video from my perspective suggests you have limited to no control over the carrier at least while you have a flight in operation. If this change is for the best for the Carrier line then Godspeed.