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  1. Depends on where you live. yes in the weirdness called california it is a misdemeanor but of course the violence has to happen first. I.E a crime has to happen. Has a crime actually happened here? or just some idiot on the interwebs spouting off? Also.. Let all be grown ups....... If you cant handle someone being a jerk on the internet. You should stay off the internet.
  2. A crime? Unpleasant convo a crime? Grow up and ignore? My god maybe wargaming needs a safe space button.
  3. I enjoy that very much. The only issue is wandering off alone especially in and around islands. When low tier the first priority is to find a top tier to support not yolo off cuz...... Im in a BB! Next is to support my Cls and DDs. I do this by first looking to blap T8 cruisers that threaten my DDs but any tier will do. Harrassing enemy BBs that may have decided to get up in brawl range... high tier Im looking for opportunity to get a cit in but if not switching to HE will often drive them off. Its tactical fun game play unlike setting AA sector and hoping the automated system plays well for me ( it doesnt ) and trying to fend off an opponent I cant put damage into. Being in a group of boats helps but not much. After a cpl years of this it seems strange that a vet playr who visists the forums often would not understand that players ecpect to be attacked and also expect to be able to counter attack. CVs dont allow that. They are a farm damage class for those who cant play very well in something expected to take damage and all the dead in 2 minute goobers flock to them. There is a reason player activity and numbers have declines the last 2 years.
  4. Velled

    Why Can't WoWs Set-up Decent Matches?

    The MM can only deal with the humans it currently has behind the keyboard. The better question is why are so many incapable if surviving more than 2 mins.
  5. Velled

    Torpedoes, torpedoes everywhere

    Soo... which is it? Game was over before 1st reload or endless waves. Cant be both.
  6. Velled

    Winrates and Wins

    BREAKING NEWS: Teams with players that win more often... continue to win more often. Brandon demands equality of outcome on pixel boat wins. Details at 11. Sorry couldn't resist. /evil grin
  7. Velled

    Subs = idontknowwhat

    So much fail info in the first 2 posts the entire thread should be locked.
  8. Back with original CV mechanics a good CV driver wrecking a CV potato was pretty much the end of the match in favor of the good CV team. A good CV driver would start the match with one purpose.... Delete the red CV or remove all his planes. This was a win most of the time. I mean CVs are so balanced that losing one pretty much meant a loss ( and still does ) but I digress. That type of match is what got the rework started in the first place. Not gonna happen.
  9. Um.... actually CVs cause more camping as no one can move without being spotted and wrecked. Even DDs hang back.
  10. Velled

    Again.. why no skill based MM?

    Could you provide a coding solution to making you win every match? How would the MM know who is going to be afk? How would the MM predict who is going to potatoe? What you dont seem to realize is that while MM could be coded to align some sort of W/R on each team it cant predict any of the other hundreds of things that decide a match. Even super unicums lose matches and do things to get sent back to port early. They just do it less. So why should everyone wait longer in the queue just so your feels are hurt? How would the MM predict all of these things to ensure you win more than lose?
  11. Wow. So much entitlement. Giving free premium time is a slap in the face. Gotcha.
  12. Velled

    What I never hear about subs........

    Yeah a lot of people dont like to be told they are wrong, especially when its with logic and even facts. Those folks dont do debates or "back and forth" as you call it.
  13. Velled

    Glorious Wargaming Matchmaking

    Add to the health pool? Thats your MM fix? Thats not matchmaking and has nothing to do with how, when or which players are assigned to a match. Yes Im well aware of how companies entice people to spend money but you dont even seem to be clear on what matchmaking actually means so perhaps we should get on the same page before debating apples and oranges. Been PC gaming wince windows 95? Should I be impressed? Is that some sort of statement on how knowledgeable you are about gaming? My first pc game was before windows existed. What does any of that have to do with WG WoWs matchmaker and it being able to predict who will do what in a match? Could changes be made? Absolutely, but there is always a cost/benefit ratio to consider and this developer is not going to spend millions on dev time and testing to improve some random guys win chance by .02% per match. Sometimes you get the better team and sometimes you dont. Over time that evens out anyway.
  14. Velled

    Glorious Wargaming Matchmaking

    Apparently I dont. Having worked in software development field for the last 20 years I am completely ignorant on the subject. Please explain at a basic level how this MM would work.
  15. Velled

    Glorious Wargaming Matchmaking

    Yeah especially since the MM can totally predict how each player is going to play, what they will do, etc..... Once they get that squared away we wont even need to play a match, Just queue up and immediately get the results on who won, you know since the MM will be so smart on how to create a match and what the results should be.