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  1. No the spreadsheet for this player who used to play all tiers will note that he has stopped spending cash and only plays t8 coop for 1-3 matches at most a cpl times a week, and then logs out to play multiplayer games with his buds who have all stopped playing wows completely. There is a bit of fun left in this game, its short lived and is located in coop but a match or two is slightly more fun than staring out the window. What you call adapting to CVs is really adapting to crapgameplay mechanics. If the spreadsheet says Im having fun it needs to explain why I play 1/10th as much as I used to and coop mostly. Care to address any of the points in my post or is this just your stock adapt reply to anyone that posts anything negative about CVs.
  2. The master spreadsheet says everyone loves CVs. The community is not divided. The lower tiers arent seeing less and less new blood and being replaced with bots. Players arent retreating to COOP to get away from CV games. Ranked participation is up and healthy. All is well comrades. Just queue up again and spend some cash if it strikes you. Game is healthier than it was over a year ago. Move along nothing to see here.
  3. Uh...dont you need to sink a few before they are considered food?
  4. Velled

    Toxicity at its finest!

    Bots that never do anything more interesting or challenging than yolo forward? It is kindergarten mode.
  5. Velled

    tier 6 today

    If your not a CV player I would suggest a 4-6 week break.
  6. Velled

    Toxicity at its finest!

    If you dont play randoms due to what some random human on the internet types into a chat window.... It really says more about you.
  7. yes a conversion, they had ~6 inches of belt armor. Non converted BCs had up to 12. IE they took a hull designed for a BC and before finishing it as a BC changed its purpose to a CV. The brits went with Armored Cvs and they never had anything near BC armor, and had to give up so much in plane capacity for that armor that no other nation tried it.
  8. Yes they were EXTREMELY OP. Which is why they were almost never played and you rarely saw one in randoms.
  9. And no CV ever had battle cruiser armor. Yes WG is to blame.
  10. Just use your CV as the AA bubble. Move as the CV moves. If he stays in the back stay with him. Not a lot if fun, but less sucky than the 2 cv experience trying to play a non cv bote role.
  11. Velled

    NoZoup got me thinking

    Kind of like how CV players spec to kill stuff with planes and not ever be touched?
  12. Velled

    NoZoup got me thinking

    If 2 cvs cant take out 2 DDs .... they are doing it wrong. If 1 CV cant take out 2 DD's he probably made a mistake or two.
  13. Velled

    When is the Petro getting nerfed?

    Not until sales die down on it for some time.
  14. Velled

    The Hypocrasy of Campers

    I do that in all my ships. The CV has the best AA, we are supposed to huddle up and share AA... why wouldnt I place myself near the best AA?
  15. Velled

    The Hypocrasy of Campers

    And exactly who would play that aside from CV drivers?