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    I support Historically Accurate Warships...
    I do not want changes done to Real life Warships in this game...They do not need to be changed...
    They were built to be that way in real life to begin with.

    And no more Allied Death Rays they are for Gods...not Flesh and Blood.

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  1. AngelOfWarAndDeath

    Holiday new year event question

    ok now that they removed the directives how do we players earn the tokens to still use the boosters?I am referring the the regular boosters....not the doubloon ones..... I have 4 out of 8.....
  2. I am at phase 4 of building the puerto rico and have 4 regular boosters,finished 21 out of 36....I was wondering when the auto-building stops. will I have time to still do the Directive missions and continue to use boosters to finish it ?and for how long?what day and hour is the last day they will allow all players to finish the Directive missions?
  3. AngelOfWarAndDeath

    NA server lag

    I have been experiencing lag in the game for the last two hours....I already reset my network adapters and the wifi....
  4. AngelOfWarAndDeath

    Building the puerto rico

    Can directive 4 be done by today?I been trying to play good enough to get base xp per ship..vut I dont see it moving much...been at it since 6 am...
  5. AngelOfWarAndDeath

    Building the puerto rico

    Basically,what I mean is,I don't think im going to finish this ship in time....I am still on directive 3 and almost done with 3 missions to get the 5 I need to get the next booster.... I am at 2/5 on directive 3....and still do not know if I can at least come close to finishing it by grinding the rest of the directives with the time left..... I wish they could extend it a few more days....
  6. I started late and don't think I am going to finish this event....I don't have any money and this game sucks....time-frame wise
  7. I just got the french le terrible.... I dont want allied ships.... I want the Axis premium ship....Germany and Italy and Japan.... Atago,Prinz Eugen,Tirpitz,Roma,Sharnhorst,etc....I would rather have those ships... I don't want to play the Capitalist Imperialist pigs...
  8. I been at it for 12 days and still on directive 3...... I want to finish this [edited]build crapquickly so I can go on to my youtube projects...... this game missions and Earn free ships grinding is Way too long and takes more than a [edited]day to finish.....I want it to go faster......
  9. AngelOfWarAndDeath

    Game size is Unacceptable....

    not you...the other [edited]...
  10. AngelOfWarAndDeath

    Game size is Unacceptable....

    shut the [edited] up [edited],no one asked you...
  11. I re-downloaded the game to try it again. and it took 3 days...... it is too dam big.... I had 108GB of free space on my D drive now I have 32.4Gb free left... may test run the game and if I don't like the way the game goes against the other players [edited] it goes out of my pc... make the game 20GB or gtfo
  12. AngelOfWarAndDeath

    Subs upcoming?

    if the game is really going this way then what about Depth Charges?
  13. AngelOfWarAndDeath

    New German BB's and Cruiser's Question?

    I wonder is there any way that wargaming is going to be announcing the other Ships into the game?Deutschland admiral scheer etc.... I am not able to remember the other ships again but I know that you all know which ships I am talking about....the ones not in the game...yet...
  14. what about another war with russia?where germany invades again only to do or die?to the last man?how insane and cool is that?