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    I support Historically Accurate Warships...
    I do not want changes done to Real life Warships in this game...They do not need to be changed...
    They were built to be that way in real life to begin with.

    And no more Allied Death Rays they are for Gods...not Flesh and Blood.

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  1. AngelOfWarAndDeath

    gif as signiture

    Nevermind finally found the [edited]bugger button...
  2. AngelOfWarAndDeath

    gif as signiture

    what is the step by step way to post my Giphy to my signature? I been trying to do it through the Link or Code option but they only display the code and the link..not the picture. How Do I get my Giphy to display I have Coub,Giphy and Imgur but nothing is working....
  3. I just saw WOT newest video on this and have to say,it is impressive.but,I like to know if they are going to implement this into the game of World of Warships????
  4. AngelOfWarAndDeath

    New Years Codes

    Is there any Bonus redeem codes this year in Celebration of the New Year?
  5. AngelOfWarAndDeath

    gneisenau turrets

    In real life She received 9 28 CM turrets and later in 1944 she got 6 38 CM turrets Normandy....A short history answer to you question.
  6. AngelOfWarAndDeath

    Christmas giveaway question?

    what was the limit of players that got selected?
  7. AngelOfWarAndDeath

    Redeem codes?

    I cannot find the setting for notification of redeem voucher codes via e-mail notification... if anyone has a code could you shoot them this way please.thank you...
  8. AngelOfWarAndDeath


    oh,and I dont like the speed of all the german and japanese ships cruisers and bb's. they are all too slow..I want them to go faster
  9. AngelOfWarAndDeath


    I just wont be happy until they make german cruisers and BB's are little bit more better in detection and spotting range increase and gun and torpedo ranges being increased...for spotting and guns and torps and AA..etc...then I can try to enjoy the game..
  10. AngelOfWarAndDeath


    well all the other ships in the game to be short the Allied ships are fine... However the Axis ships are a bit lacking... 8( For example...tiers 7-10 BB's and cruisers secondarys cannot get past 9.5km without modifications...and most of the secondarys are wayy too short like 7 and 8km at default.... I have a question....What makes you wargaming think...that me Angel...Wants close range BB combat>??? I prefer to have secondarys open up at 12.5 to 13km and main gauns stay as is...for safety reasons...it is called insanity to get too close....and since most of the Axis ships do not have great stats...I recommend an adjustment to their AA,Secon dary's and Spotting and Concealment as well as extending the range of the torpedos and spotting the torpdoes by minimum default range 10km.... starting at tiers 7-10 would be great... and the lower tiers could use some adjustments as well. This is my opinion of Axis ships in the game....I do not want to play allied ships ...period....they had their victory in real life... now it is time for me to have my fantasy in this game....
  11. AngelOfWarAndDeath

    Cannot Record with Loilo in Perfect clear resolution

    Ok,Do you know any of them that have free unlimited recordings?and have support for all Direct X types and All games flawlessly in any resolution? Loilo has unlimited recordings.
  12. I cannot record with Loilo recorder using 1920x1080p.I have ROG Strix GL702ZC,I find this black recording error unacceptable. my pc is up to date and error free please fix your Russian broken game and make it compatible with Windows 10 and AMD ,Please.Thank You! I Do not have time for this errors and will not use any other setting than 1920x1080p and high speed Direct X openGL mode. I have a high end system and if I recall errors and bugs reported by users with high end systems get priority response and fixes first. You had the replay and recording working back around 0.7.4 something I can't remember but you messed it up. I have tried windowed borderless and maximized borderless and windows mode in 1920x1080p and 1280x720p and 1904x1014 and choosing different options with loilo recroder and I cannot get a clear bigger resolution during recordings. Every different option the recording is blurry and every different resolution does not help. I play in Fullscreen 1920x1080p always and the saved replay is set with those parameters. I cannot do any recordings in the forseeable future due to this games application software. Do not tell me it my computer,I bought a top of the line Gaming laptop from ROG.
  13. AngelOfWarAndDeath

    About WOWS on steam?

    I been playing wows using the wargaming download app. Can Transfer my account to steam?without having to start over?just transfer from the wargaming app to steam?
  14. AngelOfWarAndDeath

    Elite Commander XP convert to free xp how to?

    I have 49,719 Elite commander XP and I want to convert it into free xp?how?
  15. AngelOfWarAndDeath

    Channel Dash Mode

    Right on!