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  1. Augustus127

    My Longest Loss Streak

    That's ok. My longest losing streak was 51 games. I have a kill/death ratio of 1.18 So I can't suck that bad that I force all my teams to lose. WoW just sets you up with terrible teams. No matter how good you are you will not be permitted to gain success. You can just log in, join a battle and just sit there for 50 games and have a better win rate because MM will put you on better teams after you start losing with no contribution at all. They'll just assume you not a good player and put you on better teams. Its that whole socialist mentality they have.
  2. Why does WoW destroy the credibility of their game? This new fantasy aircraft carrier, the Tier VIII Chhalov is just plain ridiculous. The Russian's never even had an aircraft carrier in WWII. In the strategic planning laid by the Soviet strategists, the aircraft carriers had little importance and received little attention in a view of supporting the naval strategy of disrupting sea lines of communication— nonetheless, the program of aircraft carriers pursued as way of keeping up the competition with the U.S. Navy. However, the Soviet plans for aircraft carriers never amounted to much at all. Impudent is the strongest word that could be used to describe Soviet carrier capability. It was during the 1980s that the Soviet Navy acquired its first true aircraft carrier, Tbilisi, subsequently renamed Admiral of the Fleet of the Soviet Union Kuznetsov which carried Sukhoi Su-33 'Flanker-D' and MiG-29 fighters, and Ka-27 helicopters. So why do the Russians get get all of these fantasy ships in the game and why are they better than American carriers that contributed sunstantially to winning the Pacific War? One of this Chkalov's squadrons can melt a BB with a poorly aimed strike. This ship is unrealistic. Prior to WWII building a Soviet fleet was a national priority, but many senior officers were killed in Stalinist purges in the late 1930s. The naval share of the national armaments budget fell from 11.5% in 1941 to 6.6% in 1944. Furthermore, the Russians had almost NO navy in WWII. Why are their in-game ships given such high characteristics. They're mostly fantasy ships that have incredible power and almost impossible to destroy. The composition of the Soviet fleets in 1941 included: 3 battleships, 7 cruisers (including 4 modern Kirov-class heavy cruisers), 59 destroyers (including 46 modern Gnevny-class and Soobrazitelny-class destroyers), 218 submarines, 269 torpedo boats, 22 patrol vessels, 88 minesweepers, 77 submarine-chasers, and a range of other smaller vessels. It was only through the U.S. and Britain through the Lend Lease program that gave the USSR several ships that permitted the Soviet Navy to have any real firepower. These Russian fantasy ships DO NOT belong in the game and should be removed immediately.
  3. Augustus127

    Why do American ships suck so badly?

    I lose 5 x more battles with US ships than German or Royal Navy. It seems like nothing I makes a difference. The enclosed screen shot is one of way too many examples.