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  1. You forgot about the German DD's who have the shortest smoke timers...
  2. I kept them all, I only had one of theses. Going onto my Z-52 for a 2 second boost is rather huge for it.
  3. Again you are being salty. DD's have less fire chance in the first place. 80% or more of my fires are caused by cruisers not DD's. It appears you are mad at bad circumstances. Tell me do you hit repair the moment you get 1 fire? or wait till you at least get two? Did you go off on your own with no help? Have you practiced shooting DD's? If they take damage most start to run, and most don't even want to get within 12km and be spotted by german BB's or the later jap ones. It is not so much me defending a 'bad mechanic' as trying to anaylize why you are being so angry about what isn't a bad thing. Fire is a balancer for other ships. They burn less damage on CA's and DD's than BB's because its a steady percentage. There are also skills and modules to medigate fire chances. There is one that lessens your fire chance and removes 1 entire fire spot on your ship permanently. (so you get 3 fire spots instead of 4). Flags and modules that reduce the fire burn time. Just the flag alone reduces it to 40 seconds. Premium repair module helps too. Also going to your original post it goes down to one simple thing... shoot and hit the DD at 12 km's away. Its not that hard. If you need help on that just ask.
  4. It just sounds like you want BB's to have zero weaknesses. "I don't want fire, its stupid." okay lets buff torpedoes, "Torpedoes hurt me! I need to be able to always dodge them! The flood hurts too much!" I am sure that is how it would go. Mind you I BB main, so fire hasn't bothered me all that much, I handle it well. I wonder why I doesn't bother me, yet somehow bothers you...
  5. *hint* I've completely researched the US and GER tech trees. ;)
  6. I am sure you'd love to play my 8 tier X ships.
  7. I am tempted, and could do it, but school work is more important for me. It is what I decided. (which makes me sad!) Now to refer to this, how is it different from last year where WG gave bonus dragon flags for each tier X you owned? Only difference is you have to play them at least once, and with the time frame, those who are on the cusp of getting their first X ten have a bit more time now.
  8. Last year they counted ALL battles. So I assume it will be the same here.
  9. Reward All players with 1,000+ battles in World of Warships get: 10x WoWS Anniversary consumable camos 10x of each special Signal Flags: Blue Dragon, Wyvern, Red Dragon, Ouroboros, Hydra - (Earned for every 1,000 battles played, for a maximum of up to 150 signals) So this can be taken one of two ways. The first way is you can get 150 signal flags of each type. Ergo at 15k battles you max out. OR you get 150 signal flags in TOTAL, so 50 flags of each specialty type. (There are 5 there). Meaning that at 5k battles you max out. Which is it? Thanks.
  10. I am sorry but you honestly don't understand what you can do to handle the situation. You as a BB can repair all fire damage for one. Secondly, I can hit DD's at 16km's out in my BB, so maybe you need to check your aiming skills? Thirdly BB's are currently the one's using HE the MOST. (British BB's). So instead of playing only a few battles and calling it quits maybe checking what you are doing wrong is a better option.
  11. There is a reason to why, it won't take long to get that last exp, Also, most likely tier X's will go on sale friday for their anniversery. Best to buy it then. Congrats on getting to tier X by the way. :)
  12. Considering above 50% in US CV's a little bit more than 'just average' but that was a while ago. We had different opinions on this, but I will say I am more defensive because of the way you respond to my posts. You should try to be more tactful in your replies and not just call something garbage.
  13. Oh so tie middle number is the torpedo bombers? Thanks, I forget what is what. Appreciate that. Mind you in every CV I had till the Essex (excluding my starting tier which had a stupid bad luck), I've done above 50% win chance. Mind you, I don't exclusively play CV's, so I am more 'casual' on it. Also playing as a BB/DD/CA, keeping your teammates alive is VALUABLE. People don't seem to get the idea if I kill 1 ship but keep 4 alive, its far better than killing 3-4 ships and letting 3-4 ships die. Alive teammates do damage. Edit: Please note I have 1/3rd your CV battles, furthermore I didn't play my CV for about a year. And didn't get torp planes till the Essex because I got the Lexington right after they changed it. You state its "garbage" but give no reasoning behind it. You may be very good at CV's. I checked your stats, but don't think because I actually spend a moment to help my team. Scouting, spotting, doing what I can to help the overall that I am bad. I can't strafe and get those clicks as good as you, I don't know every single minutia of every plane, every ship, every CV I could fight to use it to my advantage like you can. Just because I don't have that knowledge/practice/skill. Doesn't mean my choices on HOW to play my CV are bad. Honestly its people like you who are selfish when it comes to CV play that gives CV players a bad name. I enjoy saving my teammates from enemy strikes. Destroying the enemy attacks. I sit back and learn from my many mistakes, and I have made a LOT. Especially with how out of practice I am. For I am out of practice. Check the CV's I had more practice under. My Lex, my Ranger, those I played as fighters with bombers only. My winrate? Over 50% Damage ranged, but I did what I could. So Maybe instead of knocking other players, and giving ZERO help but insults to those who play. Maybe offering advice, questions, reasoning. I am still waiting on the original poster to further explain his problem so I can try to help him.
  14. Hardly, does damage and can still protect reasonably well. Unlike 3-2-0 or give up most of your protection, let teammates die, and get rocked by every other CV class except your mirror image of 1-3-1
  15. I just finished my essex with the 2/1/1 build. I had to balance between firepower and protection. Worked well for me. I'd love to offer more advice but I don't know exactly what issue you are having.