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  1. Valdez_Raptor

    Drake what POS

    The drake is a horrible ship,. Can be citideled at any angle, does so little damage, slow firing, slow shells, I have grinded EVERY TREE in the game and the British "heavy" cruiser is the most horrid POS ever.
  2. Valdez_Raptor

    Challenge - hit Rank 1 playing Torpedo Destroyers!

    Many thanks, I was lucky to come across it, luckier still I decided to try my shimikaze for rank this season. (wanted to get the legendary module obtained)
  3. Valdez_Raptor

    Challenge - hit Rank 1 playing Torpedo Destroyers!

    I had a very good rank 15 in my Shimikaze, ranked out a few days ago. Here it is. https://imgur.com/a/KAxQLcx Another fun thing. I had one super game in my shimi, here is the replay with screen shots linked. https://replayswows.com/replay/81808#teams
  4. Valdez_Raptor

    Team gathering in one spot

    It drives me insane when I see teams do this. They think being by themselves is death so they huddle up. What they don't understand that being in 1 spot so the enemy team can get angles on you, and you can't get them on you as you give the entire map control to the enemy almost always means a lost. And why people don't understand this yet is beyond me.
  5. Valdez_Raptor

    Horrid luck on santa crates

    Did directives 1-4, and the credit directive of 5, got to stage 5 with the PR, have every tier X researchable but 2, and 3 premium tier X's. And, not complaining about free stuff, but damn horrible luck with all these Santa crates. Not 1 ship. Sucks, this overall event has been somewhat disappointing, got some nice doubloons, which I won't be spending on that PR.
  6. So, I intended just to get directive 4 done (for the free port slots) and call it, which I am still doing, but I saw the free permanant camoflague for 950k... okay I thought that's crazy but I can't tell what tier it is. But for THAT MUCH EXP, it has to be tier X right? Nope, tier 8... WG why do you do everything you can to piss off your player base at EVERY CONCEIVABLE LEVEL.
  7. This Christmas season with all their problems, there is one thing I noticed that has been lacking. The Christmas campaign. The previous two years they've had them, this year it is a simple combat mission, with crazy directives. On top of that, they are releasing new commanders for coal, doubloons, what have you, yet they haven't built a new campaign for an earn-able unique commander in a long time. They have the campaigns system, but it seems to be completely neglected for directives. Directives are nice, but what about our campaigns? I've basically done all but the most random campaign rewards at this point. Why doesn't wargaming release new campaigns? If they are so worried about keeping their player base busy and entertained, why don't they make more campaigns instead of having us to regrind entire lines? Also if they are concerned about the money, you can do 50% more campaign missions with a premium account, so there is an economic reason to get it, to further encourage people to subscribe.
  8. I would like more campaigns, but it seems Wargaming has "Given up" on campaigns as they stopped doing them completely. Last two christmas events they had the campaigns. This year it was simple combat missions and near impossible directives.
  9. Valdez_Raptor

    The History of Günther Lütjens

    Yeah I don't get that. They have campaigns for all these commanders/missions for all these commanders. And the German one they just shove right in under the radar, as someone who LOVES German ships, I missed this.
  10. Valdez_Raptor

    Matchmaking makes this the worst competitive game ever

    You make some good points, but you do not know what a "Fail divison". 1 tier difference in grouping is not a fail division. When a tier X brought in a tier I THAT was a fail division and they ended that AGES ago.
  11. Valdez_Raptor

    I am officially broke (credits)

    Look at how many battles you have. It shouldn't be that surprising.
  12. Valdez_Raptor

    Developer Bulletin 0.9.0

    Wargaming. Why are you taking out the one fun thing to do when I get a tier X, something I can grind out, and not regrind my ENTIRE DAMN LINE. I felt like it gave me a reason to PLAY my tier X. Not go "time to get the module, RESET" Honestly wargaming, DO NOT do this. It is a horrible idea.
  13. Valdez_Raptor

    This Puerto Rico grind ...

    Honestly not even 1% of 1% of the player base will be able to do this. I'd be surprised if ANYONE pulls it off.
  14. Valdez_Raptor

    This Puerto Rico grind ...

    I looked at the directives and, I agree. As someone who has HUNDREDS of the fancy flags, this grind is near impossible, if not impossible for 99.99% of the player base. I'm annoyed enough as it is they put ranked season in during this, but this? This? I've been a player since the day the game launched, and I own a Kamikaze R from the pearl event. I grinded that out, but this grind is... beyond reasonable for all players. They need to do some hack/slashing for the directives to make them even fun/worth doing.
  15. Valdez_Raptor

    Matchmaker is broken with CV's recently.

    Normally no, but, due to the fact the game was of a reduced size because 1 cv was in cue for so long, and we were in cue with another CV for 3.5 minutes before we reset, our timer wasn't the reason but the OTHER CV OF THE SAME TIER, that set it to be a reduced game. That is why I knew the other CV in que was a tier 8. Otherwise youd'd be right.