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  1. Almost no ship has AP secondaries. The Yamato is the only one I know that does. (and the Musashi)
  2. Three times thus far I have it set to ranked, I division with my friend hit go and forget it sets ranked to random. Don't play with what I have set, please!
  3. Valdez_Raptor

    purchase ship when previous ship is researched

    I don't know why you don't want to play the nurn, when I had her, I loved her, but in the end that is your choice. The earlier poster is right about your options.
  4. Valdez_Raptor


    I am not sure. I think they have it as an incentive for higher level play. They don't go away so there is no time limit to get them completed.
  5. Valdez_Raptor

    Weird dum question about ranked

    You can just play randoms to continue the british missions. You don't need to rank for it.
  6. Valdez_Raptor

    Thank you for the Anniversary and EXP boosts.

    Amusingly with the right flag set ups you can get more free exp than exp in wins. and that is like 20k+ exp wins.
  7. With so many exp flags, free exp flags, and the daily exp boost, I have been able to farm and make bank on leveling my ships and earning free exp at the same time. I had about 660k free exp saved, after 3 days, i am over 1.2 million free exp. Especially with games like this one helping me out.
  8. Question, what if I have a recording of this battle? and the battle right after? It shows I won a ranked game, and I would appreciate the star for it. If I do that will that be enough to be compensated for this lost battle?
  9. Valdez_Raptor

    USN naval gunery 1863

    I love history books like this. Amusingly I've handled books older than this recently. Looks like they printed it on good paper to be in such a good condition today.
  10. Or is it possible they are just doing all month long and their good anniversary sales haven't happened yet? If I recall last year it was August 14th when they celebrated, and 20 years for a gaming company is pretty substantial. Previous years they had ship discounts at the very least in the tech tree level. Yet I see nothing so far. What are everyone else's thoughts on this?
  11. Valdez_Raptor

    Credits earned after T8

    Co-op is a bad way to earn credits and exp. If that is your thing, all the power to you. The difference isn't as bad in randoms, and a Tirpitz (which I own), and a Musashi (which I also own) are close enough in my opinion. Now if you happened to have a Missouri (which I also own), that thing is a credit monster. To figure your ship costs ts simple. The cost of the ship is the same for that ship no matter what the damage is. the consumables have a set cost, the only variable is very minor with the ammo. (extremely minor), so you look at the credits to run the ship and there you go, that is how much you need to break even. the -10% repair cost flag I use on all tier 8 and up ships. (except my premium which are reduced). the 10% bonus to credit income I use only on my premium ships (even though I have 1,100 of them), mainly because I get more credits out of using them on those ships on average.
  12. Valdez_Raptor

    Can't find any of the new unique modules

    Thanks, I was curious when someone went "Well this ship and that ship are now worse because of the modules" and I was like... huh? Complaining about something not even out like it was.
  13. I own I think 6 or so tier X's, and I can't find a single one of these modules. I checked the website about them, checked to make sure it was the right patch, but I can't see any of them. Am I missing something? Thanks.