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  1. Thanks, I was curious when someone went "Well this ship and that ship are now worse because of the modules" and I was like... huh? Complaining about something not even out like it was.
  2. I own I think 6 or so tier X's, and I can't find a single one of these modules. I checked the website about them, checked to make sure it was the right patch, but I can't see any of them. Am I missing something? Thanks.
  3. Tried using my BB's again, wasn't working, so switched to playing a DD (z-52 for ranked), was doing great had a 3 day long streak of being stuck at rank 3, but ranked out third best season to date with 225 battles.
  4. I wanted to watch it, out of curiosity, but I can't find it now.
  5. It doesn't, which is why I am confused people are saying this will be great.
  6. German Commander Franz von Jütland's Recruitment, with 10 Skillpoints. Specialized for I Hermelin Franz von Jütland boasts these Unique Commander Traits: Improved Vigilance: The torpedo acquistion range bonus of Vigilance increases from +25% to +35% Handyman: The consumable reload time reduction of Jack of All Trades increases from -5% to -10% Looking at it, it makes me wonder why? Many of the other commanders seem to have commanders that fit the nation, yet the German one gets the least likely to be used one when it comes to improved Vigilance, why do I think this? Let's see, most of the German DD's have hydro, German Cruisers have great Hydro, the tier 8 BB's and up have Hydro (the ones that MAY have needed it). Don't get me wrong the jack of all Trade's is nice, but I just think the other perk is utterly wasted in the German tree that has little reason to even pick it up. What are other's thoughts on the matter?
  7. Secondaries are great and do a lot of damage in some situations. But they have a major psychological effect that can't be discounted. A lot of people don't like getting hit by them. The extra fires that can happen. Other things you can adjust via skills (by the player) but can't add secondary range by how you play need captain skills for that.
  8. A sense of limited availability increases sales. Its a basic advertisement 101.
  9. I was in the mood to watch it again, but apparently they changed the voice actor? I mean still a good video, and good poem but the original guy did such a better job! No offense to the current voice actor. But honestly, what happened? Why the change? Edit: I honestly tried to listen to it but the quality and emotion is not there for this video anymore. I really like to know what happened. More info, found out they have the original in a different video. Listen to the two, you tell me who does it better.
  10. I liked the old essex set up with the fighters, I did that, had fun, good with her, Midway was is better I enjoy her but only so good with her.
  11. Can't fire all my torps

    One of the turrets is 360 so it takes time for it to turn from one side of the boat to the other.
  12. 19 PT Fred Der and F. Grobe captain skils

    I completely disagree with this. There are 2-3 versions of secondary builds that I know about. There is the IFHE build, which lets your secondaries pen the front of BB's. There are videos on it, the difference is HUGE! But takes another 4 point skill. One I use is demolition which gives a bit more fire to the secondaries. I've gotten arsonist a few times post fire chance nerf on these guns. Instead of more fire there is more actual shots 10% faster shooting. I am working to get a captain with IFHE to test in combat situation, but haven't yet. I haven't seen more survival builds, but remember, even if your secondaries don't always do a lot of damage, they scare the crapout of people and that is an important factor to keep in mind.
  13. Grober Kurfurst

    Strange I do fine against these ships. No idea what you are talking about. Hell I've killed yamatos while being shot by 2 yamatos in a tier 7 german ship. (scharnhorst) was uptiered that battle but got a nice arsonist from it.
  14. Grober Kurfurst

    German ships at Tier 8 are fine even against tier X's. (they can citadel a yamato at about 10km). If you know how to play you can do fine.
  15. I use SI, but as one of my last skills I got DE. For my secondaries to help burn the world! its a trade off between them shooting off more, burning more, both work IMHO.