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  1. Valdez_Raptor

    FINAL WEEKEND - Top Ten Challenge

    So when is the first weeks winner's revealed? As I see nothing here.
  2. Valdez_Raptor

    FINAL WEEKEND - Top Ten Challenge

    I hope Co-op isn't counted, because then you can just farm some types of medals super easy.
  3. Valdez_Raptor

    712 mins in Q!

    Were in playing when a patch update hit? I had that happen once when a hotfix came, and the que kept on going as no game was to be found though it said some people were in que.
  4. Valdez_Raptor

    When did the Shimikaze lose its torp reload booster?

    I think I was recalling it from a pre patch notes thing years ago, and never realized it never got it.
  5. Valdez_Raptor

    When did the Shimikaze lose its torp reload booster?

    I swore that it did for some reason.
  6. I've just gotten around to getting to the IJN DD line. I randomly decided to try the torp reloader on the yugumo to give up smoke. I realized how fun it is. So I am like so excited to do it on the Shimikaze. Then my friend tells me they don't have it. I look as he streams it, sure enough its no longer there. When/why did WG do this? Thanks.
  7. Valdez_Raptor

    Let Us Honor a Hero!

    And 1 card sent.
  8. Valdez_Raptor

    23% - 1007% ... I want my Bonus

    I think you missed what I meant. Its like when you get 2 sets of 5 flags of 1 type it shows it as 10. The same happens here.
  9. Valdez_Raptor

    23% - 1007% ... I want my Bonus

    It's showing the additive bonuses. you get 23% each time so after 10 battles it go up to 230% it just keeps adding up, and up.
  10. Valdez_Raptor

    had to change topic info

    Umm a few things. There are thousands of battles in those first two, and a small fraction is CV's. One can't garner any information from that from such a small sample size. The third image, their Midway has a almost 50% with a larger battle sample size, ALSO There is a thing called "cursed ship" syndrome where no matter how well or poor one does. You get a string of horrible losses. I am a descent player but I believe my Neptune has this syndrome, where I had a string of horrible losses on it despite 37 battles, 33% win rate. Mind you I play REALLY WELL on her, just simply bad teams. Also with the new CV's I am still learning them getting better. I see that your clan mate skipped ships in the line, so has less experience even with the old meta. Do that with anyone and they won't play them as well. So it is hard to extrapolate any real answers from such a small sample size.
  11. Not sure why I am in the minority, but I liked the arms race for ranked. The reason is it makes the games FAR more dynamic and more in tune of ships actually adjusting and moving around. It's not sit, watch a cap radar fight it the entire time. I see a lot more movement and action than I have in other ranked seasons.
  12. Almost no ship has AP secondaries. The Yamato is the only one I know that does. (and the Musashi)
  13. Three times thus far I have it set to ranked, I division with my friend hit go and forget it sets ranked to random. Don't play with what I have set, please!
  14. Valdez_Raptor

    purchase ship when previous ship is researched

    I don't know why you don't want to play the nurn, when I had her, I loved her, but in the end that is your choice. The earlier poster is right about your options.