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  1. 19 PT Fred Der and F. Grobe captain skils

    I completely disagree with this. There are 2-3 versions of secondary builds that I know about. There is the IFHE build, which lets your secondaries pen the front of BB's. There are videos on it, the difference is HUGE! But takes another 4 point skill. One I use is demolition which gives a bit more fire to the secondaries. I've gotten arsonist a few times post fire chance nerf on these guns. Instead of more fire there is more actual shots 10% faster shooting. I am working to get a captain with IFHE to test in combat situation, but haven't yet. I haven't seen more survival builds, but remember, even if your secondaries don't always do a lot of damage, they scare the crapout of people and that is an important factor to keep in mind.
  2. Grober Kurfurst

    Strange I do fine against these ships. No idea what you are talking about. Hell I've killed yamatos while being shot by 2 yamatos in a tier 7 german ship. (scharnhorst) was uptiered that battle but got a nice arsonist from it.
  3. Grober Kurfurst

    German ships at Tier 8 are fine even against tier X's. (they can citadel a yamato at about 10km). If you know how to play you can do fine.
  4. I use SI, but as one of my last skills I got DE. For my secondaries to help burn the world! its a trade off between them shooting off more, burning more, both work IMHO.
  5. The next discount comes at the end of the month, but for Russian ships. SO keep an eye out, they do happen.
  6. Musashi Magazine armour needs a buff

    I was detonated on my first Musashi battle, while at near 100% health. OMG my ration is every battle on her I was detonated! For one battle. Hasn't happened since. (was a torpedo by the way). I don't mind detonations. They happen so infrequently that I use the free 10 flags to store up for ranked battles. Sucks you had some bad luck there, but there are ways to limit it. Mind you DD's get detonated the MOST out of any ship class in game.
  7. In terms of time, I think I have done 150k damage in 3 minutes or so. Did it today. Killed 3 ships doing it.
  8. So I know you can collect the HSF stuff from normal crates as you play. The same goes for the Yamamoto once you unlocked that commander. My question is, if I am collecting both at the same time am I hampering myself? Is it going to pick one over the other or can they happen independently of each other? If one stops the other, I can just pause my Yamamoto one till I get the HSF one done. (as I want the Yamato camo)
  9. How's Everyone holding up in Ranked?

    Ranked out, 5th time. The USS Black is going to be mine.
  10. The 75,000 exp task is not working. I checked, no requirements outside of tier V and up. And nope, nada, I'd be halfway done with that task if it was working. Since I am doing ranked a lot getting that one done would be NICE. So please fix this soon WG.
  11. This one is simple, there have been many times where my team say has 2 Kutov's and the enemy team has 2 chappies. Or we have an atago and an endenburg (who doesn't have radar because he took smoke), while the enemy team gets a chappy, and a New Orleans. 95% of these games its a total slaughter and not a real match up. My suggestion is try to get the match maker to take into account radar ships. There is no way to make this a perfect system due to smoke/radar trade offs with the Pan Asian ships and the brit CL's. I know the MM is set up to match nations heavily, but there needs to be a weight to at least "common" radar ships. I don't mind if one team has a chappy and the other a New Orleans. That is a balance between two different radar types. But when one team gets zero, and the other team gets 1-2, then it becomes a very unfair match up.
  12. I've gotten the damage and flood 3 times in 10 battles too bad my team LOST 8 of those battles which includes those three. Along with some other bad luck. Decided maybe a CV would count, did it on my CV, nope. event hat took two battles because of horrible teams. I've done 90% of all their missions ever, this one takes the cake at how retarded it is. And it needs to be known they should NOT do this idiocy again.
  13. I am good, so your argument is just a vain attempt to troll something more serious than that.
  14. Win a battle fine, I am okay with that, but I am sick and tired of meeting the battle requirements of the missions and you did well, you tried hard and the team? Just fails you. Again, and again, and again, and when you win? Can't get the requirements for the life of you. I know I am not the only one with this problem. So please STOP the requirements that ALSO include win a battle. It really sucks out the fun when you do well yet, you see that the team on the other half of the map was 7vs. 4 and you were fighting against the odds on your side, and the next thing you know, the enemy still has their 4, and your team has only 1-2 ships left alive over there and quickly running away.
  15. Clear Skies Debate

    There has to be a balance between extremes. The original was way too easy. The current is too difficult. If it was at least 50% of the enemy CV's planes? That I can understand. But of launch planes from other ships? That is a bit much. For one Say on some BB's they get 6-8 launch planes which are nearly impossible to launch them all (double with the skill), so lets assume, as unlikely it is that enemy CV has 70 planes. and there are say 5 bb's and 5 ca's and 1 dd game. Each player has the double cataplault, with say on average 5 charges? that is 100 extra planes in the air possible. Now feesible the other ships wil launch 2 MAYBE 3 charges, but at best 2 on average. so that is 40 planes if EVERY enemy ship launches them and that is assuming some how no one has killed those ships. That ship was sunk? There goes those planes to shoot down. I have gotten 50+ planes shot down shut down the enemy CV, cleared the skies of his planes, did not get the achievement because it was not 50% Because of all the other planes never launched I could never shoot down. Think about it the other ships collectively can have more planes than the CV. So you could have killed every single plane the enemy CV had, not let one friendly ship use their AA to shoot down 1 of those planes and STILL not get the achievement because of how it does its calculations.