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  1. There has to be a balance between extremes. The original was way too easy. The current is too difficult. If it was at least 50% of the enemy CV's planes? That I can understand. But of launch planes from other ships? That is a bit much. For one Say on some BB's they get 6-8 launch planes which are nearly impossible to launch them all (double with the skill), so lets assume, as unlikely it is that enemy CV has 70 planes. and there are say 5 bb's and 5 ca's and 1 dd game. Each player has the double cataplault, with say on average 5 charges? that is 100 extra planes in the air possible. Now feesible the other ships wil launch 2 MAYBE 3 charges, but at best 2 on average. so that is 40 planes if EVERY enemy ship launches them and that is assuming some how no one has killed those ships. That ship was sunk? There goes those planes to shoot down. I have gotten 50+ planes shot down shut down the enemy CV, cleared the skies of his planes, did not get the achievement because it was not 50% Because of all the other planes never launched I could never shoot down. Think about it the other ships collectively can have more planes than the CV. So you could have killed every single plane the enemy CV had, not let one friendly ship use their AA to shoot down 1 of those planes and STILL not get the achievement because of how it does its calculations.
  2. The 50% part is retarded mainly because how many aircraft the other ships have that are NEVER LAUNCHED.
  3. Now when it comes to FREE EXP farming, those do stack with the x2/x3 weekends and those are well worth stacking up and hoarding for... 10-15k free exp wins... are glorious.
  4. I've tested this idea, doesn't work that way. it goes off the base exp you get (premium time has the normal effect). The x2/x3 doesn't add more. Since it is still 250% or 333% more off of the base exp of a battle. so a 1k exp win is 2.5k and 3.3k bonus commander exp. it is added to the x2 and x3 only becuase normal exp also gives commander exp. So it looks more, but the benefit is the same any day of the week.
  5. I think I was in that game...
  6. I have recollected at least 5 1 pointer battles or ones that flipped who was winning every other 1-2 seconds.
  7. Actually its 11.7 :)
  8. You'd be surprised how often I find myself front of the line wondering... why is my team so far back? I started behind all of you, I am in a slow BB yet I am now ahead? I try to verbally tell them where I am going, what I am supporting, and so they know hey, this big [edited]BB with big [edited]guns will help me. Maybe I'll attack. I remember telling this New orleans that I in my tier X german BB I was going to help them. Just move up enough to radar. What do they do? When another tier X german BB said the same thing to him? The very start of the match they turn and sail further BACK behind us. I got killed becuase of 2 ships in smoke that one radar could have allowed me to instantly kill them... was a frustrating match to say the least.
  9. There is a post that explains the math and proves your time of smoke is actually LONGER in every ship save a few smoke ships (aka the entire british CA line)
  10. Thanks. :)
  11. Ah, sorry, I always forget how people do it. So its fighter, torp, bomber. Got it. My apologies on that.
  12. I haven't even fully upgraded her yet, but from what I can tell is first discern what the enemy is flying. Equal or more fighters than your foe you can make some fun work of their planes. If the enemy has more, use your fighters to lure theirs away to strike else where. I am more of a "protect the fleet" type of person. Which isn't always easy but is the most rewarding when I get that strafe right before the torp planes let lose and the friendly ship goes, THANK YOU!
  13. I own the midway, I play the 2/2/1 build. I enjoy her.
  14. 19 point captain = endless pool of elite commander exp.
  15. I got one achievement where I capped the enemy base 100% without ever being spotted. No idea how I even pulled it off...