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    Inertia Fuse on T8 Cleveland

    yeah, this is pretty much what I was thinking as well. But i couldn't find any pages on it specifically. Thanks for confirming it guys! I've been playing Cleveland so much that my captain just hit 18 points, he was 14 when i started. Goal is 19 before they release T9 and 10! Everyone have fun with their island body pillows. for reference :D
  2. CommandantObvious

    Inertia Fuse on T8 Cleveland

    I have been playing the new T8 Cleveland for a while now but have been wondering if anyone has advise on using inertia fuse shells or not. 152mm guns are recommended to take it so I been playing with it since I got it (my Atlanta captain has found his non-premium ship lol). If not IFHE then what other 4pt trait? Thinking Advanced Firing training, but wanted to hear other thoughts.