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  1. Ownyu

    Where are my "Go Navy" coins?

    Okay, thanks for the replies letting me know what happened. I've been out of home recently until I was able to fix my AC, so I understand this might be old news.
  2. Logged on today to find that the coins and stuff you can buy with them removed for "Eagle vs Shark". Now I'm not someone who hangs out in the forums, I basically just come here when something has pissed me off. And with that said I think there should have been a lot better warning for those of us like me(in game) before content we earned was lost. Can anyone here enlighten me when and were these warnings were?
  3. Ownyu

    No Loads

    I don't know about you guys but I'm sick and tired of getting into matches where one or many players either fail to load in on time or not at all. Not long after the game went live they extended the load time of a match about 30 seconds if I remember right. Did that stop people from loading in slow, no it didn't. Why isn't there some kind of penalty for continually not being able to load into a match on time, because there really should be one. Maybe if a threshold of so many times late vs not late they are not allowed to load into the game for X amount of days, or something to the effect. What do you guys think?