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  1. Premium ammo on the way?

    If they added premium ammo to WOWS I would Uninstall immediately. I have enjoyed this game for the past few years. But, that would close my wallet and free up time. I hope they never add it.
  2. Meme botes

    The meme like dispersion of the Lolorado. That was a thing for a bit.
  3. Twitch deal - only EU?

    I'm on na and I got the twitch prizes
  4. One last set of Santa Boxes. OMG!!!

    Bought one last big Santa crate and got a Kutozov and kamikaze along with a 1000 dubloons. Sadly, I have a Fujin.
  5. Musashi Free XP Cost

    I still want the Musashi. Being a collector and all. Seeing how Notser played it. It looks to be right up my alley.
  6. So glad I have the Missouri. I am looking forward to acquiring the Musashi as well.
  7. So far 1. 250 dubs 2. 24 hr prem 3.5000 xp 4. 250 dubs 5. 24 hr prem 6. 5000 xp
  8. I've gotten 500 dubloons so far with the containers that's worth 5 if I just bought the dubloons from the store.
  9. Effing attack planes

    I see what you did there. Love the Blade Runner reference. Up vote for you.
  10. They could just add "ed" to the end of the word. Sounds better. But, the 13 year old boy inside me is giggling. He hehe "taint".
  11. Didn't in like cbt we had limited dcp. I hope I remember that right. This doesnt seem all that different or new. Love the ship. It's extremely strong when it's in its own tier. Hopefully they stop protecting tier 4s I'll get more of those kind of matches.
  12. Looking forward to firing Stalinium rounds at the capitalist pigs.
  13. My mindset is I hope I don't play like a potato. But, I become the potato.
  14. So disappointed on that change. The accuracy was the single reason I wanted the ship. Oh well at least there will be the October revolution sometime next month.
  15. Sorry guys but.......GF I

    Got 80% of my health taken away from a test GZ. Wasn't mad. I was by myself. He rickety wrecked me. I quickly got over it and played another match. If I didn't hate playing CVs. I would buy the GZ when it is rereleased.