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  1. _GreyBeard_

    Not enough memory for update

    Not much of a long shot. Doing that will work as long as there is enough space to copy over the working copy from the desktop. Despite all its faults (which goes without saying for all WG titles) the games are still "portable". Just need to make a short cut to the exe or launcher once copied over.
  2. _GreyBeard_

    And The Biggest Weekend Potato Goes To ...

    Even better. You turned him into an 11 pointer before assigning the skills.
  3. Totally random. No set time and no guarantee that you will get one in every container, just like all the collections before.
  4. _GreyBeard_

    Kitty Purrfurst #3 Code

    3rd mission showed up today without using the code.
  5. _GreyBeard_

    update ??

    Server update only,
  6. _GreyBeard_

    Not enough memory for update

    If you haven't (and I'm guessing you never have), go into the game folder and find the Updates folder and delete everything that is there. Oh and it is storage space you are low on, not memory.
  7. _GreyBeard_

    No boxes from Hall of Fame again?

    Maybe they're hoping that by the time 7.11 drops those that were supposed to get the crates will have forgotten about them.
  8. _GreyBeard_


    Mommy the big bad red ships are shooting at me.
  9. _GreyBeard_

    How would you feel about fully armed at start?

    What's really sad is that there are enough morons with that attitude playing.
  10. _GreyBeard_

    When will the Giulio Cesare be available?

    Got it in one of the Anniversary crates.
  11. _GreyBeard_

    How many ship missions have you gotten?

    Nope. I got the Icarus first, and then got Acasta about a week later. FWIW I just got Jervis out of the second last of 10 crates bought with Sovereigns (already used up the first 220 on Warspite for the 6500 doubloons).
  12. _GreyBeard_

    worldofwarships.com game center download gives wrong installer

    Use this (old style launcher), WoWS_internet_install_na.zip until such a time as they force the WGC on us.
  13. _GreyBeard_

    new Warspite owner

    One of the biggest things is to plan ahead if you need/want to turn your guns. They are dead slow seeing as the turrets are greased with molasses. The ship is agile enough, but you can and will out-turn your guns.