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  1. _GreyBeard_

    Game slowing down

    You're welcome. The funny thing is that when you shut down the game and ran that utility things cooled down enough for the game to run OK again for a while. Shutting the game down and going and making a sandwich would have worked just as well.
  2. _GreyBeard_

    Do Cruisers need a range nerf?

    Oh wow, talk about déjà vu , You two wouldn't happen to be related would you?
  3. _GreyBeard_

    Legondary mods are they being removed?

  4. Games like this are fun, they can also be a bit of depressing. Don't get sad, just come back and do it again (no name and shame, just one really well fought battle all around), Get the feeling that poor Haku really wanted me sunk though.
  5. _GreyBeard_

    Game slowing down

    Likely not being caused by junk files. That and System Mechanic wasn't the greatest back in the XP days, doubt it has gotten any better over the years. Sounds more like something in the computer is overheating and being throttled (CPU or GPU). You say it is an older PC. When was the last time you opened it up and cleaned out the dust bunnies?
  6. _GreyBeard_

    Anyone else getting epicly high pings lately?

    And hello from Pickering.
  7. Not a bug, https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Update_0.9.1#Unique_Upgrades
  8. _GreyBeard_

    Anyone else getting epicly high pings lately?

    East coast, no. They did move it to Chicago though.
  9. For starters stop running two AV programs at the same time.
  10. There was at one time 2 versions of the WGC installer, one would let you install wherever you want, the other would only install to "C:\ProgramData". No idea if the on that let you install anywhere is still available though.
  11. Easy solution, Forum looks a lot cleaner that way.
  12. _GreyBeard_


    You do realize that it is exactly the same ship/game whether you play through Steam or not?
  13. _GreyBeard_

    Change to Steam account.

    Steam won't make any difference as the game plays on the same servers as non Steam accounts. There is no separate server for Steam.
  14. _GreyBeard_

    moskva credit grind

    Or get it now, :-)
  15. If you're getting hit by a Smol that much at 18-19 KM, the problem isn't the Smol.