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  1. _GreyBeard_

    No daily login reward page

    Click on your name in game and select daily rewards from there, then make sure that it is set to open with the game.
  2. _GreyBeard_

    Does Wargaming not consider Canada interesting enough?

    Corvette K-225 - Wikipedia
  3. _GreyBeard_

    I (almost) quit because of radar. Very frustrated!

    The highlighted green bit is from too many wishing/thinking that that is what this is. The blue bit is what they all fail to realize.
  4. _GreyBeard_

    This has to stop

    Ooh look at all the fancy formulas. Doesn't change that fact that it is still nothing more than a fantasy metric made up by a few players that think they are better than everyone else and made up some numbers to prove it.
  5. _GreyBeard_

    This has to stop

    The only "fact" is that PR was dreamt up by a group of players on some third party website, that has moving goalposts depending how their numbers look. Same thing happens(ed) in WoT with XVM, the metrics for it can change with the wind.
  6. _GreyBeard_

    This has to stop

    Oh look, it must be that time of the month again.
  7. _GreyBeard_

    Suspicious activity in clan battles

    You seriously think that WG wouldn't come down like a ton of bricks if that was the case? Pretty sure they would have any and all applicable law enforcement agencies involved as well, we just wouldn't know about it.
  8. _GreyBeard_

    Suspicious activity in clan battles

    OK that makes his hackusation even worse. You really think someone is going to go through the hassle of hacking the game server just to do something like that? If they had that kind of hacking skill they sure as hell wouldn't waste in a game like this.
  9. _GreyBeard_

    I am sick of [edited]radar

    Apparently he didn't leave the game uninstalled for too long, Well the trial was nice... but I'm out - General Game Discussion - World of Warships official forum
  10. We did. I would post the replay but I managed to get a little too close to the Black and got vaporized and left in disgust (with myself that is).
  11. _GreyBeard_

    I am sick of [edited]radar

    This is either a second account or a really bad troll attempt. If it is neither of those then radar is the least of the OP's problems.
  12. _GreyBeard_

    Suspicious activity in clan battles

    So what you are trying to say is that someone hacked the server and then found your IP, and then managed to backtrace to your IP just to hack you.
  13. _GreyBeard_

    Need help understanding caps

    I had that happen just today (Solo Warrior that is) and meshes perfectly with the OP's question. Map was haven and we had spawned in the south in Standard mode (2 caps), me in the Akatsuki. About half way through they had started capping our base and without checking the replay believe it was about even (7 or 8 left each side). I had gone up the northeast side with a couple of others with 4 or 5 reds in the same general area. We managed to take out 3 of them in the northeast about the time they started capping leaving 2 BB's alive there, with the rest of their team pushing our cap from the west. I had managed to push them back and up towards their base with torps a couple of times when they turned around, and instead of heading mostly for our base they basically sailed in a straight line across the 2 line (a torp spread helped with that). Anyway the rest of my team turned and went back to defend but I was too far away so went to their base which was wide open seeing as the 2 BB's in the north were somewhere around B7-8 or so. Got into their cap and messaged what was left of my team that if they could hold on I could cap their base, just to get the every popular "you are the last hope" message. Needless to say based on the cap timers there was no way that I was going to cap in time (and the BB's were coming back but weren't going to get there in time). Next thing I see is I am way ahead on the cap timer. Apparently one of their DD's decided to try and make a run back and defend. Only problem was not only did their cap timer dropped, but by the amount it dropped he help the most cap points. I would post the replay but don't think it would be fair to that DD player.