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  1. _GreyBeard_

    Graphics settings.

    Easier to do it yourself as the service tag number is there in the second picture, I 7-940XM 4 GB RAM https://www.dell.com/support/home/ca/en/cabsdt1/product-support/servicetag/0-dGdoaHZOV2xNcW95bm4ybnVkNzRXZz090/upgrade review of said laptop from 9 years ago, https://www.notebookcheck.net/Review-Dell-Precision-M4500-i7-940XM-Notebook.45824.0.html small wonder he is having trouble running the game.
  2. _GreyBeard_

    It was a slugfest

    Seems someone forgot to invite the DD's and CV's,
  3. _GreyBeard_

    Graphics settings.

    P.S. Listing your computer specs would help in making any recommendations regarding the settings.
  4. _GreyBeard_

    Blyska buffs?

    Don't play mine as much anymore, but have had it since shortly after it came out. I was one of those that didn't really care when OWSF went away as I rarely ever played that way. I would on occasion, but I always found I did better when not worrying about being detected as the range and speed was more than enough when whittling away at most BB's.
  5. _GreyBeard_

    Loyang can torp DDs?!

    Have a look in the Armory, you should have a coupon for 25% off (assuming you haven't used it yet) and buy the necessary Doubloons (3700 with no discount) and get her that way.
  6. _GreyBeard_

    High tier DDs are out of control

    Stop sitting in the back, and stop sailing in straight lines for starters.
  7. _GreyBeard_

    Yoshino vs Puerto Rico

    Guess which I will be getting in two days?
  8. _GreyBeard_

    An EVIL amount of free experience.

    Is my age showing if I knew what that was?
  9. _GreyBeard_

    An EVIL amount of free experience.

    You guys all need to look at the numbers and not the total.
  10. _GreyBeard_

    Clans & Why you should be in One

    That part can't be emphasized enough. At face value they may not seem like much, but over time the discounts and bonuses available when in a clan, https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Naval_Base can add up real fast.
  11. or as someone mentioned earlier, And she is much prettier in person,
  12. _GreyBeard_

    Dropping coal like Scrooge

    Let you know about the Yoshino after the 26th when the next coal coupon drops. That or the Thunderer or Georgia, not fully committed yet but likely going for the Yoshino.
  13. _GreyBeard_

    Clans & Why you should be in One

    Pick one of the WOLF clans. All the benefits of being in a clan without any of the obligations.
  14. There is also no such thing as a Steam server, it is all the same server.