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  1. Don't see why it would hold after an update. It never has for any other user changes made in it (think FPS limit for one), and have to be redone after every update
  2. _GreyBeard_

    NVIDIA Updater Gforce Experience Game Crash

    Now why should WoWS fix anything? The problem is with Nvidia and their garbage updater. Then again for the most part most people that aren't of the "OK, OK, Install" mentality (which is sadly still far too amny computer users) know that Nvidia's updater is crap. Have they even removed the mandatory requirement of having an account to get driver updates while using said updater? Maybe try contacting Nvidia and get them to fix their software instead.
  3. _GreyBeard_

    Indianapolis type of marathon

    And most of then could be completed just by playing. Couple of weeks ago during the Turkey Shoot (playing as one of the turkeys), I did all four Directives without even looking at what they were. Granted I played a few more games that weekend than I normally would, but for the most part I didn't find the RN missions to be a grind at all seeing as the majority could be completed just by playing.
  4. Said I would go out and play one of the "firehose" DD's mentioned in this thread. I did and this was the result of the first game, Funny, for all the crying I did more damage with my guns and torps (image in that) that by fires (only 5 that game). That poor NC ate all three that hit. Why is it that every time some BB main that doesn't really know how to play that gets outplayed by someone ( be it DD, CA or CV) has to come on the forums and start crying about how said (anything but a BB) is OP. And yes OP DoIphin_Princess pretty much nailed it. From looking at your stats you are one of those BB players that gives BB players a bad rep. Sit in the back and snip, or spend too much time trying to hide from getting hit instead of using your guns and HP to actually help your team.
  5. Sadly the ones that do that when you look at their stats (assuming not hidden) shows that that is what they do already by sitting in the back and trying to snipe.
  6. _GreyBeard_

    The BBoy who cried OP

    Now I wonder what brought this on? +1 for the chuckle.
  7. Only if you don't have your stats set to hidden.
  8. Good thing most of them weren't around for closed beta when the Atlanta really was a flamethrower.
  9. Well after reading this thread I think is time to fire up the game and hope most of the whiners are on now. Need to go farm more Witherer and Arsonist achievements.
  10. _GreyBeard_

    What I learned by opening 22 $1 Santa Crates

    This a thousand times over. At the moment the only premium I really want is the Haida, and I will not keep dropping money on crates in the hopes of getting one. Will just keep waiting for now and hope for another 20 or 30% coupon to pop up and grab it then.
  11. _GreyBeard_

    What I learned by opening 22 $1 Santa Crates

    Bought a 5 pack of small crates and got the Krispy Creme,
  12. _GreyBeard_

    so bored of this game

    Try and join the 1 billion credit club. I am half way there,
  13. _GreyBeard_

    Santa Crates $3.00 Jackpot

    Seem to recall you really liking that ship during the turkey shoot.