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  1. CaptChico

    HMAS Perth

    Keep this on the down low, but the Perth is basically a Mini Belfast, and we all know how Amazing the Belfast is. ;)
  2. CaptChico

    "Sky Cancer"

    They are not comparable yet, the CV is NOT completely Unimpeded. Spotting and striking take and cost Planes. Planes are a resource and must be handled in a way to protect them. A CV player that does not evaluate and choose the best targets in order to protect its Resource of planes will find themselves with depleted squadrons or deplaned for much of the game. The good players know this about CVs and try to put their ships in the best situation to maximize the Risk to a CVs squadrons in order to force the CV to choose another target or make the CV pay a high cost in resources. I think if more players took the time to get a good solid 100-300 games in a CV they would learn more about Cvs and how to deal and counter CVs as well as learn its not all sunshine and puppies in the world of CVs
  3. CaptChico

    "Sky Cancer"

  4. CaptChico

    "Sky Cancer"

    There is counterplay. It may be something you don't like and very much something that has been said time and time again. Its call WASD or better known as Dodge. I can tell you as a descent player nothing frustrates me then going for a long flight to a target, then deal with hvy AA and a loss of planes to finally start my attack run only to see the target start to evade (dodge) my run. Good players can evade all my torps/bombs/rockets, or evade enough to take half to 1/3 of my bomb load. You may still be upset that you took damage but come on the damage from a FULL Squadron is a joke, never mind a parcel one (the only exception is DDs Rockets can be pretty devastating to DDs). Now if by "counterplay" you mean the ability to target and return fire at the CV, well thats just not going to happen and impractical both from a game AND historical POV. How is dealing with a CV you cant see any different then dealing with a Stealth DD sending Torps at you? Wait let me think....oh yea its WASD. There is plenty of counter to CV. The good players know this and do good at dealing with CVs I play all classes and CVs are the least of my worries other then the time i am in my DDs and even then i have learned how to counter CVs when i run my DDs. When i play Cruisers, Battleships are my biggest fear. Yea funny how a BB can send me back to port in just ONE Volley or remove half to 3/4 of my HPs in one Volley yet thats all good and working as intended. Where is my CA counter play Vs that? I much rather deal with a CVs weak Damage that i can WASD most of then deal with the Shells of a BB
  5. CaptChico

    A suggestion to fix the IMMENSE drop in player skill

    I agree with what the OP is saying about the drop of skill in Randoms. Its frustrating to say the least and can make for a very frustrating gaming experience. I think the best solution would be to add another Battle mode gated by a WR% Requirement. So for example to Q up for this Battle mode one would need a WR of or above 51% I don't think this would be to hard to implement. Yes some players with WR above 51% may want to still Q for randoms in hopes of clubbing some seals, so War gaming would need to make the rewards for playing WR locked battle mode more rewarding.
  6. CaptChico

    List of Battlecruisers

    Thanks for the reply's. Wish we had more "True" Battle Cruisers, in the since of a ship whose main job was to hunt Cruisers. The Hood was soooooo good at doing that before they "buffed" her. She was fine. Doh! How could i forget the Dunkerque!! Thanks Kael_17.
  7. CaptChico

    Notser Makes a Good Point Here

    I agree with him. I have dealt with so many Blowout in the past 2 to 4 weeks, and it sucks both when you are winning or losing. The worst part is when your team gets blown away by mid game, i'm talking down 6 ships while the other team has not lost one ship. The game is over, yet you HAVE to stay in the game or deal with going PINK. I am sure we all know how valuable are game time is. Nothing worst then having to waste 5-10 Minutes waiting for a Blowout match to end. Like Notser said, I hope this trend ends soon.
  8. Hey folks, Just trying to get a list of all the Battlecruisers in the game. I have always enjoyed the idea of the BCs so i am trying to get all the BCs in the game. This is the list i have so far, please add any BCs i am missing or let me know if one of these ships is not a BC. IJN Myogi IJN Kongo HMS Hood KM P.E. Friedrich
  9. CaptChico

    The Core issue with CVs

    Yea cuz a real, life-threating disease is the same as playing a video game.
  10. CaptChico

    The Core issue with CVs

    Or i could say you don't know how to use your Priority AA and you suck at WSAD. Look if what you are saying is you want COMPLETE immunity from CV damage, well that's just not going to happen best you can do is mitigate as much damage as you can. No ship is completely immune from any ship class. You are just going to have to learn to deal with the fact that you can not return fire on a CV till it gets spotted. You can WASD vs planes as well and if you have not learned how to be proficient at this, then maybe you need to get better at it. Yes you cant Run away from a CV BUT you can run to or find good AA Cover like Strong AA CAs, overlapping AA. I mean have you never seen a CV lose an entire Squadron to good AA? There are matches especially if the CV is Bottom tier where the AA is so strong you are luck if you get one strike out of a Squadron. Honestly man your WR is solid but you have what 50 games in CVs, please get more experience playing CVs so that you can see things from a CVs POV before you try telling CVs how strong they are. Me I have played at least 1000 matches in each ship class, why so i can learn the strengths and weakness of very class so that i can be a better Captain in what ever ship i command at the time. Hell you may even become a better player then you already are. That said, I think we just have to agree to disagree. Good hunting.
  11. CaptChico

    The Core issue with CVs

    So tell me what is your Counter to a Type 93 or 93 mod 3 Shimakaze or a Minekaze, or any other DD that can fire Torps from stealth? Dude really? Your saying it takes a lot of Skill to hit a BB at range with a CA??? OMG dude that take like no skill at all man. Wow your saying Spamming HE on a BB at range takes skill??? Sorry man but personally i have 3400 games in CAs and i can tell you that for me it is much easier to land hits with a CA then it is with a squadron of planes. It is way easier to farm Damage in a CA then it is with a CV. Again this is just me Again its ability to survive comes from ability to remain undetected much like a DD or some CAs. Dude the ship has NO Immunities It will take damage and sink when detected just like any other detected ship. So i find you saying that it gets Immunities and protections that no one else gets......a Joke Add to that much like a DD that remains undetected, a CV gives up some DPS if it decides to remain in the back line and undetected. The best CV captains are the ones that move up and risk being detected for the sake of improved time to target for its Squadrons.
  12. CaptChico

    The Core issue with CVs

    What do you mean they can't "counter"? let's see, ships can group up and support each other with overlapping AA zones, ships can dodge, ships can prioritize AA sectors, use islands to cover one side from torpedos, ships can use defensive AA consumable, ships can use catapult fighter consumable and some ships can just absorb the damage. People need to think of their AA as the equivalent of Armor vs Shells. If a CA fires 12 HE shells on a BB and 10 shells shatter one shell penetrates and the last shell starts a fire, No BB captain is going to complain. Yet for the CA captain, this would probably be very disappointing. So when a CV is sending a squad of 9 TB at a ship and the ships AA shoots down 4 planes during the course of the squadron's attack then the ship is able to dodge as well so lets say of the 5 planes that survive the AA, 2 planes miss the target so out of 9 planes 3 are able to hit the target for pretty much LOL damage. I think the thing that most people hate about CV is the Idea that they cant fire BACK at the CV. Boo Hoo, the CV gives up massive Alpha Damage in return as well as very long "CD" (long flight times of Planes to target) and this mechanic is the same for DDs only for DDs still get decent to massive Alpha Damage should their Torps find their target. I would be ok with giving CV a Massive detection range BUT only if they were given a much much better Alpha Strike.
  13. CaptChico

    The Core issue with CVs

    Yea this pretty much says it all. I don't even take any Anti CV post seriously unless the OP has at least 100 matches in a CV.
  14. Precisely. I so disliked when tanks like the IS7 and others like it would find that Hull down and just sit and fire out with no real threat of being penetrated my enemy fire. This is exactly why Arty was needed. So know lets take that situation and think about WOWS. How much do we all hate that Atlanta or any other CA with high arcs, parking their butts behind an Island and then just commence with the HE spam with No real threat to them? What is one of the only ships that could come around and attack them from the other side of the Island? The CV and its planes can. Though at a very high cost to the CV as most of these HE spamming CAs are also excellent AA boats. I do like it when i can take my Planes and force a CA out of Position,
  15. Hmm funny I played WOT for quite a long time. 15K games before I left to come to WOWS. I can't ever remember [edited] about Arty. Yes Arty could do much of what you have stated, but being that I played mostly Light tanks, spotting and lighting up those Hvy Tanks so that my teams Arty would rain death on them was quite rewarding. I get it, you don't like getting attacked by a ship you can't see. But such is life my friend, such is the way of many games be it Shooter, or WOT or this game.