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  1. CaptChico

    Tier VIII vs super ships

    Ah thanks to everyone for educating me. I should have researched more before making this post.
  2. So are Superships considered to be a tier of their own aka Tier XI or just a Tier X with a few added bells and whistles? If they are indeed considered Tier XI, then my question is, are Tier VIII ships getting screwed by being the only Tier having to face ships three tiers higher on regular bases?
  3. CaptChico

    Switching collections

    Thanks for the link it was very helpful. Guess i will wait till the boxes get added to the armory.
  4. CaptChico

    Switching collections

    Is there a way to switch from getting Drops for one collection to drops from another collection? Currently I am getting drops for the "Five Epochs of the Navy" Collection which I don't really care for. I would like to be getting Drops for the "Italian Destroyer" Collection.
  5. CaptChico

    This Crap Has GOT TO STOP!

    Yea I agree, as for the OP, Haters going to hate. Just play through it, be the better person. End the end they are the ones that will have to adjust as Subs just like CV are not going anywhere.
  6. CaptChico

    Subs and mighty CVs

    Interesting, thanks for the info
  7. CaptChico

    Subs and mighty CVs

    So yea I took about a 6month break as well. Can anyone tell me what "super" ships are?
  8. Man i just love when people make an attempt to belittle a player that plays CVs. I play all ship classes. I got 3000+ games played in CAs, 1100+ in DDs, 950+ in BBs and 1360 in CVs. Don't talk to me like i don't know how to push a flank or cap. You think every CV player only plays CVs? DUDE have you thought about the fact that many players, myself included play all the classes so that we can learn the strengths AND weaknesses of the Ship classes as well as individual ship. If i was going to farm Damage i would roll a BB before i ran a CV. I can tell you that when i am in my CAs, i much rather deal with a CVs planes then deal with a BB evaporating 80% of my HPs with a good Broadside hit. Looking at your stats you are no Scrub and that makes your comment difficulty for me to understand. You have put your time in playing BBs, CAs, and DDs. I would be out of line to try and lecture you on how to play those classes your WR tell me you know how. BUT you have zero games in CVs So i feel that you really just don't know what its like to play them. Get some games in CVs see how "little skill" it take. If you really want a challenge. Roll up in these new KM CVs see what its like to have your AP bounce. Why dislike CVs so much, you dislike them more then these RU Paper CA and BBs more then the Rapid fire HE spamming island hiding CAs, Radar? Honestly dealing with CV planes are the least frustrating thing i find in the game.
  9. QTF this is probably what i hate the most about the KM Rocket planes. You can not launch an attack over hills and mountains. Maps with lots of terrain are a pain in the butt for KM Fighters. And the good captains know this and keep their CAs close to land masses forcing the Fighters to have to fly around to get an attack with out the chance of turning back around for a second strike.
  10. This. I'm sorry to say but if you get Broadsided by a KM CV AP rockets or Bombs, you deserved it. it take a long attack run to be able to get an attack off in both AP rockets and Bombs if you can not react in time then you dropped the ball. Seriously even the slightest Turn into or away from the direction of a Rocket attack will lead to taking lol minimal damage from that attack, while at the same time eatting up those planes with AA as KM Planes are ineradicable fragile. I want to also say that i have been hit Broadside a few times by KM Rocket Planes and yes it hurt bad BUT i have no problem dealing with the fact that it was due to my lack of situational awareness at that time. When i am running a KM CV that is all i spend my time doing, trying to find that one CA or BB that is dealing with allot of ships or attacks in hopes that he will not see my approach. cuz if he does and just turns ever so slightly my attack will do minimal damage.
  11. That's how you counter the new KM CVs, seriously they are so easy to counter. I have played every CVs from every nation and i have found the KM CVs to be the weakest line. They can at time really do well but to do so many players on the other team have to play really bad and not actively try and avoid the AP rockets and Bombs. But then again any ship showing its Broadside is going to get PWNED.
  12. You love it cuz you don't play CVs ;) Yea if i'm in anything other then a CV then seeing a Weser on the other team will make me all 8D too
  13. The Weser is turning out to be one heck of a frustrating ship, well so is the Tier 4 KM CV. I like a challenge and i like to use ships that have a history of under preforming. I spent some time running the Pepsi before any buffs, i ran the Yorck before any buffs. The Pepsi was one frustrating ship back in the day but man, the Weser is just over the top. It has been for me a very frustrating ship and one that makes me feel bad in that i feel i am setting up my team to fail by bring this ship to a match. Its AP is just to much of a one trick pony, and most of the time the pony is a gimp. even the most noob of player that dodges just a bit will make most Attack runs do minimal damage. The planes have low HPs that you can forget about being able to do anything mid to late game when your squadrons have been depleted to a point you are running 2 to 3 planes a squadron that will not make it past another round of AA. Anyway this is not what this post is about. Does anyone have any advice or tricks to playing this ship? I do not want to have to sell this ship. Doing so will make me feel like i failed in trying to find what makes this ship good. I think i can honestly say i have sold 3 maybe 4 ships in frustration since i started playing this game back in Alpha I also really like the look of the planes, (im a sucker for Bi-planes) but i am just not enjoying the time i spend playing this ship any Videos would also be welcome. Help me learn what it is that makes this Ship worth keeping.
  14. CaptChico

    Not loving the Parseval

    The KM CV line for me BLOWS big time i have only played the 4 and 6 but i am not expecting anything to change. this Line is such a disappointment. To be honest i almost feel bad bring these Crappy Ships into a match as i feel i am setting up my team to fail. AP rockets can be good but really if the CA you are gunning for turns ever so slightly your attack will do min damage. you have to catch a captain asleep in hopes of getting a [edited] hit with your Rockets. AP Bombs. RNG just messes you up more then it goes your way. same as the AP rockets any captain that turns just a bit Port or Starboard and your chances to land all your Bombs goes way south. even then you have to deal with OP, torpedo protection and bounces and non Crit hits before you can get a crit or two. Oh and lets not even get into how many planes you will lose trying to get these attacks off. I have never dealt with these kind of Planes losses. Way more then the other CV lines. the only thing i guess that is worth all this fustration is the hopes that the Tier X CV will be worth it. But i much rather enjoy tier 4,6,and 8 over Tier 10.
  15. CaptChico

    AP bomber's got nurfed!

    I have to agree The German CV line pretty much sucks. Torps do crap damage. Your AP DB have to line up perfectly just to hope you land your AP bombs then after that you have to kill a puppy to the RNG gods in the hopes you dont Over pen, hit the Torp belt or bounce. (psst BB capts just turn ever so slightly port or starboard and you will ruin a DB's run and take next to no damage.) Also no CV line takes losses to planes like these German Planes. most of my games i am close to if not running half squadrons before we even get to the mid game. Line is SOOOO frustrating. Sad because i really like the look of both the CVs and the Planes.