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  1. CaptChico

    German BBs Diasappearing

    IDK i see plenty of GKs in Tier X. I have to say i have been playing mostly CV since the rework and i HATE to see GKs on the enemy's team. They can take and heal so much damage, they are the hardest Ship to take out. I could literately spend the whole match focused on one GK and still fail to sink it. They are extremely frustrating to deal with.
  2. CaptChico

    last time Perm Camos were on SALE...

    Talking about Perma Camo, anyone know why WG only has Perma-camo for a select few ships? Why not give the option to buy Perma-camo for all ships? I know i would spend a lot of gold if more ships had Perma Camo
  3. CaptChico

    CVs are Still Overly Effective in 8.2

    You may have been playing for 3 years and have over 8000 games AND have a reputable WR of 55% BUT you have 92 games in CVs under your belt, all of them in pre CV rework ships. That makes you inexperienced when it comes to Post CV play as can be seen with your lack of understanding that CVs technically have unlimited planes but they need to be regenerated which leads to CVs, depending on plane losses having to put Under-strength squadrons in the air. Think about it like this, imagine if you were in your Scharnhorst, and if you started to take intense consecrated damage which would then cause the incapacitate chance of your main gun Turrets to jump up to 75%. Then imagine if you did not have a repair consumable. Then you lose 2 of your 3 turrets and it will take 2 mins to get them back. You would definitely have a problem being forced to fight with only one of your 3 turrets but then have people say that hey you still have unlimited Ammo, you can still do damage with your one Working Gun, so suck it up and drive on. Maybe know you can understand what its like to have "unlimited planes"
  4. As someone who plays both CV and DDs, Any DD that tries to rush a cap or just rush out at the start of a match, the very time when CVs actively have one thing on their mind, to hunt DDs, is just asking to get Stomped. when i DD i stick close to my team, even run behind them for like the first mins of the game. DDs don't (at the moment) have to be the Eyes of the Fleet anymore, thats the CVs job now) wait for the action to get heated, by that time CVs will have many targets to pick from and much more to think about, THATs when a DD should become active and even then always have a retreat plan to get back together with the rest of the fleet. Also Gone are the days when a DD could just stealth hug the map edge looking to get a good flank with out any danger, now you do that and you risk getting the CVs attention and getting focused.
  5. CaptChico

    Lag spikes

    yea it make playing next to impossible, just bailed on a game because i just could not deal with the Spikes. Can anyone confirm if its an issue with WG or is the issue on our end?
  6. CaptChico

    Lag spikes

    Anyone else getting some really bad lag and MS spikes in game at the moment?
  7. CaptChico

    When will Slingshot Drop Exploit be fixed?

    What is "early flight" mean? Or what do you think it means?
  8. CaptChico

    HMS Implacable

    Can you elaborate on this? Why do you fell its a waste?
  9. CaptChico

    HMS Implacable

    I guess you mean Flak, cuz i still take damage and lose TB planes when i am in my Attack run.
  10. CaptChico

    HMS Implacable

    Thanks for taking the time to share your experience, i'll try and put it to good use.
  11. CaptChico

    HMS Implacable

    Well on my way to 10 Losses in a row today. At 8 at the moment. WOW so like in a weeks time i have over 20 losses almost in a row, i think maybe i have won 3 match between those 20 Losses...UNBELIEVABLE the last time i can think that has happened was 2 years ago Just can not believe this ship can be that bad nor that i could Suck that bad in a ship.
  12. CaptChico

    HMS Implacable

    Ok let me start this post again. So i am having the worst time playing the Implacable, after 87 games i have a 36% win rate with this ship. Wows Stats & Numbers has the Implacable getting around a 50% win rate, so i have to take that to mean i am doing something wrong with this ship, I dont know if its just a streak of bad luck and crappy teams, i think the worst was last weekend where i went 10 games in a row losing with the Implacable. Today i am on a 5 game losing streak with this ship. I am at a loss just dont know what else i can be doing to get wins in this ship. I am two or three more games away from the Audacious, but i will not be parking the Implacable, i am not giving up on this ship, i can't have a ship i love so much sitting in my Port with a 36% WR!!!! I will get this ship to a 50% if it take me all year. I did that with my Yorck and i will do it for Implacable. Just need advice and to know other players are having good games with her as well.
  13. The same can be said about the Edinburgh Vs a CV. If the Edinburgh actively maneuvers and evades the CVs planes it can survive much longer and take minimal damage.
  14. I know that's what is so upsetting and such a letdown, I have never really been a CV player, I love CAs and DDs, BUT I am such a fan of and love the Swordfish so much, I was overjoyed when I heard I would be able to play this amazing plane and started rolling in CVs in prep for the RN CV release. Imagen my disappointment when 1. WG made the Swordfish a DB and 2. WG gave the Swordfish horrible handling! I mean the in-game Albacore flies circles around the in-game Swordfish when it should be the other way around.