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    USS Dallas

    I'm enjoying the Dallas. Only played 10 games but in those 10 games she has been great and really helped pull off a majority of wins. She can really wreck DDs, her AA is good and she can bounce shells off her bow. Some say you have to play passively, I would call it tactically. Shes a CL you should be using DD tactics and not CA tactics. stay away from BBs, find where the red DDs are operating then close to that location. DDs out of play, hug those island or flank those BBs and light them up with that HE. Her HE can hit hard on BB superstructure. I'm keeping her and going to play her a lot. Also, I feel its unfair to compare her to the old Cleveland. There is a reason she was moved up 2 tiers, she was a borderline OP, some would say OP, So there was no way Wargaming was going to replace her old tier with a ship equally as good.