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  1. Firedtm

    Good premium cruiser for a noob?

    De Grasse is really fun to play a lot of maneuverability and nice HE fire power. the USS Indianapolis is a lot like the USS New Orleans in that it has good but not great maneuverability and it’s 8 inch guns has really nice fire power due to the us 8 inch rule and how it interacts with penetration on armor.
  2. Firedtm

    Good premium cruiser for a noob?

    As someone who has just came back after being gone for a long time, I would recommend the Uss Indianapolis or the De Grasse. both are solid choices.
  3. Uss Johnston is the stuff of legends, I do wish they would added into the game Also the Uss Samuel B Roberts would be cool to add into the game also. both have great history from that battle to save taffy 3. And both need the be added.