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  1. In the news release it says you can get 4 Santa Crates, 2 for clicking on the banner in the port, and 2 in the Armory. Well, Where the hell is this banner?? I got no damn banner! Update: I found them, You have to go into the Container screen and then click on the banner there. Typical poor wording in the news release from WG.
  2. ImaKillYou

    Technical issue redeeming codes

    9k peeps trying to enter codes.... Just wait til later this afternoon and try again.
  3. ImaKillYou

    Update 0.8.1 - Bugs Report

    Does anyone know what sound slider that SHHHHWUUUMM!!! is tied to? I've lowered them ALL to zero, yet that noise still blasts thru at full volume. It is beyond obnoxious, and I agree... Whoever decided we needed that sound 3 FRIGGIN TIMES needs a kick to the sack!
  4. Same here, Name on the list.....no stuffs tho
  5. ImaKillYou

    Transaction error

    This crap is nothing but a headache now. I have to re-start the client after EVERY battle or else I get "transaction error" for EVERYTHING.
  6. ImaKillYou

    39 cent surcharge to buy Quinea 40 pack

    So, you save yourself 39 cents by clicking Buy 40 times...That's 1 cent per click, ( not counting all the other clicking ya gotta do) plus the possible CC alert. 39 cents to save time and a headache seems like a bargain.
  7. ImaKillYou

    Transaction Error

    Still having this problem, Cannot mount flags,consumables.
  8. Power supply or GFX card about to die
  9. ImaKillYou

    BOTS in Co-op battles unplayable

    Improvise, adapt, overcome.... or go play Hello Kitty.
  10. ImaKillYou

    Found This On Launcher This Afternoon

    Beta tester, and has no idea where to put codes..... STOP buying accounts. (jk) Click the dropdown next to your name at top right of this page, click Activate code.
  11. ImaKillYou

    CV rework twitch reactions

    Turns CV play into a WoWP minigame inside WoWS...no thanks. If I wanted to play WoWP, I'd go play that garbage game, not Ships.
  12. ImaKillYou

    CV Rework Feedback

    So turning CV play into a WoWP minigame inside WoWS....no thanks. If I wanted to play WoWP, I'd go play that crap [edited]game.
  13. ImaKillYou

    Where my Prem time at?

    Hey WG! Where my promised prem time at? Didja forget? Today is the 27th, 1200 UTC was over 12 hours ago... Where my stuffs???
  14. ImaKillYou

    Loyalty points wiped

    Reading is hard.