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  1. Titan454

    Whats your luck with getting RN DDS

    0% For me.......
  2. Titan454

    Commander Retraining

    Not Trolling intentionally. But in WOT I can Retrain the crew for a tank that I have researched but have not purchased. Then use a Premium to make the credits at the same time as getting the crew up to 100%. Just wondering why we are unable to do it in WOWS.
  3. Titan454

    Commander Retraining

    I am wondering why I cannot start to train a Commander for a ship I have not purchased? I have researched the ship just have not purchased it yet. Can anyone shed some light on why this cannot be done? It is my Iron Duke commander. I would like to start the retraining to the Queen Elizabeth Class. Using the Warspite.
  4. Titan454

    Yugumo Upgrades

    So just picked up the Yugumo, then fitted her out with all the upgrades from the Kagero. Now I am curious on which direction to go for the last upgrade. I did enjoy the TRB on t he Kagero as Radar boats suffocate DD's ability to just about anything these days.