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  1. If you force launch it when MM timer hits 1:30 the bots that will fill in the gap on your team will never be BB and will mirror that on opposing side in bone stock ships, unless future patches change it. I got 1700 bot games. Best way to grind is with division mates who are BBs (Colorado is great farming off of materiel for all classes and most tiers).
  2. I've only done 115 pvp and the rest have been coop. I usually only did pvp when I had my buddies on but the teething beta issues turned them away until MM, HE, Fire, etc are worked out. Not saying that in a bashing way we have confidence this will be a fine game once tuned but until then Playing in a perfectly mirrored balanced coop is fine solo and met some new buds along the way. Coop divisions if worked right can help someone grind up a line pretty quick. They shouldn't buff coop earnings in any way from my extensive play. I've made plenty of credits to buy and keep every ship with all modules.
  3. This happened today on the regular server (not 4.1 test). Pics speak for themselves. After some furious clicking of buttons they got back under control with "ctrl x" and all was well.
  4. MikeHuntz First Tier X Haku

    Hey Mike, getting top tier so fast maybe you have an answer for the Captain skill limit question. Have you reached or exceeded 19 points? Sorry, a little hijackie.
  5. Nice topic Op. I started CBT going US BB and CL/CA line. After lessons and game mechanics learned in OBT I will be going US and JPN DD lines first and carrier lines secondary at same time. Third will be cruisers and unless the meta for BB's changes they won't see to much action, maybe coop mode grind BB :/
  6. USS Sims grief

    My grief with Sims is the AA setup. IRL it had twin bofors in both the spots where WG put Oerlikons. Then the Oerlikons WG put there are the shortest range ones in game at 1.2km. All other Oerlikons of same name, on lower tier ships even, have 2.1km range. Japanese DD's AA far outclass Sim's at almost every tier. For people who struggle offensively with this boat at least it should get its proper AA setup so they can defend the more productive boats on their team. Model pic of aft AA platform http://www.motionmodels.com/ships/dd/dd411-5.jpg
  7. Sea Trials: Common Test 0.4.0

    Sounds like i'm having same issue as sjwalker, trying some things now.