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  1. Very entertaining, OP! Thanks for posting!
  2. Altwar

    Did they nerf coal containers, or did I just piss off RNJesus?

    I think I'll need to keep records to see as well. I normally obtain 1-2 containers a night, depending on how I split my game time between WoWs and WoT and always go with the resource containers. Once in a while I get the 2x 400 coal and the remainder of the time it's a single 400 coal and of course the balance are signals which are always welcome.
  3. Altwar

    Did they nerf coal containers, or did I just piss off RNJesus?

    I receive 400 most times, and 800 sometimes if I get the 2nd daily crate. Can't recall ever getting 1200 coal though.
  4. Altwar

    What happened to my Steven Segal Captain?

    Did they or will they do that to the Fury tank crew and the Sabaton Swedish metal band crew? Will the Fury tank one day be just a Sherman with some generic paint on it's gun? I could understand that once the licensing agreement ends, the Segal captain won't ever be available again to players who didn't already have one, but for those who do, it's kind of rotten.
  5. Altwar

    If I cast and design Kong: Skull Island

    A Kong 345 feet tall needs a bigger island to inhabit; imagine his appetite? I enjoyed Kong: Skull Island just as it was and don't think the OP's suggestion would make it any better. What would have made it better is less helicopters and here is why: I don't find it easy to believe that after the first 2 or 3 helicopters went down, the remainder would keep charging. I believe the remainder would retreat via an elevation climb and try to figure out another approach. Unless they were piloted by WoWS's co-op bot captains, I just don't see them continuing to blindly attack as if they were unaware of their initial casualties.
  6. Personally I am looking forward to the upcoming movie. I'm hoping to see the return of old favorites, especially if they steer clear of the Matthew Broderick version, which saw it's proper comeuppance in Godzilla: Final Wars. As to the monster design, being consistent hasn't been a thing so if they have a different look again, hopefully its for the better. Not going to be picky as presentation plays a big part. Obviously, to me at least, if Godzilla is using karate in the movie, a crappy corny costume almost makes it better. If it goes back to the Toho movies from the Millennium era, hopefully the monsters will look even cooler now and Godzilla karate (lol) hopefully has no part. I liked the Legendary Pictures version, especially because Godzilla didn't see much screen time because it left me wanting more which is how it should be. What I'd really like to see is a new and good Godzilla and monsters video game come out with the movie. One that actually has some depth to it, rather than just be a monster version of Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat.
  7. Altwar

    RIP George H.W. Bush

    Thanks for the notice OP, and RIP Mr. Bush....
  8. Altwar

    PSA: New Code

    Worked for me, thanks OP!
  9. Altwar

    banned from chat for a typo

    How about take responsibility for your action, OP? I know it's a novel approach, but give it a try!
  10. Altwar

    New Code

    Well shucks, not working, missed it by "this" much!
  11. Bought one box on Friday, 1250 doubloons. Bought two on Sunday (11/25), 1250 doubloons and 20 Shadow Lurker camos.
  12. Altwar

    PSA: Sovereigns Removed with Next Patch

    Thank you for the response and your very extensive notes, Kizarvexis! I guess my confusion was in thinking all the earning had been done. I bought the pack of 10 Guineas for $1 when it was offered because I was sure I'd miss some Guinea opportunities along the way. Now that I'm 5 short, $5 to get the 5 I need's not a big deal, but if there's opportunities to earn a couple more, I would look to take the opportunity to spend less $ and instead save up for one of the very many lovely boats in the Premium Shop.
  13. Altwar

    PSA: Sovereigns Removed with Next Patch

    Royal Navy missions are no longer in the game as far as I can see. To be sure, that means Guinea earnings are at an end? I've 45, 5 short of the Cossack.
  14. Altwar

    data useage

    Unfortunately, none of those ISPs are available in my area. I'm in Cox (the name that speaks for itself) country and it definitely sucks. Billing is thru the nose and it definitely hurts. Easy to say be on a plan that doesn't suck, but not so easy to find one that doesn't.
  15. Altwar

    data useage

    And the alternative would be.....................................?