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  1. So do the Jean Bart, Bourgogne, and Alaska project to be in the game before the Arsenal ship coupon expires on 12/24/18? I'm about 9k in coal away from the Musashi with the coupon, and have only 350k in FXP so whatever I spend my coal on, it's going to be a long time before I accumulate enough coal to make things interesting again.
  2. Okay, seems like this question was a month ago, so I guess having finished the American cruisers, there seems like there's no way to select the Bismark collection to add to. I see a mention of the Yamamoto though, so is that one still selectable or once the American cruiser collection is finished, no more collection items from the standard containers? My current collections:
  3. You can always take the 73 Toll Road and avoid that issue. It's the mess that occurs between San Juan Capistrano and Encinitas that really can lock you up in a camp fest.
  4. They did have a Battle Tour stop on the Midway a couple or so years back. It was pretty darn cool and I met the Chieftain, Meathead Militia and WoWs people who I didn't know at the time. Played some WoT on the flight deck (they were demo-ing the SPG stun feature at the time) and had a pretty good time! And that event was actually free, outside of paying for parking.
  5. Destroyer rams Battleship

    They also had the reverse angle there:
  6. I've only received one for the Acasta and that out of a Royal Navy Container by finishing a Royal Navy mission. Was pleased to see it's a premium destroyer as now I can actually play in co-op with a destroyer and make some coin while trying to improve from being terrible with DDs.
  7. Ultimate kill steal

    No such thing as kill stealing. Can't steal something from someone that they don't have. Good that you removed the ship with 1 HP off the map though.
  8. Advice

    Manfin, Pulver, thank you both! I appreciate your input!
  9. Your favorite Western

    TV show: The Wild Wild West TV show, Honorable Mention: Rifleman TV Western star: Lorne Greene Film Western: Unforgiven Film Western: 3:10 To Yuma (2007 version) or The Quick and The Dead or The Mask of Zorro Film Western Star: Clint Eastwood Film Western villian: Gene Hackman Film Western character: Zorro as played by Antonio Banderas, and Elena as played by Catherine Zeta-Jones (smoking hot role!!) General Honorable Mention: Firefly because it's one of my all time favorite tv shows and the space western theme was just terrific!
  10. Advice

    An older thread here to be sure and before I get accused of necro-ing, the reason I bring this up is actually because it's from 2017 and I think the IJN destroyers had a change a couple of months ago or so? My 8 point captain currently has Priority Target, Preventative Maintenance, Incoming Fire Alert and Last Stand with 3 points to spend. Likely I'll spend points to redistribute because this was one of my first captains and with my incompetence, he's had a terrible career so far and I stopped playing the IJN destroyers for a while. And I've not spent for redistributing before anyway so this'll be a good experience. Anyway, looking for a good Minekaze captain skills recommendation, possibly with an eye towards moving him up someday, but only after I can actually manage to play this destroyer where I can actually matter in a battle.
  11. Same reason why we have a lizard and a cat, a space guy, and anime girls as commanders. Or a soccer guy for a tank commander. Or Dasha for that matter. For variety and purchasing's sake. Maybe if this hockey guy doesn't do it for you, you can send in a request for a Justin Bieber, or Elton John commander. Or even a Rhianna commander dressed as her character from the movie Battleship....
  12. It's a variation of saying bro, or brother. I've not seen it used outside of WoWs forum and then only recently, but its a thing. Actually I think I heard it in a commercial before as well by a character trying to emulate Spicoli from the movie Fast Times At Ridgemont High. Seen "boi" used in WoT for a while too which can at times mean something similar.
  13. Thoughts on new DD soft cap?

    I'm for no caps at all. Let random battles be random.
  14. Let me take you back further then This was the first one I remember playing a DI, and Frank Sutton was awesome, especially in the early days of the role. And like Emery, he actually was in the military and served in WW2.
  15. Amusing. But of course there's the Academy Award winning performance by Louis Gossett Jr. in An Officer and A Gentleman What I like about this one is some of the terminology used here was what I heard in basic a few years later. I didn't know what skull-bleeping meant at the time, but I was pretty sure in how my Puerto Rican DI mentioned it at the time that it was something awful. LOL.