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  1. Altwar


    Oh I understand your perspective. When I get a good game and get the lion's share of bot ships destroyed, I don't feel bad about it either. But I will express it another way. While there are those players for who these goals aren't that difficult, because they are playing well, there are many more who will struggle and often because there is a player or two getting their lion's share. Especially in these Event periods, where more good players who normally play Random battles move to Co-Ops and may make it tougher on the not so good players. And those not so good players may find out it's not as easiy as reading the forums might lead them to believe. Anyway, as much as I'm not in any kind of hurry to get a tier 10, this event reminds me once again I should focus a little more on getting one as those SuperContainers for having and playing one is quite the nice bonus!
  2. Altwar


    The thing about this is that while you had your couple of good battles, likely your teammates didn't do quite as well which makes it harder for them. More for you meant less for them. Been a few co-op matches where I bring in a so-mo like the Colorado, get put on a flank where I am paired with a DD and we face only a single DD in turn. The bot DD is most often sunk by the friendly DD before I can get more than one gun to fire and then the DD sails on his merry way to feast on more bots. Meanwhile I am trying to manuever the slo-mo Colorado to at least get in range of the rest of the battle and get in a ahot or two before the battle ends which translates to a rather meager showing.
  3. Altwar

    Captain Spreadsheet

    I've a similar sheet to yours but I keep mine in Google sheets so I have access to it anywhere (I readily admit that I was inspired by another player who posted his sheet on the forum months ago). I've far fewer Captains and don't track Captain skills because quite frankly, I don't understand the skills well enough yet to make them make a difference. I think I have an early version of mine as an image on my profile. For my sheet, the ships are the emphasis and are listed first. Anyway, thank you for sharing yours as it gives me an alternative look on how to organize. Also reminds me that I mean to do the same with my tanks but I've about 200 of those and with 4 crew avg per tank plus a ton of extra crew, it amounts to mountain of organization to do.
  4. Altwar

    Goodbye WoWS

    Seen a reply to this type of comment many times and it is appropriate once more: This game isn't an airport or even a seaport for that matter. Departures needn't be announced.
  5. Altwar

    How Did You Get Your Premiums?

    I'm not sure I remember them correctly. Funny how quickly somethings are forgotten. But here's my best estimate: Beta Player: 2 Arkansas Beta, Albany Reward Ship for Missions: 5 Tachibana L, Siroco, Warspite, Lazo, Cossack Coal: 2 (Jean Bart, Musashi) Cash: 7 Smith, Texas, Graf Spee, Perth, Scharnhorst (and Ashitaka & Hood as the random drops of the Schanhorst package) Crate Reward: 2 Mutsu, Marblehead L Christmas crate drop: 4 Murmansk, T-61, De Grasse, Alabama Reward for Returning to Game or Related Missions: Guilio Cesare
  6. Well, accidents happen but a victory is a victory so a happy ending for this one. Stuff happens and I certainly understand it so as usual, it's on to the next battle after this one! Thank you for the contest and consideration. Leningrad would be my pick if fortune favors me!
  7. I believe I'm a below average player and 244,000 coal seems like a lot to me. I've about 40% of that tucked away right now but I do have a coupon so that definitely helps. Then again, I am squirreling away coal, free xp, credits, and RL dollars while awaiting the California....
  8. Altwar

    ST, California & Marceau

    At long last!
  9. Altwar

    Statistical name analysis (in-depth study)

    2 questions: 1) Where did this info of the top and bottom 300 come from? A reference would be nice. 2) If I made a new account, played one battle and won, would I be in the top 300? Or a loss makes bottom 300?
  10. Altwar

    What are your 5 favorite ships?

    1. Texas - my first purchased premium ship and largely responsible for my return to WoWs from right after release 2. Murmansk 3. Musashi 4. Helena 5. Cossack
  11. Altwar

    Naming the Ohio the Ohio....

    Hmmmmm. Half thought this thread was in regards to Ohio State trying to trademark the word "The", as in The Ohio State. Anyway, still patiently waiting for the tech branch which produces the USS California (BB-44).
  12. Altwar

    Horrible progression system for new players

    World of Warships, World of Tanks, and World of Warplanes aren't your standard game to play for 40 hours and unlock and beat everything. These are games you play for the long haul with lots of patience.
  13. I think special torpedo or weapon skills would be a pay to win method, which I see as a no-go. But maybe the different colored shots or something cosmetic would be interesting. By that same token though, I really pushed on that Russian motherland mission set and am thrilled that having a ship commanded by Nikolay Kuznetsov has that thick red tracer smoke. Made it worth pushing on that mission!
  14. Altwar

    Weekend Axis v Allies event.

    RIP sleep? Cool that there are a lot of missions floating around in this game. The credit crunch of the 3rd wave of the French missions already has my fleet heavily (for me) engaged
  15. Altwar

    It is finished, all 80 ships

    Yeah, took me a while and a few rereads to get to understand that. I enjoy reading books and the newspaper but sometimes I don't have the patience to read webpages and will miss important details like that. Thanks for your response and confirmation, Daniel!