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  1. Altwar

    Update speed of WOWS Client...

    The update for me took about 15 minutes. As I'm not one to enjoy a program that suddenly hogs up a bunch of resources, I keep my download speed in the WGC for upcoming updates rather low (see image) so I get a chance to review what's being updated and if it'll impact what I'm currently doing on the pc. If I'm not up to anything special, I flip the selection from that 256 KB/s to unlimited. I also turn off my backup drive during the update so the screen isn't constantly providing updates on how many more new files it's backing up.
  2. Coupons for both Doubloons and the Coal/Steel are nearly expired. Likely I'll let the doubloon coupon expire. Last time I picked up the Massachusetts after I had bought doubloons with a premium shop coupon, so I realized a big discount on that one. This time I'm still considering (there's 18 hours left as of this post) buying the last 3 stages for the XF-6 dockyard so that's enough of using real money. For coal, looks like the Salem will win out vs Marceau or Max for the tier 10 ships.
  3. Altwar

    I want it!!!

    Both of those camos look quite striking to me! I'll have them both on my radar, so to speak.
  4. Altwar

    ZF-6 Dockyard Progress Thread (PVE Thread)

    @magnum196940, thanks for providing a follow up on your decision! I've a couple days left and am still mulling it over but your comment here definitely helps.
  5. Altwar

    ST 0.10.6, "Dutch cruisers. Part 1"

    Those ports look sweet! IMO, this is one thing World of Warships really excels at. Too bad they don't have camp options for World of Tanks.
  6. I would love seeing a good wooden ship version of World of Warships. 1571 to 1859, otherwise known as the Age of Sail.
  7. Altwar

    ZF-6 Dockyard Progress Thread (PVE Thread)

    I'm in this same boat as well. Finished the dockyard though I had already decided to pass on this one. But I noticed I was just under a week's set of missions with last week and this to finish so I figured why not.. I've the Cossack from whatever mission/campaign/directive I completed a while back as my highest DD in my fleet and it's more than serviceable at that. So do I want to throw down and get the 6600 doubloons? Hmm......have to ponder this a bit.
  8. Now how could anyone say a fan favorite likeable guy like Radar could ever ruin anything, especially this game?
  9. Altwar

    Queen Mary in danger

    This is why I've thought that though museum ships are kept for good intentions, they don't often seem to be set up for the long haul and the cost it takes to maintain them. So eventually they just become financial sinkholes and a burden to whichever entity owns them, much like sports arenas and stadiums.
  10. Altwar

    Please go where you say your going

    What about the player who says they are going to C, actually proceeds to go there, look at the mini map and sees teammates have declined to support that player and are advancing towards the other caps instead. Should that player continue to advance because they said they were going to? What if that player spots the opposing team and sees they are approaching in numbers that speak to an obvious mismatch. Should that player continue on because they said they were going to go there, even if it means their imminent destruction? Meanwhile, in the example you provided, if a player is zoomed in and being taken apart by the enemy because they are the only one there and teammates have left, that player is lacking awareness of their situation. Does the mini map not work while zoomed in? I'm not in the client or at home at the moment so I'm not 100% sure, but I think it does. In which case, that zoomed in player bears the responsibility of watching their own position as well as that of the enemy to reduce their chances of being taken apart by the enemy.
  11. You might find some of this here (using North Carolina as an example): https://na.wows-numbers.com/ship/4282333168,North-Carolina/
  12. Altwar

    Update 0.10.6, Friesland and the Netherlands.

    I think it's okay to be confused. I've had the FXP to get the Friesland and was looking at it even before the Dutch line was announced. But I've been confused as to whether it's staying or going or what so I've been holding off. Not sure what I really want now so I'm declaring neutrality until the debate/debacle is nearly complete.
  13. Excellent point here. Wasn't aware (though I should have expected) that some were making a concentrated effort for particular teams. A great idea to enable as many players as possible to get a 10pt captain.
  14. Feuerputz today Recently picked up 10 Lindwurm and obtained 10 pt Gluhschwanz previously.
  15. I just switched from Team Lindwurm to Team Feurputz today. Already earned Lindwurm and Gluhschwanz as commanders, failed to do the same on Welthund, and am trying for Feurputz now because....er.....gotta have 'em all? Gluhschwanz has temporarily been tasked to Scharnhorst while Lindwurm commands a desk in reserve until I figure out where they fit, depth wise, in my German fleet.