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  1. Altwar

    What am I missing...July 4 discounts

    Glad to be of help!
  2. Altwar

    What am I missing...July 4 discounts

    July 4th weekend discounts are for US ship tech line only, so make sure whatever tier 9 ship you are looking at is a US ship.
  3. Altwar

    U.S. Independence Day

    Trying to understanding you correctly; by emptying your wallet when the new US BBs came out, you meant buying whatever tokens or commodity WoWs was using that would have helped your progress to get the early release packages for those ships back then?
  4. Terrific video and quite the additional nudge towards temptation!
  5. I think you have to ignore that the ship is named for San Diego. It was built in Massachusetts after all. But then after a shakedown training in Virginia, the ship came over to the Pacific Ocean where it had all it's service duty, so it is rather curious to pair it with a New York entity. Definitely a head scratcher but I guess it's more about Murica and July 4th than it is San Diego.
  6. Altwar

    Lady Liberty 6pt Cdr...

    I kind of want to buy the doubloons and get the goodies without the economic signals and 7 million credits fluff, so taking a look at going via the Armory if I do bite on this one.
  7. Altwar

    U.S. Independence Day

    50% upgrade sale comes as a good time for me. Spent over 40 million in equipping my ships. Plus equipped my Clan Battle copy only ships, Yamato, Zao, and Gearing so that when they are pulled from my port, that discounted equipment falls into my inventory and will be ready for ships I'll be researching down the road.
  8. Altwar

    RE: Leeroy Jenkins in the Armory

    He's an event commander, no special perks. Picture of my 6 pt commander below. Currently commands my Pensacola.
  9. Altwar

    Kansas and San Diego in store...

    Darn it, the Gold Eagle camos are pretty darn attractive. One of the reasons why I didn't mind playing the Kansas as much as I did, with it being a bit of eye candy. And with San Diego package with the camo....hmmmm...definitely trying to appeal to the hidden whale in me.
  10. Altwar

    Bot CVs now too good?

    Yeah, I'm going to be in the boat of the CVs are doing just fine now. Co-op has gone far too long with DDs just running ahead and gobbling up the lion's share of the action, leaving BBs and slower cruisers with not much going on at times. Getting checked a bit by CVs is a good challenge and I say this as someone who has been getting drilled in DDs by the bot CVs at times. Been having to do some serious zig-zagging or even getting turned away from targets for a time because of the rocket attacks and that makes things more entertaining.
  11. 32nd Street Naval Station is the 1st image, North Island the 2nd. (Source: I live in the area)
  12. Collaborations that get us some free stuff, that's good stuff! Collaborations that help Wargaming keep it's lights on, great! I like this game and World of Tanks and want to see them stick around for a good long while, so if they make a few $$$ off of some collaborations, I'm in favor of that. I don't know about the anime but the different captain voices add some variety which is welcome. Transformers collab has been good to me. Between this time and the last, I've picked up 7 captains, including 2 Megatrons and the animation on the camos is making me look really hard at possibly getting one, because they are pretty interesting to look at. Godzilla vs King Kong was also pretty cool but the price point was too high for the return IMO. I was one of those players who at first didn't like the non-historical look of some of these collaborations, but in the midst of battle, I'm really not looking at the others ships that closely and they have no impact on the experience. They are just kind of interesting to look at as the countdown ends and the battle begins. So hopefully there will be more collaborations to come to maybe draw other eyes to this game, see a bit more revenue for the company and some refreshing new things for us players.
  13. Altwar

    What is Your “Go To” Ship?

    Anything besides a CV. This isn't a "I dislike CVs" comment. It's just that I am not consistent enough with my CVs to rely on being able to get 250 base xp in a single battle. Sometimes slow BBs when I know there is a DD-centric mission going on.
  14. Altwar

    Your monthly super container

    100 Sierra Mike signals (Ship speed +5%) This pushes my overall Sierra Mike signal total to 1684.
  15. Altwar

    Prime Gaming Rewards: Random Drop

    Look at your notifications when in your World of Warships client.