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  1. Altwar

    The Attitude That Pervades

    As soon as I see "I am not trying to win, I am farming damage", I would block for the battle. I don't have the time or the patience for that nonsense. I am not even a highly competitive player, but I sure don't want to see a player not care about the win. That's the major reason why I don't play WoT's Frontlines. As far as who gets to eat the torpedo sandwich, that player didn't have the awareness to avoid things as you did and paid the price. Most likely we've all been there on both sides of that situation and heck, stuff happens. No reason for that player to be upset about it. Queue and enjoy another battle.
  2. Altwar

    How do I Use manual control for the horn

    I test the horn in port for any new ship I obtain to see what they are working with. Plus you can sound the horn as long as you like in port; in battle there is a cooling off period which limits how long the horn can be sounded. On the aside about testing, you can always take a ship to a training room and do whatever you like with it (within the game mechanics). You get a chance to press every button and do everything without upsetting any teammates.
  3. Altwar

    Kill stealing

    To me, a co-op battle is like a buffet; you go in there and get as much as you want on your plate. Only issues are the speedier ships are like that guy who loads up a stack on his plate; by the time you get there, the tray may be next to empty so plan accordingly. Oh and the crab legs (bots) might turn the table on you and dump you on their plate. But yeah, there is no kill stealing. No one can steal something from you that you don't already have.
  4. Altwar

    US Tenth Fleet

    USS Smith in my favorite port, Taranto
  5. Altwar

    Trying for the Moskva: I made a spreadsheet.

    I made a spreadsheet as well for documenting my xp progress and on what day I should finish researching the Moskva. As a current co-op main, this makes it easier to monitor my progress at a leisurely pace, but allows for me to push ahead and build a reserve of xp in case I want to skip a day or two here and there. I've scheduled myself to make it by June 13th, though progress currently as me getting there on the 11th. Also have a spreadsheet for my fleet along with their captains after seeing another player show that on these forums.
  6. Hmmmm, means keep a keen weather eye out for what's blowing over the horizon, lest 9.5 hits and some aren't ready for it's impact. Makes note to self to ensure ole Dm. Don gets an increase in usage.
  7. Altwar

    Cha-ching! What was your consumables payout?

    30,240,000 credits here. Considering that I spent 10s of millions to finally outfit many of my tech tree ships with upgrades, this was a nice bit of recovery.
  8. Altwar

    What is your goal?

    197k away from my first tech tree tier 10.
  9. Altwar

    Soviet Cruisers: Early Access

    Some players may just have an abundant amount of disposable income at hand and feel free to spend it when they want to. That might not make sense to you, but it works for that player and Wargaming.
  10. Thanks guys for the confirmation! This is good stuff! To be honest, I've not put mods on anything but premium ships and a handful of keeper ships. Today that's changed and I've spent tens of millions credits updating a number of my tech tree ships, figuring that having nearly 200 million credits just to have 200 million credits is not smart if I can't use them to better my fleet.
  11. Haven't been able to find this in the forum so the question I'm asking is: if upgrades are put on one of these temporary Clan Battle ships, like the Montana, Moskva, or Shimakaze, what happens once those are removed again (looks to be in 4 days)? I've not done a clan battle, nor upgraded one of these ships. But a thought comes to mind that if I were to put upgrades on one of these ships, might they be returned to inventory once the ship is no longer available? If that were the case, that would mean I'd have upgrades bought at the current discounted prices, banked in my inventory for future use which would be some kind of nice.
  12. Altwar

    200% first win is the new norm?

    Generally speaking, when someone asks a fairly benign question as the OP did, they represent several others who have that same question and haven't found information to answer it. I've been looking on the news stories myself for where the 200% was extended because I had the understanding that the event had already been expired. Wasn't able to find it so I moved on, being thankful for the extra 200% time. I think assuming that the OP might be lazy or unwilling to help themselves is a judgement that doesn't need to be made. Take the question at face value and be helpful to a member of our community.
  13. They are mentioned in the news just a little ways down the page: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/sales-and-events/missions-093-weekly-4/#victory-salute I knew about being able to earn them for free but as I'm still pushing the Dm Donskoi towards the Moskva, I don't know that I want to spend the time to work on these. Was almost going to just do the New Orleans mission but I already have her Congratulatory camo and that gives a +50% free xp bonus on top of the normal perm camos.
  14. Thanks @paradat! Normally I wouldn't even consider buying a camo. I normally reserve purchases to vessels or premium time, but these look so good I might loosen the purse strings and get the Alabama and maybe even the one for the Texas, though I've already got the Stars & Stripes and Type 9 for that one.
  15. Does this camo (which is just lovely!!) have the same -3/+4/-10/+50 advantages that the permanent Type 10 camo offers for this ship?