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  1. Altwar

    Happy Birthday Mr. Lincoln!

    Seems to be rather understated these days, but I felt like bringing up that today is the anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's birthday, who was the 16th President of the United States. Born 210 years ago in 1809, Mr. Lincoln is a famous figure in American history for a number of matters which I'll not get into as they are familiar subjects to many. Rather I mean to bring up that Abraham Lincoln is the only president to have obtained a patent. And it relates to boats (hence a connection of sorts to WoWs). His design of keeping vessels afloat while traversing shallow waters through the use of empty metal air chambers on their sides earned him Patent No. 6469. Pretty cool tid bit I hope some may enjoy on this, the occasion of his birthday.
  2. Altwar

    Your very first Premium was?

    Per thread title, it was either the Albany or Arkansas Beta. But my first puchased premium was 2018's purchase of the Texas which brought me back to playing this game regularly.
  3. Altwar

    Favorite Premium

    Texas, because its the ship that made me want to play WoWs regularly.
  4. Altwar

    Tips for the USS Dallas

    Maybe it seems obvious, but just to ask: IFHE would be picked prior to or preferred over Concealment Expert?
  5. Altwar

    Best 20 pack of Santa gifts yet!

    Thanks for the response. It inspired me to take a shot as I said. I bought the 5 Mega Boxes and turned up with: 12,500 coal T-61 w/10 pt captain 20 New Year streamer camo 30 Red Dragon signals Mutsu w/10 pt captain a pretty good return on the boxes I must say! Funny thing is was pondering on getting maybe 1 or 2 more tech tree ships because I've a decent abundance of captains. Getting 2 more 10 pt captains doesn't help this but it's a good problem to have!
  6. Altwar

    Best 20 pack of Santa gifts yet!

    OP, just to be clear, you said the big boxes, not the mega boxes, correct? Seems like an amazing haul and I congratulate you on your good fortune! I've yet to buy any boxes but I figure to take a shot before the event's end.
  7. XP, credits and gold is not a suitable reimbursement for those who've played the CVs or any other class. And getting rid of the CVs in effect dumbs down this game IMO which is not an acceptable solution.
  8. I'm thinking to pick up the De Grasse. A French premium since I've German, USN, IJN and Russian premiums already is what I'm targeting. And while BB's slow moves and firing fits my sloppy play, I've not seen the Dunkerque very much where as the De Grasse seems rather interesting and more highly valued, doubloon wise. Anyone have an opinion either of these ships?
  9. I think in your haste to respond, you missed my first word: prove So did you? No, I don't see anything that in your response that points out that Wargaming has become disgustingly rich off this holiday season. And until you prove it, you are spouting off conjecture and nothing more and at most, are trying to be the bah and humbug of this thread. You don't have to grovel or show your appreciation if you don't feel the same way as the others have here but you aren't bringing anything of value to this table. PROVE
  10. Prove Wargaming has become disgustingly rich off of this holiday season event? Been said already but I think it bears repeating: Wargaming is a business. They need to make a profit to remain in existence, pay their employees and continue to provide this entertainment that players here enjoy, Actually nice that some players here are saying thank you because they are enjoying themselves and appreciate this event.
  11. Altwar

    What to do with 750K FXP?

    It's idiot proof? Well heck, then sign me up as I have 210k coal, a 25% coupon and was just holding until the day before the coupon expires just to see if something else amazing popped out. But calling the Musashi idiot proof is the trigger I needed to release the coal and release it I will as soon as I log on tonight. Thanks for the trigger words and hopefully it truly is, as my bad play will put that to the test for sure!
  12. Very entertaining, OP! Thanks for posting!
  13. Altwar

    Did they nerf coal containers, or did I just piss off RNJesus?

    I think I'll need to keep records to see as well. I normally obtain 1-2 containers a night, depending on how I split my game time between WoWs and WoT and always go with the resource containers. Once in a while I get the 2x 400 coal and the remainder of the time it's a single 400 coal and of course the balance are signals which are always welcome.
  14. Altwar

    Did they nerf coal containers, or did I just piss off RNJesus?

    I receive 400 most times, and 800 sometimes if I get the 2nd daily crate. Can't recall ever getting 1200 coal though.
  15. Altwar

    What happened to my Steven Segal Captain?

    Did they or will they do that to the Fury tank crew and the Sabaton Swedish metal band crew? Will the Fury tank one day be just a Sherman with some generic paint on it's gun? I could understand that once the licensing agreement ends, the Segal captain won't ever be available again to players who didn't already have one, but for those who do, it's kind of rotten.