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  1. gorium

    Bring back the old dragon port

    Back to Fjord for me. Most relaxing port.
  2. gorium

    Commander Skills Update

    Resetting all the skills at once (the button) is a GODSENT. Thank you so much! Do you have a large number of Commanders and want to reset all their skills at once? Starting from January 21, after Update 0.10.0 is released for all regions, you'll find a link to a special page here where you can automatically reset all of your Commanders' skills free of charge.
  3. gorium

    Allow me to derank out of Gold

    Random is better when grinding ship lines, doing research bureau, and when you actually have social interactions with other (division mates). For profits, a win is a win in either mode, but a loss can net you achievements more easily in random (high caliber, confederate, dreadnought, even aa expert, haha). More players in a battle enable more folks to get confederate.... thus why they are pushing the small battles with less reward. Whatever your personnal way of approaching the new ranked, WG objectives are for players to get less flags and camo rewards for more games, thus increasing the companies' odd of selling more flags to power hungry players.
  4. gorium

    Allow me to derank out of Gold

    Time invested versus reward, you are way worst than before. The time you spend in this mode is valuable time used elsewhere (in-game, clan battles, or even outside of game) Plus, your increased increase in earning POTENTIAL is greatly diminished by accrued flags, camos and time costs.
  5. gorium

    The new ranked system is fantastic

    more potential steel over the same time period, but a LOT more games required, a lot more flags consumed, and overall much less progress on your favored ships. this new systems provides a little bit more steel overall for a LOT more commitment and investment........
  6. they have a special voice when you start the battle... that is all.... a merry voice...
  7. Current rank structure is such a FLAG burner. Much less reward than previous iterations.
  8. gorium

    my outburst about this ranked

    Current ranked season is a FLAG BURNER..... no flag rewards... much less return on investment than previous ranked seasons....
  9. gorium

    New Campaigns wth? WG

    How so? If you want content for paying players, just put the mission/campaign in the bundle for the paying customer.... don't do this bait tactic.... unfun for the players. (and I did pay given that I like what the reward is and its less stress in the way I am currently doing it, still not an enjoyable experience these sale tactics...)
  10. The link for the santa gift box was not working when the news was initially posted. Anyone clicking through ended up on the premium shop page without a reward. I, like others, then forgot about it, and only after seeing reminders on the forum about that 3rd gift did I manage to go back and claim it. I believe the OP was in a similar situation initially were he clicked their link and got nothing out of it..... a lot of hatred toward someone pointing out a mistake (which was later fixed), instead of simply helping the member reach the loot offered by the company.....
  11. gorium

    (CAMPAIGN) Stars and Fates

    Selling permacamos for existing premium ship is probably the most relevant way of making income while maintaining game balance. Some will buy specific arts because they like it which is a good return on investment. Creating other camos like you are proposing can be done sporadically, but it may have a detrimental effect on players paying less (or not at all) in that they will compare themselves and see that they are always worst off than paying players. A decent proposal, which requires balancing.
  12. gorium

    (CAMPAIGN) Stars and Fates

    I agree 100%, thus my proposal to have the campaign tied to purchasing the ship, or only appear after you unlock it. They sell this game, but they don't have to be deceiptful about the way they entice folks to play and spend.
  13. That is the bottleneck of that campaign... it is a misleading attempt to gouge folks into purchasing the strasbourg early if they hope to complete (get extra credits by completing the ships unlock of this second campaign). A lot will say that you get the doubloons back through the other campaign (pay for it and get reimbursed), but that implies that you are temporarily using doubloons for a ship, which you will not have for the HIZEN 4 phases purchase or the 10 phases (that different purchase needs to be completed by the beginning of next week or you miss out on the cheaper phases). Unfun... Ship and Fates is extermely grindy if you do not unlock the ship through a purchase given the Strasbourg gatelock... (9 days, to unlock the strasbourg, all of 4th phase of the other campaign, followed by 5+ stages of this second campaign).
  14. Proposal: This campaign should simply be one you unlock by acquiring the Strasbourg (ie, a either directly in the purchase option, or listed as an additional reward of unlocking the strasbourg at the end of the other campaign). The current structure for this campaign is deceitful. It would be excessively grindy to complete it if you unlock the Strasbourg in-game, and it would more respectful (and reasonable), to not have it appear in your profile until you unlock the gateway ship. We had quick intense mission lines in the past to unlock small reward ships, but this current one is held behind a paywall (or is simply a bait).
  15. Where is the webpage container link? I am unsure whether I got that one already.