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  1. gorium

    The Anchorage Dockyard Directives (WIP)

    I believe you need to get the 3000 doubloons package for 2 tokens if you want the cheapest way of achieving the anchorage.... Otherwise you end up paying 3500 for the last 2 tokens. Not a fan of this trick....
  2. Back to Fjords..... one logging suffice to revert to that port.
  3. gorium

    You Asked, I listened

    This concept against bots, not other human players..... subs are not meant/balanced for pvp.
  4. This PTS serie was overly annoying, and I did not have the patience to grind through it. "completing all missions" when you only have a low amount of players on PTS was not enjoyable
  5. Code does not work on NA at this point....
  6. gorium

    How Much Steel Is Possible To Earn in 1 Year?

    The issue is that you can grind the 6 missions in a little over 2 hours in coop. But it is an agressive grind that gets rapidly boring. I also prefer to have some enjoyable games during my play time....
  7. gorium

    who is buying these ships

    GW is an endless pit of expenses with major taxes: edition creep different tactics requiring different models at different pt break modeling, painting and basing is both a reward and a pain storage space transportation expenses urge for a second army pressure to increase your pt score to play armageddon Compared to organized sports for a year.... many sports provide a more reasonable price for physical and mental health gains.
  8. gorium

    who is buying these ships

    The lore is quite generic for this type of game.... Interest wise, I see more younger players interested to 40k or Age of Sigmar than other tabletop war battle simulation (battlefleet gothic, flames of war, any star wars or star trek space battles). GW was expensive in the past, 9th edition and the latest prices are just ridiculous.
  9. The current rewards for this iterations are worth less than simply playing your normal account (only a finite amount of time to play in a day).
  10. And the PTS reward of a container is for completing tier 6-7 battles in random mode.... while the season missions are all based on tier 8-10 battles on random or ranked..... This is an unpleasant grindfest, and the battles are very small population (5vs5, unbalanced, and lots of afk/laggy players).
  11. The Armoury does not work at the moment. Quite buggy. The Directive page is very slow, and not efficient (entangled with the other missions is a mess). The previous directive pages were much quicker and simpler to figure out the task. Current version is just a scroll fest (and its not enjoyable).
  12. gorium

    frustrating directives

    Take the spotting damage... get the oland or higer tier.... and have at it..... dont shoot, just spot.... And go random for a better return on spotting damage (you can run away all game spotting to oblivion).
  13. gorium

    Another Flammu vid. Real or hype?

    That mentality is what created disproportionate ships. The potential of a ship should be driving the balance factor, and not how "normal to bad players" perform in it. If it gets balanced to weaker players, it will keep on creating high powered niche...
  14. gorium

    Zero Point Capt for Kaga rental...

    My Rental Kaga came without a captain....
  15. gorium


    the ship sucks and is boring to play