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  1. Indianapolis Need Buff

    Good job you at least made a statement without acting arrogant - Thank you for giving your thoughts instead of saying "learn to play" your skills at communication and reason have just gotten better-
  2. Indianapolis Need Buff

    How about you stop being so arrogant and attacking fellow posters suggestions- you had a good game awesome, it happens but the overall majority says it has the same problem it needs a heal
  3. Looks folks, the U.S Navy along with her allies won the war in the Pacific....Nuff said......you have winners and you have losers ....winners have no need to make excuses however losers do... The U.S has better men, better ships, better supplied, better training.... Japan should have known better, It's as simple as that.....only crazy people with crazy leaders start wars they cannot win.. have a nice day.
  4. If that's the case then why try to be historical at all ?? To cause needless spam on the forums ??
  5. Iowa is a world famous ship, That will be turned into something mediocre by War Gaming. example look at what happened to the Mustang on World of Warplanes..Yankee Doodle, Go home, you will not catch a brake here ...Just wait. save exp, for the l33t Russian Battleships that never got built ..
  6. Question about Doubloons

    Thanks guys - just making sure
  7. Question - I know this is open beta - Do I get the Doubloons back when the game comes out of open beta after the last wipe ? or is the money I spent lost ?
  8. Servers down ?

    cool ty
  9. AP shells: What's the point?

    This is how you use AP
  10. Servers down ?

    Any word when they shall be up ?
  11. Arkansas

    yes, you have till open beta http://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/common/cbt-rewards/
  12. WoWs

    Soon and can't wait for the 20th
  13. Got my alpha tag pumped neg rep away my friends !