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  1. Getting disconnected from server during a match while exchanging fire with target. Funny part; Reason given: Disconnected from server due to inactivity. These random disconnects are really getting annoying. Even if they are few and far from each other, they are still happening.
  2. Dirty Deeds has cleaned up my boggy mind... For some unknown reason the AA and secondaries were turned off. Must of been one of those early mornings or very late nights where I thought I was in one of my DDs
  3. I have noticed for the third time (game) where my Arkansas was well within range of my secondaries (5.3km with upgrades and mods) and nothing would happen. At first I thought of some bug where upgrades and mods were not taken into account but this last match I had a cruiser at 2km off my port side. Even targeted (Ctrl click) not a single shot went off. A little infuriating for a brawler BB when most of his teeth are missing. Anyone else noticed this issue?
  4. Same issue here. Every time you return from queue or finished a battle. The only filter type that is kept on my end; Other (haven't tried by tier or nationality) Even tried the painstaking job of a clean reinstall of the game. Issue still happening. Hoping for a quick fix soon. With 28 ships in port, "regular" carousel isn't fun at all.