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  1. The Musashi took many waves of aircraft to sink, including many torpedo hits. It is very likely that they would have had time to inspect where the ship was hit, and what failed. While the Yamato had less waves, her similar construction means the same weaknesses would manifest.
  2. I love Plastic modeling. Finished some planes, and I work on the HMS Dreadnought that JeeWeeJ mentioned earlier, when I am not too pissed off at it. I have been forced to take a break, and am doing a 1/48 Spitfire for relaxation I need recommendations for super glue for metal-plastic bonding that is multi use, and can be applied in fine detail. My current glue gets really stringy, like Mozzarella cheese, which is all bad. Do oyu modelers have recommendations?
  3. WoWS gameplay speed

    No. Twitch reflexes will have almost no relevance here. Steadiness of hand when shooting maybe, but much of WoWS, like a real navel battle, is about positioning, range, ship capabilities. And especially due to long shell travel times, it will be very unlikely that you will be able to shoot someone before they can shoot you back. Hopefully this game will have lots of Tactics beyond sit in a bush ans shoot things.
  4. I think there are other things that take a ship "out of Battle" besides killing it, as well as many of the alpha testing round will not be a normal match. Many of them will be things like firing torpedoes at increments to test how well they run for long distances, or testing armor models for bugs by shooting them repeatedly with shells that should not pen.
  5. There will be almost no real times when that becomes useful. Ramming another ship was the last resort of the desperate, and almost never happened on purpose. We only want it for derping around.
  6. I assume that something like that would be a low priority detail, as the programmers are already trying to build entire navies. I just want to see ships that can't steam straight forward because they bent their bow.
  7. I use the soundtrack to the original SupCom and FA games. There is some amazing epic battle music, and I have wonderful memories of epic scale navel battles with that music in the background.
  8. I wish the ship models would distort, like the Mogami at the end of Midway. I know that is probably too much to ask, but I would spend all day with friends in a training room, happily crumpling our ships into eachother.
  9. I learned about it the first time WG officially announced that they were planning a Warships game, it was quite a while ago.
  10. February 2014 calendar

    For a minute, I thought the turrets were side by side. I thought "HOLY CRAP, SIX GUNS!?!?"
  11. alpha testing

    All progress you make in the WoWS beta will be reset upon official release, then you will most likely be awarded some premium ship as a reward for participation in the Beta. Most progression based games that offer beta will reset your progress/stats upon the official release, so that all player's stats/progress reflect that current state of the game.
  12. Carriers. Everyone's Carriers. Every fleet needs support and spotting early on, then remote firepower later. I MAY diversify to other lines later, that completely depends on the game mechanics, primarily spotting and recon. I quit WoT because of those mechanics, so if they are the same for this, I don;t want to have anything to do with them.
  13. It's really not that hard. Given that most English translations of Japanese are phonetic, that will limit the scale of the butchering to emphasis mangling only.
  14. Camera view

    RTS all the time, because Carriers...
  15. Some leaks......

    I wonder how much as a % of your Hp will be lost to stupid stuff like this. There's no cliffs to hurtle off of like in WoT, so we will need to find other creative ways of making pubbies rage.