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  1. ARS Nova?

    The partnership with ARP ended and isn't likely to return any time soon.
  2. Corgi flag? Or not...?

    Corgi captains got the flags. Players who sunk a corgi do not get the flags.
  3. Upper-Tier Skill Wall

    As you start getting into higher tiers, your commander skills, camo bonuses, flag bonuses, etc start to matter even more. You are going to run into ships with 19 pt commanders that are full stealth. So first, make sure your ship (DD in this case) has the maximum concealment you can get. Second, you will have to start learning about other DDs (that you might not even have played yet) and know when to engage and when not to engage. sometimes there is simply nothing you can do, but most of the time, when you find yourself as the bottom tier DD, play more passive that usual if you can.
  4. Framerate Drop from the Patch

    A lot of people are experiencing the same thing. I see it from time to time with the new patch too.
  5. Did Zao ever have 10km torpedoes?

    I could have sworn that during beta it did have 10km torpedoes, but maybe I am mis-remembering.
  6. Pigeon's Weekly Thought Feb. 27th, 2018

    Coffee Mugs (high quality, large ones) and Tumblers (may I suggest a partnership with RTIC since they are based out of Houston area which is not too far from the WG Austin office *grin*). I don't work for RTIC or anything but their Tumblers are high quality and reasonably priced and they are willing to work with companies in terms of producing logos, custom branding, etc.
  7. So I Joined a Clan

    Technically, you don’t need to blur/block the name of the person that killed you since you are not naming and shaming. But congrats on your good game.
  8. Sub_Octavian confirmed already that the exp on the preview versions will be transferred to the regular tech tree versions. I assume that the modules will need to be unlocked once you get the tech tree version but it is still an advantage to have that extra exp already available on the ship.
  9. french collection question

    What does finishing the collection have to do with the French BBs? The collection rewards you with a French commander not a ship. If you haven’t already gotten the French ships from containers (random chance) then you are pretty much out of luck. When 7.2 hits (most likely next week) the early release ships will be replaced with the full tech tree and you will simply have to grind through them. Once 7.2 hits, you will have the ability to continue earning containers for the collection though. So you will have chances to finish it out and get the commander.
  10. Goodbye PVE

    I find this post hilarious because literally NEXT week we are getting a new PvE scenario. And I'm sure many of the missions will be PvE inclusive.
  11. Bye-Bye WOWS

    Thank you for telling us. We were really all waiting to hear whether you would continue to play or not.
  12. Done!

    Camo for the Yamato
  13. Wow Blitz

    Whole different game and right now the balance is pretty bad. DDs are super OP and the MM doesn't balance the teams properly. It is fun, but not ready for prime time.
  14. Thank you WG!

    Just got my rewards for being a corgi commander (premium time, some containers and corgi flags). Thanks for the free stuff WG! I sure hope we continue to have these kind of events after Niko leaves (sorry to see Niko go).
  15. Ah yeah, I guess there is a cost. But the cost is so low I just forget about it. :)