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    WGC: Log in to Experience It All

    Been playing since CB. Don't have as many battles as some but still enjoy the the game and play it regularly. Also as you all can see I only come out of my cave to comment on the forums on the rare occasion. This said it would be very informational to understand EXACTLY why WG wants to force us to us WGC? Say a detailed bulletized list of differences between WGC and old launcher. The majority of the long term players have had troubles with WGC so if you don't want us all to complaining and concerned about how WGC impacts our computer/game play/personal information how about some ACTUAL answers instead meaningless comments of 'ultimate experience'. Ultimate experience in farming and selling our data, in messing with our computers, in just frustrating the hell out of us?? 'Ultimate experience' is a throw away term. Now i understand systems/system languages often have to be updated due to changes in technology (difference between Windows XP and Win7 for example) but I have yet to see a post or anything from WG that spells out WHY force WGC on us? Yes you do mention 'technical issues' means not supporting the old gateway but EXACTLY what are those? Just because you don't want to do updates to two pathways? As of now a fair number of players believe WGC over uses computer resources especially as it runs in the background. (24 major updates tells me WGC was badly bugged as many have said, maybe it's better now BUT how?) As of now a fair number of players see WGC as program that will pull data from us, impacting our play and systems only to be used to focus advertisements or other purposes buried in the privacy statement. You already get direct funding from players, so now you want to sell ads and get additional revenue? As of now a fair number of players have no problems with WGC but it seems as though many still do. Numbers on WOWS servers have varied over the past few years (avg 10-12K on NA server), can it take a hit of 1-3K (10-30%) of players dropping if a forced WGC goes through? Simply I'm one of those who have tried WGC and it didn't work (more accurately crashed 2-3 times daily over 5 days in use) on my I7-8700 @3.7gh, 1080Ti x, 32gb ram, 500SSD/2G HD, system. If I don't use WGC it crashes only very rarely. Most of us long term players have spent money on this 'F2P' game, before we write off that cash and years of game play to the same dumpster fires that WOTs (i have 13k games there) and WOWPs have become would like understand why. There are other games out there...if WGC doesn't entice us to stay why do it?