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  1. kittredge

    New players co-op

    Now this one gets what Im sayin
  2. kittredge

    New players co-op

    in game mic chat would help
  3. kittredge

    New players co-op

    I've been playing video games for a very long time. Pong at the bar was the first. Then Atari came along with a lot of two player games but always one on one, then playstation xbox ect. but when video games game onto the scene in the world of PC the world of gaming blew up. Graphics blew up to insane levels and then Massively multiplayer online. The games world expanded exponentionaly, mmo players went from 8-16-32 and more, graphics are crazy now multi video cards and with ray tracing. The online games world is world trillions and investments are worth billions. The one constant thing in every game though is training, every game offers it at the start of every game. The first simple lessons of controls, then how to manouver through the game, then as any good multiplayer game should, the co-op mode, cooperation. The ultimite of any mmo game, playing together working as a team, not to COD. That's my term for rogue Call of Duty players mostly kids who run into battle guns blazing only to find themselves dead and their team mates short handed, spotted and most likely killed. So back to co-op, the art of working together, in this instance World of Warships. Battleships are the brute force high powererd killers but they are slower in speed due to size and their reload times are also slower but far more devastating on impact but they are not invincable so they need reinforcements. The cruisers are that wall off protection for battleships, faster in speed and reload times often armed with torpedos they stay in close proximity of the Battlesips to protect the Battleships from other cruisers and the most dangerours Destroyers that have ill effections guns but a multitude of short and long range torpedoes that can put a Battleship down effectively. The problem I have when I play WoWS is the COD'ers I don't mean playing in co op ya fn idiots I mean using co op tactics to work together. See what I mean yas can't work together enough to read a fn sentence.
  4. Since the game started why is it the only ship flag the U.S. one earns bonuses, 5% You should offer the same bonus / flag for each country. If I only like German ships offer the flag ect.
  5. kittredge

    Lol had Forgotten this is Spring Break Month

    I normally just played late at night waiting for the COD style kids to be offline. After losing an abnormal amount of games due to kamikaze players I realized it was March break
  6. kittredge

    How many X's

    How many x's does it take to leave a game? I clicked X did you think I was kidding. I clicked X again. No I was just [edited]with you. I really want to keep playing. CLOSE THE [edited]GAME.
  7. kittredge

    Original looking ships

    I love the grays and the rust the worn out paint that wows spend the time making ships look original. And all the work you do with the camos. Is there a way to add an invisible camo button so we can have camo but not see it. Make our ships as was when they were on the sea without the modern fakery.
  8. kittredge

    Why are 9 of 10 games losses in random play?

    Well I have a whole lot of experience in this topic. I used to really suck and lost a lot but with practice and using the WOWS youtube site to learn I got better. practice, watch youtube vids, subscribe to Notser and Ichasegaming, both on youtube but get them on twitch playing live.
  9. kittredge

    vote kick bad gamers

    Why can't we have the ability to vote kick bad gamers, I just played a game with someone who flooded our game with F texts I prt scrned and he avoided it.
  10. kittredge

    leave queue

    Well I must have the crappiest luck, I only ever needed it 4-5 times but It never worked.
  11. WOWS is the ONLY game I've ever spent real $ on I think I should have this deal too.
  12. kittredge

    leave queue

    Sometimes at the last second we forget to add camo or something and we click battle. We have 0 seconds to change our minds. What's the point of having the Leave button if it doesn't work.
  13. kittredge

    Game Penalties

    My game looses connections and I still get penalized, ping 16, DL speed 84, upload at11. Power goes out in a storm penalized again House Fire up the street power goes out penalized again