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  1. kittredge

    Lol had Forgotten this is Spring Break Month

    I normally just played late at night waiting for the COD style kids to be offline. After losing an abnormal amount of games due to kamikaze players I realized it was March break
  2. kittredge

    How many X's

    How many x's does it take to leave a game? I clicked X did you think I was kidding. I clicked X again. No I was just [edited]with you. I really want to keep playing. CLOSE THE [edited]GAME.
  3. kittredge

    Original looking ships

    I love the grays and the rust the worn out paint that wows spend the time making ships look original. And all the work you do with the camos. Is there a way to add an invisible camo button so we can have camo but not see it. Make our ships as was when they were on the sea without the modern fakery.
  4. kittredge

    Why are 9 of 10 games losses in random play?

    Well I have a whole lot of experience in this topic. I used to really suck and lost a lot but with practice and using the WOWS youtube site to learn I got better. practice, watch youtube vids, subscribe to Notser and Ichasegaming, both on youtube but get them on twitch playing live.
  5. kittredge

    vote kick bad gamers

    Why can't we have the ability to vote kick bad gamers, I just played a game with someone who flooded our game with F texts I prt scrned and he avoided it.
  6. kittredge

    leave queue

    Well I must have the crappiest luck, I only ever needed it 4-5 times but It never worked.
  7. WOWS is the ONLY game I've ever spent real $ on I think I should have this deal too.
  8. kittredge

    leave queue

    Sometimes at the last second we forget to add camo or something and we click battle. We have 0 seconds to change our minds. What's the point of having the Leave button if it doesn't work.
  9. kittredge

    Game Penalties

    My game looses connections and I still get penalized, ping 16, DL speed 84, upload at11. Power goes out in a storm penalized again House Fire up the street power goes out penalized again