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    managed to get back in after loading hung for 5 minutes, no progress or reports for last 3 battles, no campaign or mission progress and no xp awarded for any of the battles with no container progress... :-(
  2. just had a match in my st louis, 154 hits. 2 crits. 3 kills. 4 fires over 60 k damage not including fire and secondary damage. Base xp earned 324 total xp after my x 1.5 = 729 that doesnt seem right to me. previously that would easily of been a 2k xp game. had a similar match in my south carolina and earned even less on a win
  3. Just had this game in my St Louis 154 hits. 2 crits. 3 kills. 4 fires. over 6ok damage not including fire and secondaries damage. base xp earned 324 xp after factoring in the x 1.5 was 729. Judging by previous matches that should of been a 2k xp game so wthis going on