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  1. Its not that i play to Grind.. The Grind Gives me something to do / Earn. A Goal. Games are better when you have a Goal.
  2. Nothing wrong with a T10 for sale. Its not like the game is new. if a player can buy into T8 - T9 T10 is no different, its the same que.
  3. Spyde

    Neutral poll on subs in 0.10.8

    not all ships get ASW.. and Cruisers cannot hunt subs.. good luck trying to depth charge a sub as a Cruiser Its a bad experience alot of the time when facing them. Id honestly take Post Rework CV's over Subs.
  4. Spyde

    Dutch cruisers

    Line Gets good at T9 T7 is Meh T8 has Bad guns, but good armor and a great heal. AA can be good also. T9 Has good guns, Good Armor and feels good all around. I really enjoy this ship so far. T10 looks like a upgraded T9. Dont have it yet but will in a few days.
  5. Spyde

    Alaska and Georgia missing ASW

    This will be Normal. A large chunk of ships that cannot hurt subs. It will be hope your team has competent people and people who stay alive that have ASW. but its Warships.. so we know that wont happen.
  6. Spyde

    Dutch Cruisers: Branch Review

    Currently my favorite Cruiser line to play. Haarlem guns were a bit to weak, but has good survival. Johan De Witt is a blast. 263k dmg is my top so far in it.
  7. Spyde

    CVs are Overnerfed

    This right here.. is why WG doesn't listen to players. This is so far wrong its lulzy.
  8. Spyde


    Post was from May when they were in Tester hands. They have been tuned alot since then. The Normal ER MY GOD its OP when still be NDA/Testing.
  9. Spyde

    In Defense of Submarines

    at least it will further reduce the Cruiser population that isnt smoke or island huggers. Cruiser play vs a Sub is the worst. You have no ASW.. or have to drive on top of them.... Works out....great... Ive had my Haarlem killed in 4 torps from 80% hp nothing i could do vs a sub with DCP on cooldown. Cant even turn to avoid the torps. Its GG
  10. Spyde

    What makes Hatsuharu good?

    Concealment + Torp range at that tier.
  11. Spyde

    Newbies - Can we be nice?

    Its like any established online game. people expect everyone to know what to do.. Ignore them.. watch videos on what to do and you will improve. Reach out for help as needed.. Don't rush up to T10 Don't get frustrated by a mechanic calling it [edited]. Most things have a counter.
  12. Dont forget to consider which line gets Anti Sub Warfare Germans don't.. so i would avoid them if you want to be able to have anything to do with subs. Not 100% sure what BB lines get ASW at this point or not.
  13. Spyde

    What is unicum?

    Don't you know.. You have to have no life to be good at anything. If you have a Wife/Kid/Job your life is over. Zero time for you.
  14. Spyde

    First tier IX premium tank to be sold by WG tomorrow.

    What about Warplanes ? Can we get some Warplane news ?
  15. Biggest issue with not having ASW.. You feel 100% Helpless vs a sub. There is times you end up being for example...a Dutch Cruiser vs a Sub. The only thing you can do is hide behind an island and not move anymore. Or drive away eating homing torpedo's. Yea i see where the ping is coming from.. but all i can do is drive toward it and its torpedo's and park above it.. while the sub drives away and starts shooting again. It is nothing but frustration. It is already risky enough to use ASW vs a sub unless your a BB. its like driving at a DD out in the middle of a cap while enemy team focus's you.