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  1. Spyde

    How did your Puerto Rico grinding go?

    Haven't played since i saw how it was a PayWall ship passed off as a "Free Event Ship" *If you play a metric crap ton in a short time frame. Came off as a Cash Grab to me, When event is over i'll evaluate then. Though, wont be spending money anytime soon if i do play more.
  2. Better not extend it, i would be angry if they did.
  3. Spyde

    How too ROON?

    Rooning away... I'll see myself out.
  4. We kind of need to know before a little later.. as we have to start the build in 2 days... Since its such a massive difference base on when you start boosters.
  5. Needs Confirmed If my math is Correct, you have an extra 590k Ship Building Points at the end. Green Has to Be done BEFORE IT STARTS. Boost Per Min Instant Min Left Per Min Total Total Running Total Total Need Left Needed Free Boost 6 500,000 46,080 276480 776,480 51,889,360 51,300,000 -589,360 Paid 1 104 4,500,000 46,080 4792320 9,292,320 Paid 2 138 6,000,000 46,080 6359040 12,359,040 Dir 1 Boost 1 104 750,000 46,080 4792320 5,542,320 Dir 2 Boost 2 104 1200000 38,880 4043520 5243520 5 Days after Start Easy Boost 3 173 1600000 31,680 5480640 7080640 10 Days after Start - See Below Login Every Day, Do All Daily Missions, Get Daily Drops Dir 3 - Boost 4 173 1600000 24,480 4235040 5835040 15 Days after Start Base Per min 125 46080 5760000 5760000 Dir 2 Complete 5 Days after its Release -(5 Days after event start = 7200Min Later) Boost 2 Purchased From This Daily Shipment + Login + Daily Missions Should pay for Boost 3 10 Days after Event Start (See Below Section) Dir 3 Complete 10 Days After Dir 2 Complete (15 Days after Event Start =21,600Min Later) - Boost 4 Purchased From This We are Now Done 15 Days after event start with 2 boosts purchased With Dubs. We just ride it out till the end. How to purchase 3rd Boost with Low Effort - Login 10 Days in a row and do the Daily Mission This should let you Purchase Boost 3 With some to spare We have a Spare 50 Shipbuilding Tokens from Dir 2 5x Tokens per Day - Login (start with 20 if you login first 4 days pre 16th) 70 Total after 9 Days Daily shipment = 75 Total Daily Missions =180 9x at 20per Day Daily Missions is 640 Total 640/32 days Should be 20 Tokens per day from Daily Missions (Im Guessing Here need WG to Confirm) For Boost Purchases Boost 1 - We get from Dir 1 Tokens Boost 2 We get from Dir 32Tokens 50 Spare Tokens here Boost 3 we get easily Boost 4 We get from Dir 3 Tokens Not sure if my Numbers are correct ?
  6. Spyde

    Competitive DD Lessons Dealing with Radar Traps

    I prefer when people drive into a cap, smoke and set there. Then call Hax when people radar them...
  7. Spyde

    An interesting idea

    i think OP forgot that you just have to put the mini map X on the ship icon setting in smoke and watch it die.
  8. Spyde

    Dev Blog: Subs are here

    Check every now and then to see if things are going in a better direction.. but lately nope. Sorry if your not ok with that. Keep on being a White Knight if ya choose.
  9. Spyde

    Dev Blog: Subs are here

    WG can't even get CV's to work. Haven't had the game installed for about 4-5 months. I think its time i go ahead and start dumping ships discords/remove WG links and call it the rest of the way done.
  10. Spyde

    Make Radar a Damageable Module!

    I think this is a fun idea. Make Radar/Smoke/Hydro/Speed Boost all able to be knocked out. DD runs forward gets ready to smoke, bam.. Smoke generator Disabled for X Seconds.
  11. You have a bad idea..which a simple reply is good enough for... you come back with a comment like this. Someone sounds butthurt.
  12. Spyde

    Smolensk Preview- The Woostizov

    This thing get 3 smoke i'm assuming ? 1 Base 1 Super 1 Premium
  13. Spyde

    Possible fix for CV balance?

    This is an issue with MM, you should not nerf ships based off of X per side. Because there is not always X per side. Lets Nerf BB's because we get 5x in a game.... To many big guns for cruisers are OP Lets Nerf DD's because we can get 5x in a game... To many Torps are OP Lets Nerf Cruisers because we can get 5x in a game... To many fires are OP
  14. No thanks. Penalty is already there. You pay X Repair cost based on tier. Doesn't matter how much damage you took. All this promotes is people going suicide mode.
  15. This is why i never hurry to get to 5, always do a few games a day and get there after 1-2 weeks.