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  1. shh they dont want to consider this a thing.
  2. Its not hard... Everything pre Sub was max 1.2mil and Lowest 1mil. CV' Rework even in its worst form stayed above 1mil for 2 years. After Sub w/Ping Announce until today we dropped to close to 400k... thats a 600k Drop in the Sub era.. not the CV rework era. CC Exodus - Overall hit a small amount of players. It was more forum E-drama than anything. - This did not change if people had "Fun" in matches. Econ Rework wasn't much of a change in the end / didn't see mass rants about it.. more of a Meh. ---------------------------------------------------- So from Sub w/ping until Sub early access we lose around 200k Players.. this is through the CC E-Drama and and Econ Rework.. This was also during Sub Testing. 800k Players still active isn't bad at this point Game looks still healthy. Sub early access dropped the game from nearly 800k to 450k ish in a very steep drop. Sure superships came out, but its not different than new power creep ships we are used to. So from chart to me.. subs droped nearly 50% of the playerbase. CV's had a very little impact. Sub 200k ish.
  3. Seems some people cant read charts and cant see the steeper drop off after Sub.
  4. Spyde

    Achieving "devastating" salvos.

    uhh.. you missed out an a majority of the base game mechanics.... You got spotted You drove in a straight line while the enemy ships shot you over and over... never even once tried to turn.. slow down.. or evade in any form.. Death was 100% Preventable and 100% Your fault.
  5. Spyde

    Achieving "devastating" salvos.

    As others have said, you can do huge hits if you get the right chance with the right ship. I popped a broadside kremlin for 100k dmg 6 Citadels just the other day. Citadels are big dmg
  6. Spyde

    Seeing more yolo and suiciders...

    Its making Ranked amusing to play till D4 in a week
  7. But WG thinks these mechanics are fun.
  8. Spyde

    Dev Blog - Second IJN Battleship line

    Needs Homing Torps and Radar with some Aircraft Squadron. Seems bland, low armor with low HP will be painful to play at times.
  9. Spyde

    Dear WG

    Hmm, this was a Datamined Chart that was found to. "The SpreadSheet" Gameplay Playing Against Balance Battle Ship Fun! Funner! Perfection Destroyer Fun! Fun! Perfection Subs Fun! Mostest Fun! Perfection Carrier Fun! Most Fun! Perfection Cruiser Fun! Pew Pew! Perfection
  10. 7-5 tonight in Ranked just hard pushing from start and Battle On! Lets me play Schleiffen solid and be agressive with no Negatives. Sure id have probly been 9-3 or something instead if i didnt, but its Ranked and was amusing. its Ranked so meh overall
  11. "discussion and Debate" on how to make the game better is just players having hopeful dreams. WG doesnt listen to much feedback, and act like we don't have a clue.
  12. It will be interesting to see the XP different in a yolo 8min match vs staying in a 15-20min match. I think in Ranked it will be easy to come out ahead rushing in and re-que. - Less players per match makes it safer to rush a flank
  13. Spyde

    Ranked out too fast

    I finished silver a few days ago, now will wait until reset to play again. Staying in Silver to Grind Ships. Would be nice to reset - but it wont happen.
  14. Spyde

    Last steel ship purchase

    Or wait until there is something you really want ? If you dont have a i want it now Steel ship, you wont be missing anything.
  15. Sounds like an Amazon Games Tactic