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  1. These forums ? Must meet any of the following criteria. #1: It sunk my ship #2: It has Radar #3: It has Torpedo's #4: It can start a Fire #5: It has Smoke #6: It was 1 Tier Higher than me. #7: Any CV.
  2. Pissed off player

    1. Low Tier is bleh compared to Mid / High Tier. 2: you have ALOT to learn. 3: Look into joining a Clan/Community of players that meet what you want. 4: Calling others little children in this game doesn't really fly.. as the average age is higher than most games.
  3. Getting Past Rank 10

    DM is a higher skill ship than Hinden and some of the others. It gets deleted very easy. You also have pretty much no games in the ship (1 random) That above is your issue. Don't Expect to move up much in a DM without knowing it well and how to survive in it / make it work. In short.. you got a ship that isn't easy to play for alot of people.. and are taking it into Ranked to Learn how to play.
  4. This happens at all tiers. Nothing new. Nothing specific to high at all. yet people act like it is.
  5. You have to remember a few things comparing these... and it has very little to do with torp detection range. 1: Kagero is a Tech tree ship.. People must grind through this. This draws all sorts of skill levels, not everyone is going to buy the prem IJN DD. 2: Average damage is mis leading. Kagero can do many more things. Example... Kagero can torp anything.. So people will torp smoke clouds and everything else. Ash will only torp Big ships... so it wont release torps with a "Chance" something is still there.. it only torps ships it knows is there. Kagero is a very good ship.. i would take it over the new Prem anyday.
  6. Tier 10 ranked: WHY?

    Funny.. i find T10 just as active as T7-T8. Battleships set in the back at T6 just as much as T10. T6 and Below is poor balance and Matchmaker. T10 is the most Balanced tier of ships.. Everything can be viable. Along with no "Superior Premium" ships... Belfast.... Lo yang....etc... Most (not all) people who call high tier play bad has hardly played it.. or struggles to do well.
  7. HSF Collection issues...

    ^^ Its just how RNG works. never spend dupes unless your buying to finish and have zero remaining.
  8. 1: Most Co-Op matches have 2-4 players.. Rest are bots.. Low Chance you will see an orange. 2: If they are Orange their Damage will reflect and just kill themselves... They cant really even TK at this point. Its no different than having a random bot on your team that did a TK. 3: Once they are Orange they are on the edge of banned, so if they do attempt to TK (See #2) Then will be removed from the game. 4: Orange Players should also be Chat Banned until the Orange is Removed. #4 Is what people should be pushing for. This will avoid the potential chat Salt from them. If anything.. Co-Op players can troll an Orange player more than they can troll them. (I'm sure you all can figure this one out)
  9. I know someone that has a few T10's gained without premium. Just plays first wins on a ship line or two. Then all you really need is a Prem ship or Camo.. Very little cost overall.
  10. It costs money to get to T10 ? I learn new things every day. As for T10 Rentals in Ranked ? No. It works in CW because your whole team knows about it before the match. Ranked you would randomly get stuck with rentals on your team.
  11. Crying about MM is/was just a cop out. If you suck in a Ship you will suck in said ship after MM changes. 4v5 DD or 2v3 Radar etc doesn't matter when most of the time 3-4 of those DD's die in first 5min.
  12. Learn to shoot into smoke. Mino has such a high ROF its easy to see where they are. Smoke isn't a big thing anymore with the detection changes. Honestly Belfast/Flint Divs are worse.
  13. How to Shimakaze

    OP made a solid post.. then a chunk of people showed up having zero clue on how to properly play a Shima or a DD in general... DD play IS about capping and spotting. If you can hold a Cap.. and keep other DD's pushed back it gives your fleet much more room to move and press an advantage. its another reason why Yugumo is amazing in randoms with a 5.5 detection.. can hold a cap/out spot enemy DD's all day pushing them back. Damage is not hard to get.. it will come from doing the above.
  14. There is one way to exploit the system, but it takes a hard situation to get into for it to work. What you posted... is far from it.
  15. Its about time they buffed the Hakuryu. For Refrence Hak was 2:Fighter 3:Torp 2:Dive Bomber 4:Fighter 2:Torp 2:Dive Bomber 2:Fighter 3:Torp 3:Dive Bomber Now gets 3:Fighter 3:Torp 2:Div Bomber. Once again.. WG has no clue how to do CV Balance.