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  1. Your kinda going off the deep end here defending this... You think the smoke meta needs to change.. so jumping at people over disagreeing. Calling it a terrible mechanic.. people just need to get over it. Its gota change.. Who cares about balance to the RN Cruiser line.. They can just suffer awhile. Lets not worry about what WG is changing. Its a Dev Cycle... its ok.. They know what we want. This thread is amusing. Putting your own wants and thoughts supporting a change. while telling other people not to worry about it and pretty much get over it.
  2. Tbh they should just change DD smoke to work like the Perth. Long active time.. short duration. But hey.. its only a large chunk of a line and a couple prem ships... (This change wont change how i play DD's) Smoke cruisers ? could be completely screwed.
  3. Breaking an entire line of ships is ok ? Right.... I bet if a big change hit BB's in any way.... it would never go through. (aka bow armor nerf that got pulled) but hey.. BB Meta is alive and strong.
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  5. Keep this up and they are going to send the game down the crapper. This will Kill RN Cruisers.
  6. People Tk at all Tiers. Had a guy tk then drive to his death 2 matches in a row.... This was in the 5-2 Que.
  7. I bet Cruisers love having 4-5 BB Per team. Guess its normal in this game, Many DD's People lose their crap. Ton of BB.. it's ok.. Cruisers will be fine.
  8. but its ok to have 4v4, 5v5 etc Battleship matches. Right.
  9. We can nerf torps more.. If they Decide to not allow BB shells to Citadel and Halve their damage.
  10. I have my stats hidden to avoid XVM during ranked. (never used it, don't care to even)
  11. I think we see this same post every season.
  12. Any chance we could get a couple pics of the gun options on it ? Stat wise that is.
  13. hmm Wonder if it keeps Kagero Torps with Akizuki guns ? Guess its time to search for some specs. http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:HSF_Harekaze Seems a better version Akizuki possibly.
  14. I guess i'm confused on these.. I was thinking they were from missions like the ARP ones.. but it seems not ? I thought they were just copies of current ships in game.. IE Kagero / Graf.. But seems the DD is a completely different ship ?
  15. Something needs to change for sure. Mouse has the right idea with it. This is my 3rd attempt to rank out. I am around 55 games in at Rank 5.1. If i rank out i get the Flint.. But.... Why do i care about the flint.. I have a Belfast.... Que times so far have been long as hell in the 5-2 que (played only 2 games with 3min que) Tried to que 3 other times and que time hit 4 min, so i dropped. Pretty much meh, If i hit rank 1 a 3rd time.. id be amazed, as i simply have no motivation. If i do rank out.. this will be my last season of ranked unless the reward system changes. Rank our Next season (4th attempt) Crap rewards Rank out The one after (5th Attempt) Get a ship i don't want or care about Rank out yet again (6th Attempt) Crap rewards Rank out again and again (7th Attempt) Most like some random ship. No thanks.