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  1. Spyde

    Dev Blog: Subs are here

    Check every now and then to see if things are going in a better direction.. but lately nope. Sorry if your not ok with that. Keep on being a White Knight if ya choose.
  2. Spyde

    Dev Blog: Subs are here

    WG can't even get CV's to work. Haven't had the game installed for about 4-5 months. I think its time i go ahead and start dumping ships discords/remove WG links and call it the rest of the way done.
  3. Spyde

    Make Radar a Damageable Module!

    I think this is a fun idea. Make Radar/Smoke/Hydro/Speed Boost all able to be knocked out. DD runs forward gets ready to smoke, bam.. Smoke generator Disabled for X Seconds.
  4. You have a bad idea..which a simple reply is good enough for... you come back with a comment like this. Someone sounds butthurt.
  5. Spyde

    Smolensk Preview- The Woostizov

    This thing get 3 smoke i'm assuming ? 1 Base 1 Super 1 Premium
  6. Spyde

    Possible fix for CV balance?

    This is an issue with MM, you should not nerf ships based off of X per side. Because there is not always X per side. Lets Nerf BB's because we get 5x in a game.... To many big guns for cruisers are OP Lets Nerf DD's because we can get 5x in a game... To many Torps are OP Lets Nerf Cruisers because we can get 5x in a game... To many fires are OP
  7. No thanks. Penalty is already there. You pay X Repair cost based on tier. Doesn't matter how much damage you took. All this promotes is people going suicide mode.
  8. This is why i never hurry to get to 5, always do a few games a day and get there after 1-2 weeks.
  9. At times yes... other times no.. Depends on the ship class. DD falls into multiple sections. 1: Targeting BB's 2: Targeting Cruisers 3: Screening Enemy DD's/RPF Torping them It goes in that order for WTR even. but.. opposite order of how much it hurts the enemy team when your successful at one of them.
  10. Spyde

    Did WG do enough to delay CV initial spotting?

    30-45 sec delay vs 1min+ delay of everyone else waiting for something to be spotted/getting in range doing nothing but driving forward.
  11. Spyde

    Did WG do enough to delay CV initial spotting?

    I would rather be spotted more by a CV than the ability they have to do easy damage to a DD. Rocket planes are just point and click with very little RNG
  12. Are all 9 Rentals usable ? or is it a rotation ?
  13. Easy Solution. T10 is best and most Balanced Tier. Don't play lower.
  14. Spyde

    Ranked unplayable.

    And the Ranked Salt begins.. And its everyone fault! not me.
  15. Spyde

    Rentals in ranked

    I'm debating on playing only Rentals this season.