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  1. So many people... with such Soft Soft Feelings these days. I see a badge when i die.. the FEEEEEEELS
  2. I have around 660k free XP (That's after using Free Xp through the Entire Pan Asia Line) With that. I have no plans to get one. Yamato is better. Already have one of those. Other than being a T9 sub par Yamato. There is zero reason for me to get this.
  3. Everyone gets the same MM. Ranked is RNG for teams. Not just Ships.. but skill also. If you want anything balanced for teams. They start getting ready for next season of Clan Wars. Where you pick your comp
  4. Its fun to see people say how a fletcher can win at 10km.. yet never played a USN DD above T7. IJN guns can be very strong if used correctly. There are many people who do make them work and have good results. Then you have the others who wont learn and just complain they are bad. Just because some people can't figure out IJN DD guns.. does not mean they are bad.
  5. IJN guns are not bad at all. I find them to work very well when used correctly. They do not need a dmg or reload buff. Only buff that "could" be nice would be faster rotation on the guns. but EM can fix that if you want it.
  6. Is there a written rule somewhere on this ? (btw i don't watch streams or ever care to)
  7. Oh yea ? Some Season 7 stats. Rank 1 Player 48.31% W.R - 1096 Battles There were many who got rank 1 with sub 50% w/r and 700+ Battles. Season 8 We have 2 people above 400 Battles already...
  8. I don't think i have played a Bad IJN DD yet. Hats may be a tad weak, but it has the best detection of the tier.
  9. Sadly things like this along with TK's and everything Else go all the way to Rank 1.
  10. The big issue is the Missouri.. a Giant Battleship is able to sneak up on DD's all day long. If only people payed attention to map position....
  11. IJN DD's get alot of Crap from many players.. but the line is not bad at all. Some are rather nice. Fubuki/Akatsuki/Kagero/Yugumo/Shima + Shira+Akizuki are all solid ships when played correctly. If you want T10 and torp boats, go down main line. If you want a Gun Boat IJN DD that takes a very specialized capt. Go for the Akizuki.
  12. Rank 9.2, Playing just a few battles a day Honestly no idea why i'm playing it. Have the Flint - Belfast is Better 2 Seasons from the Black - Would Rather Play the Fletcher/Chung Mu Future boat rewards are a crap shoot, rest of the ranked rewards are trash. With that, i doubt i rank out, because i just don't care about anything given from it.
  13. Harekaze in Ranked?

    It will work fine. Pending Meta, ill end up using the Kagero.
  14. Today it Begins

    Good Luck. Radar Edinburgh!
  15. Whats wrong with DD's ? IJN DD's can be amazing. Shima = amazebote