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  1. Spyde

    Fix the "Near smoke" penalty

    Vigilance is Torps only. Not ships.
  2. Whats fun is that CV's average the same damage as BB's at T10 at least.. For Top 10 of each class and for average players... the Damage different is about the same.
  3. Nothing wrong with the skill, just remove it from Planes.
  4. In the past i've always been a DD main, but can play any class well. and Now a mix between DD and CV main. I am still able to get out good numbers in CV matches as a DD, but its not as fun having to stay near others in randoms constantly. The interaction between CV and DD is the most lopsided currently. So What went wrong.. and What Went Right ? Currently.. Cruisers and BB's are fine vs CV's in most cases.. CV's are not putting out huge damage numbers over what BB's can do. And these 2 classes can still function fine staying near other ships most of the match. What did WG get Correct ? - Top 3 1: Planes cannot spot Torps 2: Lowered Detection of DD's vs Planes. 3: CV's cannot perma spot DD's like the old ones could. What did WG get Wrong ? Top 3 1: The damage CV's can do to a DD is to high. 2: DD's can no longer go anywhere alone without high risk. 3: ?? Top 2 pretty much cover the issues. Now the big question - How Do we make DD's more enjoyable.. without buffing them vs the other classes.. as they do not need any buffs vs Cruisers/DD's/BB's. This comes down to me as a simple solution. Defensive fire for all DD's and how it works. Remove Damage Boost that Def fire gives to all DD except Gearing and Groz - as this is currently considered a perk for them. (This would be the same for all DD tiers that currently give Def Fire) With that.. While DD has defensive fire up - give CV's a out Damage Debuff or Accuracy Debuff... VS DD's Only. What does this give us ? DD's now have 2 ways to defend vs CV's Smoke + Def Fire. Neither option makes a DD Immune. you can still damage a DD vs Def Fire.. but if that damage is highly reduced.. This would give a DD more operating room. In short.. just my idea, and not sure it would be perfect.. But i haven't been a fan of most of the other "balance" Ideas i've seen around here. (This wont ever happen) An even more fun way would by giving DD's a support aspect.. This is an Arcade game after all. Planes in a DD's def fire get the following debuff. Of course Debuff vs BB's would be very small, and not a ton for Crusier's either. xx% Reduced dmg vs BB's. xx% Reduced dmg vs CA/Cl's xx% Reduced dmg vs DD's.
  5. Legends is a different game/Version.
  6. CV's were in CBT. They are part of the Game, always were. Sorry try again.
  7. Can we opt out of BB or Cruiser or DD matches also ?
  8. meh People will cry about something no matter what. BB dev stuck me Fires are to strong DD torps are unfair Radar and hydro is unfair smoke is horrible ships shooting over islands are bad And now we have CV's, Different day new complaint.
  9. 15 boxes and 3 CV's. Drop rates are good
  10. Spyde


    I spent $66 and got $157 for 3 Ships. 1st 5 - Saipan 2nd 5 - No CV 3rd 5 - Kaga/Graf Zep Yep Rigged. Odds seem in favor of the player from what i've seen. I'm sure there is a few unlucky out there.
  11. Spyde

    Wow is Audacious weak

    Most of my matches i see at T8.. Nor Cal is the weaker ship most times..
  12. This is good, less complaints about CV's when the rest of us play them still!
  13. Spyde

    Enlightened drop

    People should try today after the patch. Sounds like the patch had stealth changes that weren't listed.
  14. Spyde

    Wow is Audacious weak

    T8 is pretty bad. 11 Bomb hits on a NCal. - 3600 dmg 1 Fire. All in 1 Drop. Things are pretty much worthless besides hoping to start a fire.
  15. Spyde

    CV class is being deleted

    Only reason people hate the new CV's is because people actually play them now. Pre Re-work you almost never saw them. So its not a complaint that new ones are worse.. its people can't adapt. Average damage of All the T10 CV's last i looked was lower that T10 BB average Damage..