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  1. Spyde

    2019 Ranked

    Time for Yugumo Power!
  2. Live servers are now full test servers. Great job WG. Balance is one of the hottest topics of discussion. It is important to understand that it is impossible to bring optimum balance to the final state of the class in the test environment, as players behave differently there than on the main server. That's why, the work on the balance settings of aircraft carriers will continue after their release.
  3. Spyde

    TA for IJN DD?

    For IJN DD's stay away from TA. Priority Target - 1pt Last Stand -2pt Adrenaline Rush -2pt Survivability Expert 3pt Torp armament Expertise - 3pt Concealment Expert -4pt Radio Location - 4pt Above is what i use.
  4. Spyde

    Submarine Poll

    WG Cannot even make CV's work properly. And people want subs ? Have some people lost their minds ?
  5. Spyde

    Destroyer XP in T10 ranked

    Most DD's die so fast.. or lose a large chunk of HP making it hard to keep being an influence on the game . While yes.. it will get harder to keep the star.. as it will be in all ships when in the better ranks. But i dont play to "Keep a star" i Play to win, and end up with a good amount of XP doing so, which yes is harder than other ships, but it can be done.
  6. Spyde

    Destroyer XP in T10 ranked

    So far ive had no issues with DD's and XP, most games i have been at 1800-2200 Base XP. So far ive lost 1 star going from Rank 23-14.
  7. Spyde

    Ranked is dead

    Low tiers of ranked is Dead to... So many players are getting killed constantly... Poor DD getting thumped in first 3min of game trying to cap in smoke.
  8. Spyde

    Clan Wars Bravo Teams

    Not really. Storm will see Typhoon teams as normal. There are just many teams in Typhoon > Compared to Hurricane. Remember the season is shorter than last.
  9. Spyde

    T8 -10. Raked again??????

    T7 Ranked is Cancer. Pure Cancer with the amount of Prems that Dominate. T6 Ranked is eh, very bland. T5 Is once again dominated By Prem Ships Thank goodness Ranked isnt at a dumpster tier.
  10. Spyde

    How do you play Fubuki?

    Use your smoke for Defense only. You do not need it unless your using it to drop spot. The higher tier IJN DD's can fend off the others good enough with guns, lower ones not as much.
  11. Better get some Oil Farmers going.
  12. Spyde

    Legendary Upgrades

    Never really thought of this. Finished the Gearing one and plan on using it in Randoms and if i do CB. Some of the others though... i could see wanting to swap.
  13. Hmm didn't know they changed the MM spread. That's pretty crappy for teams up high.... I think i saw up to a 20min que last season when in first place. Hopefully it doesn't get worse than that....
  14. I dont play the gunboat IJN DD line much, so only commenting from the "Torp Boat" Shima line. The Torps do not need any changes at all. They are perfectly fine how they are. The "Torp Boats" Guns are actually very strong.. If you know how to use them... As fun as the "pathetic" and "Jeez" comments are. Its not really needed. No changes are currently needed for the Shima/Yugumo/Kagero/Fubuki. (Have not played the T7 in a long time to comment on it)
  15. Spyde

    How do you play Fubuki?

    Fubuki is border line Overpowered at T6. 3x3 torps with that reload at T6 is just amazing. (Remember Fubuki used to be T8 with 3x3 Torp tubes) The amount of damage you can get outa of this ship is just crazy. Great Concealment, Great Torps, Guns arent terrible. (I used Mod to fix turret rotation on this thing)