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  1. 2 isnt to bad i guess. Can be in and out of a COOP game in 4-6min pending ship.
  2. but but... i have a new Game to play coming out today.... Anyone know for sure if the Play 1 game in a T10 ship - 1 Super container can be done in Coop ? I'm sure hoping so.
  3. It really depends how they are tracked/Ranked by WG. either way. its all for fun and more Content is a good thing.
  4. Don't forget to take IFHE and Demo Expert. Also AFT + BFT - If you have a friendly CV you can set back and give him AA support while you snipe at max Range with those amazing German Fire Breather's.
  5. I still find the easiest ship to carry / help your team win for me is DD's.
  6. Ive seen it many times where they state in chat. Enjoy the TK/dmg reflect not gonna repair that.
  7. This is the new thing. People no longer Repair a fire caused by their team.. regardless of how accidental it is. Just out of spite to grief them without issue.
  8. The problem is everyone keeps looking for the wrong thing to be nerfed. Balance could be much better if they just focus'd on the correct things. BB's... "IT" Needs Nerfed because it hurts them. CA's... "IT" Needs Nerfed because it hurts them. CL's... "IT" Needs Nerfed because it hurts them. DD's... "IT" Needs Nerfed because it hurts them. CV's.... "IT" Needs Nerfed because it hurts them. Every class is damaged.. attacked.. by "IT" Every new ship line gets "IT".. And yet... WG keeps adding "IT" to the game. Between. Bombs.. Torpedo's, Main Guns, Secondary Guns, HE, AP, Fire's, Floods, Detonations, "IT", Radar, Hydro, AA, Smoke... Just last night.. i played 3 games.. all 3 games "IT" was always there.. It was all over the place. Please. Join the fight against Ship Corrosion. Salt Water is very damaging.
  9. After reading the changes.. I really like this. GG Wargaming. Adjusting smoke without breaking smoke ships will be nice. I really like the look of this change. Some Key Notes from Below 1: Planes cannot detect Ships in smoke. 2: Detection Range based on main battery Caliber on Average. 2.5km Destroyers 5.9km Cruisers 13.6km Battleships. --------------- In Ranked Battles especially, we noticed players preferred passive play and and either set their smokescreens too early or tried to wait their enemies out. We took your feedback into account, and started working on smoke mechanics. We're aware this is a core game mechanic and approached it diligently. After many tests, we'd like you to test the new smokescreen mechanics, which are unlikely to influence performance of the ships equipped with Smoke Generators, and balanced according to this consumable. The change should only affect close and medium-range battles. Currently, a ship firing from within a smokescreen was totally invisible and could be detected only in the range of assured acquisition (2km standard, 3km if a Target Acquisition System Modification 1 was mounted,) and by Surveillance Radar or Hydroacoustic Search. With the new mechanic, a ship that fires her main caliber guns is easier to spot or detect by enemy ships, while aircraft still cannot detect her. Her new detectability parameter depend on her class and main battery caliber. The average detectability range is 2.5km for destroyers, 5.9km for cruisers, and 13.6km for battleships, and the ships can be detected over 20 seconds from firing. You can view the 2km range of assured acquisition and detectability after a main battery shot in the ship's characteristics in Port, and by pressing H or mousing over your HP indicator in battle. Check the Update Notes for each ship's detectability range after they fire from a smokescreen!
  10. Pretty much the standard. Just as ive always said / thought. This game has a very below average player skill level. Its not uncommon to have full teams of players with 40% W/R in the ship they are playing. Just run MM Monitor. Do it for 3 days and it will make you think wth.
  11. Play what you want. I had 1 T10 and almost every other line to T7-T9 before i finished them all off. Try Different lines. Different Classes. You may find one you love, or one you don't. Do alot of reading about how everything exactly works. This will all save you alot of headache. Higher tier you go = higher repair costs. So if you haven't learned the ins and outs.. You will have lower Silver profits, with higher repairs.
  12. I avoid playing the game During these events. So that would be a No for me.
  13. Doesn't missouri have a Built in XP Bonus camo as well ? Never actually read what the camo does and i have one haha.
  14. Iowa has a Stock Grind. A Very long one at that. Iowa has to retrain a capt for those who don't spend the Doubloons/free Capt XP. Iowa is a tech tree ship that is a gateway to the Montana / Finish the line. People who get the Missouri, is because they like the Ship/Iowa Class.
  15. Wow... I post alot of things.. and don't sugar coat anything.. and i haven't got a PM like the above posted.. I was mostly surprised the one directed at Lert. Who i always see as knowledgeable and helpful... Some people need to find better things to do.