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  1. How to Shimakaze

    OP made a solid post.. then a chunk of people showed up having zero clue on how to properly play a Shima or a DD in general... DD play IS about capping and spotting. If you can hold a Cap.. and keep other DD's pushed back it gives your fleet much more room to move and press an advantage. its another reason why Yugumo is amazing in randoms with a 5.5 detection.. can hold a cap/out spot enemy DD's all day pushing them back. Damage is not hard to get.. it will come from doing the above.
  2. There is one way to exploit the system, but it takes a hard situation to get into for it to work. What you posted... is far from it.
  3. Its about time they buffed the Hakuryu. For Refrence Hak was 2:Fighter 3:Torp 2:Dive Bomber 4:Fighter 2:Torp 2:Dive Bomber 2:Fighter 3:Torp 3:Dive Bomber Now gets 3:Fighter 3:Torp 2:Div Bomber. Once again.. WG has no clue how to do CV Balance.
  4. Torp accell. Is only good on the Gearing. 16.5km torp range goes down to 13.5km. And even then.. the bonus from it is pretty low with so many other skills that would be good to take. IJN DD's should never take it currently, you want to keep your 10km - 12km Torp range and "NEVER" use the 20km torps on the Shima.
  5. Will be good to see how many battles was played all season.
  6. #1: ZR #2: Kraken #3: CONQR #4: OPG #5: o7 #6: PSV #7: CUTER #8: -ARP- Was a fun season, alot of good matches and games played between teams of every League. Looking forward to Season 3. Congrats ZR.
  7. So don't be in a clan full of 10 year old's ? If someone has to micromanage telling people where to go solid and basic gameplay.. Then you wont get far with them doing that. All you need is a general strategy and a group of people with similar goals then just go have fun.
  8. Yep! I'll probly buy one. or mod the Camo's in.
  9. Hmm. Pretty sure its not the MM causing some players issues.
  10. Link to Article here. https://www.cnn.com/2018/03/20/politics/uss-juneau-wreckage-discovered-paul-allen/index.html Atlanta Class light cruiser
  11. Need my Ship Back.. or Refund me

    Even if you delete prem ships. WG will return them for a limited amount of times you get rid of them.. 2ish i think. Just put in a support ticket.
  12. Space Port

    I hope the camo's can be purchased as prem camo.
  13. Midway has 2-2-2 again, with the option of HE or AP bombs. Its much better than it was from what ive seen.
  14. You must really be out of the Loop.