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  1. DWT are not triangle Icons. Those are Triangles. I saw the T8 Pan Asia in a random game a week ago or so.. I believe they were Circles ?
  2. Just because bad players drive the stats of some ships down.. Doesn't mean they are not good.
  3. uhh what ? Fubuki is amazing with torps at T6... With a great detection range.
  4. Actually you are wrong. Premium Consumables can be purchased with in game Credits for only 22,500 each. There is an arrow dropdown to change it from doubloons to Credits.
  5. Why does Premium matter for it ? Its no different than running camo.
  6. Its rather easy to avoid radar in Randoms... Its all about map awareness.
  7. i bet we get threads of people complaining about the Gun Arcs. I also bet we get at least 1 thread saying they are bugged when their torps dont hit another DD. Then we will get another thread about how the IJN tree is now worthless due to these ships. Same for USN Etc etc.
  8. Really looking forward to a new DD line. Cant wait.
  9. Patches ? They take like 2-3 Min to update for me.
  10. You still have the smoke laying around for 70 seconds after is done dropping. Thats when the Timer starts. Smoke falls off and in 6 sec, you can drop again. Posts like these are great. New Line Over Reaction with tons of false information in Opening Post.
  11. Many things can cause this. 1: If the ship is on Fire already and you do not hit a point that can be lit on fire. You get no new Fire. 1a. Fire Prevention reduces a ships fire points to 3x instead of 4x. So usually its 1 fire on the rear, 2 mid, 1 front. It gets reduced to 1 Rear, 1 mid, 1 Front. You will need to aim at a different section to get the fire to go/stick Ontop of that! if they damage control, they are immune to getting a new fire until it turns off. Then.. you have RNG!
  12. Use Smoke if you need to drop spot fast. Then just fall back and leave it there. Smoke is very much so a torpfest magnet.