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  1. LaBombarde


    Yes... as my D button is acting funny I have been using X and moved shift to ctrl.. Thank you!
  2. 4th time in 3 days, I have been in battle and my guns stop scanning. My mouse and my connection are fine. I think I'm aiming at a target and I fire to see no rounds going down range. When I zoom out, I see, my guns have not been turning to follow the target. 1 addition note. When I use a Destroyer, I can switch to torps and go back to guns. That usually works. On a Battleship, you are out of luck.
  3. After Ranking out last Season, I was excited to try this season. Now I'm at Rank 12 and 188 games in. Back to Rank 12; right where I started. Don't expect me to take Ranked Seriously War Gaming. That was fun. I already have a job, lol.
  4. LaBombarde

    CV's but No Subs ???

    I don't have to try. CV parasite can farm a lobby, but I can't use a Sub. Lame, period.
  5. CV Captains complaining about Subs entering Random, are the most annoying. (well, that and the massive ego's in the World of Warships community) CV can farm a lobby but I can't use my Sub. Sounds Legit. Queue the Megalomaniac response...
  6. LaBombarde

    World of Warships Gear at Teespring

    I would love to support this fine product from Russia. In the Spirit of Free Enterprise Capitalism and Free Speech; I will GLADLY purchase all kinds of gear from World of Warships, after they get rid of all report buttons. You want my hard earned American money? Get rid of the REPORT buttons. Enough with the Pavlik Morozov treatment. Stalin is dead.
  7. LaBombarde


    Back and forth from Ranks 10 to 11, 14 times in a row ... At least I know I'm done with Ranked this season. That was a flop for me. Not worth the time and aggravation. Shout out to all the "Get Better" comments coming.
  8. Our is it 10 more minutes to hunt ships in good positions. ... Heard this particular point NUMEROUS times. If it's too long for you, you could go to Port more. Seeing how one can rarely count on their team, I'm looking for a different style. 10 more minutes would allow for working the grids... About 100 new maps couldn't hurt either.
  9. LaBombarde

    Periscope ???

    I was hoping to use my Periscope and radar to hunt ships more than a ping system. I'm afraid Subs are gonna be a flop for me. WOMP WOMP WOMP
  10. I've heard all the arguments about War Gaming and their view of any Battle lasting more than 20 minutes. All compelling and informative. Here is the issue I have. 20 minute battles guarantees. Only 1 style of Game Play. With the addition of Subs wouldn't a time addition to allow planning and hunting of subs make some sense? Allowing different styles of Game Play would be worth thinking about. One can always return to port.
  11. LaBombarde


    I don't log off, because I don't care about video game stats enough. I just want a brawl. I'm not suited for coward island fighting. Cheers
  12. LaBombarde

    2 wins 12 losses tonight

    Sorry to hear that!... 7 in a row starts to sting
  13. LaBombarde

    2 wins 12 losses tonight

    Here's the problem. I'm plenty ready, just don't have the patience to wait for campers. I want to brawl and use my secondaries. I don't compare my stats to anyone's. My style can't be measured. I'm not make for camping and sucker punching. The slapping from behind rocks is so boring. I rush to the fight and don't give a rats [edited]about video game stats, is all my stats, say. Thanks though. T8 was fun. Too many campers at 10
  14. LaBombarde

    2 wins 12 losses tonight

    No I'm not in any Division. Just Random Battles. 2 - 12 ... That's a good idea, I may just have to go down a teir to enjoy it. Too many campers at T 10 anyways.
  15. LaBombarde


    Are there any plans to choose which map 1 plays? I've played Ocean once in 6 months. Love the wide open brawl. Instead I'm forced to fight sniveling ninny style hunting behind rocks for 20 minutes. And I have to go hunting; because they dont move. Then I get yelled at for yolo if I get in too deep. Need a brawling map so the brawlers can brawl and the ninny's can ninny.