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  1. 100 quicker consumable refresh flags (forgot the name)
  2. It would not bother me if they ADDED historic camos to those they already have. I just wonder if they feel that the demand is enough to offset the cost of making them.
  3. If you want actual feedback on the video maybe ask how women who play the game feel about it. Assuming the player base is pretty much all male is not great.
  4. I think after participating in CB this season it was a good idea to exclude CVs. They just don't fit the game format. It would mean every team would have to field a CV every match to combat against possible CVs because they would make such a big impact and the skill gap is just too big.
  5. karmajay

    Legendary Upgrade

    I almost have the Mino one but it is useless with my current play style. :(
  6. karmajay

    Server Statistics and Skill Floors/Ceilings

    IMO, I would rather have graph A. If you have graph B than super good players will gravitate to those "high ceiling" ships which means there is an even bigger gap between average players and more matches become even more unbalanced. Graph A keeps matches more consistently balanced. Actually, graph B can easily be construed as what actually happens when good players get in the graph A ships. What I don't want is the ships to be like graph B BEFORE a player steps into it.
  7. If you don't collect your containers you will get money ones at the end of the day. You still have to open them at some point though.
  8. I actually asked this in the pigeon talk area and the answer was "skipping opening individual containers would minimize the hard work that went in to animating opening containers". I understand why that works initially but this far in the game we have seen it hundreds of time.
  9. karmajay

    What am I doing wrong?

    All games have in game money sinks or why even have money?
  10. karmajay

    And So The Migration Begins

    A simple button click allows you to hide all the event camo so you no longer have to complain about it.
  11. I'd rather R10 switch over to T8 instead of T10. And the whole star thing still sucks for sure and promotes bad team play.
  12. karmajay

    WG Just Made the Choice Hard

    I will probably have to choose Sharks but not because of the women. I just can't stand the Philadelphia Eagles (or their fans j/k) so just can not be under an Eagles banner! :)
  13. Yikes this thread may have gone off the rails. IMO, the reason to keep team damage in regarding torps: Without torp team damage, cap strategy would go to hell. It would be much more difficult to fight in caps because the opposite team would be able to send walls of torps into caps with zero regard for the situation. That would remove the ability for non torp wall ships to fight in or near the cap. Right now, larger ships can position themselves in spots or situations in a cap that mitigate the chance to be torped. With torp team damage off, large slow ships (BBs) and probably even most cruisers would be even LESS likely to close in and fight caps!
  14. karmajay

    The Friedrich der Große needs some help

    Secondary builds are not really gimmick builds IMO. The new HE meta just means that instead of pushing really forward really quickly brawler BBs just have to take a few minutes for some red ships to die or to know where the main group of cruiser spam will be before fully committing to getting within brawler range. (Something I have not yet learned in my GK in Clan Battles :( )
  15. karmajay

    The Pigeon's Mess

    Unless this has recently changed it only stops from in port messages. It does not stop you from seeing messages from the person in the in game chat. I know you can blacklist them so you aren't in future matches with them but it sucks to have to see someone spamming profanity and slurs for 20 minutes in a game.