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  1. Helena camo contest results.

    I had a few favorites but all those camos were pretty cool!
  2. Not to go off topic but it would be fun if there were a couple of different game types like ALL DD, all Cruiser all BB and you select which type of game(s) you will wait for. You know you may have to wait a few mins for an all cruiser game. Kind of how Rocket League lets you queue for 2v2, 3v3 or 4v4 at the same type and you just play whichever game pops first.
  3. Just an FYI, I like brawler BBs also and getting hit while in a cap does NOT reset the capture points of any other ship in the cap, only your own. So push a bit closer if you like you are only helping the cap occur quicker! :)
  4. Thanks! I see you are correct. There was no progress line so missed it. :)
  5. Hiya! My combat mission for Franz von Jutland is stuck on Stage 1. It shows 50000/50000 HP progress but won't go to next stage. I've played a few extra games in >T5 ships AND restarted the client. Any ideas? Thanks!
  6. I'd have to disagree with you there. He is just better at deciding when the risk is necessary then people that just try to cap with no analysis at the beginning of a match.
  7. I agree. Keep your higher level Biz captain in their ship. T9 to T10 is pretty far so your new captain will make a lot of progress and will be in the teens when you hit T10.
  8. OP - appreciate the opinions but not sure why you are pinning all these issues on the CC. They are commenting on how the game plays NOW. I agree with the video, ever since Ranked added the lose a star / save a star mechanic, high level Ranked play is worse for it because as soon as there is a ship or two difference SOME players will start playing for the star vice trying to turn it around and win.
  9. Scharnhorst has returned

    One of the most fun ships to play. Guns are weak at max distance but play it like a brawler and it is real powerful (IMO)
  10. If you are any type of seasoned player you would know the only response to your torps hitting a friendly is "I'm sorry". So much is happening in one battle it is ridiculous to think someone is constantly seeing everything in chat. Also, thanks to people like the OP that like to say certain things in chat against team mates many people just turn chat off for random battles.
  11. I'm quoting this not to attack Taichunger I just thought these were items I wanted to talk about. I've played plenty of high tier games and there is plenty of crappy play (myself included) to go around. With the inclusion of clans and clan wars we have an ultra competitive T10 game system. Why does Ranked have to be so painful? Why can't it be a FUN way to test your merits in random groups for cool flags or prizes? T10 just makes games that will be probably all BBS and a couple DDs. I really wish they would go back to T6 or even T5. That way cruisers would be even more viable in Ranked. (Face it, a lot of cruisers in T10 ranked are gonna get insta-deleted early on). There are plenty of ships at those tiers and most ships can compete. You really are not going to get much more "potato play" (as some complain about) then you do at the higher tiers. Those people will quit just as quickly as in T8 and T10 brackets.
  12. Red aLERT

    Thanks for the head's up!
  13. How about a system similar to Rocket League where you can queue for multiple game types at the same time? Then you auto pop into which ever game type is available first. This would also allow new game types to be made such as DD V DD, BB v BB, etc etc.
  14. skins and camo

    Most of those ship 2k camos are permanent and only for the ship you purchase it from. You can demount it and mount it later if you choose as well.