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  1. Yeah had a lot of lag in game yesterday. Ran a speedtest WHILE the game was running in a match and I had 4 ping and 750MB down and 350 up so definitely a game issue. Hopefully it is being investigated, thanks!
  2. Oh wow very cool! Wish you could get some ship skins from this mode!
  3. Kidd in Premium Shop

    Thanks, I think I will purchase her this time. I'm not big into DDs but would like to have this one if I ever get into them.
  4. Debate topic: Bailing vs. dying

    I thought the original post was an interesting discussion item but then the OP went and belittles everyone who disagrees with the actions stated in the post. If your mind is already made up that it is "ok to bail whenever" then why did you even make this post? Seems the majority of respondents agree that leaving a game in that manner is not the right way to go about it.
  5. Seagal's departing!

    What was the animation on the Miz that is getting removed?
  6. I believe OP is talking about the damage over # of game emblems NOT the emblems that flash up when you die.
  7. So sick of this!

    I think I did this a lot when I was first starting out and did not read the forums at all. I thought it was a DD's job to circle around and try to hit BBs from behind and CVs with torps. We were all new once.
  8. Tell them to stay off the forums and that eliminates a big chunk of negativity. :)
  9. Game Humor

    Great team! Usually when I see this happening the other caps stay red because no one is capping!
  10. !!@#$%!@& BB Rant

    Late to this thread but this quote deserves all the likes!
  11. People that died in first 3 minutes give you angry advice in chat EXAMPLE: Another game where most of team leaves the base totally undefended while being no where near the red base. Me, as a slow BB near the base: Looks like 2 cruisers are close to the base. May need defenders. Dead guy: You pu**y, you can't kill an atlanta and 2nd fire breathing cruiser by yourself? Hey, I'm going to give it my best but it is not the easiest situation and if I die before they both die and no other red ships try to get me while I'm dodging the base is wide open afterwards! Luckily I was in the GC so I was able to kill them but that person's comments did not help!
  12. I wish I could vote on multiple. I report swearing at other players (if someone types sh*t in chat after getting detonated I would let that pass), racist, sexist or derogatory comments to any other player. I would definitely report someone if they made death or suicide threats to another player. All that stuff is just out of line and not stuff you say to people in a chat window, period!
  13. Initial Santa Crate results

    Thanks it does make me want to buy more but I need to wait and not fall down that rabbit hole!
  14. Initial Santa Crate results

    I got 20 crates for 50 bucks. Got 2500 coins, a bunch of camo and elite flags BUT also got Giulio Cesare, Atago, Prinz Eugen and Huanghe. Got lucky with the ships I guess!
  15. This is a good point but what is the difference between this and just dropping into it solo? Ok, thanks for the info. Is there a reason for this? Something weird happening in the past, etc? Just seems against the fact that these originated as solo content. Thanks!