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  1. karmajay

    Co-op is really, really starting to suck

    The biggest issue for coop now a days is the majority of games you'll play are full of players since so many people aren't happy with subs and cvs in random. That means quick games where some players will get very few shots off, etc etc.
  2. karmajay

    My reaction to Devblog 377

    Never saw a survey. That "chart" has such weird numbers. I agree without seeing all the choices and spread it seems it has been put forward in a way that is disingenuous. They want people to think that 57% of people that never played a sub were a-ok with adding subs into the game?!?
  3. karmajay

    How do I know If I am a Toxic Player?

    Does your form of "assistance" or "teaching" involve curse words in chat? Probably toxic.
  4. karmajay

    T5 ranked yee ha

    A great thing about T5 is you really DO have the option to chase down/combat most types of DDs in a BB. A lot have short range torps. Higher tier charging DDs would be a death wish. Just don't pick an American BB and you have a good chance of pushing DDs in a chunk of situations. Agreed that most cruisers are tin foil though.
  5. karmajay

    Good luck in Aegis with a BB.......

    I think it just depends at the beginning. If you get focused at the start, you will get burned way down. If somehow the damage gets split up between ships everyone can survive. I've had decent luck in the OP in the Mass so far until last night the other 2 BBs immediately when to the east to circle around the island so I got the full brunt of the 1st and 2nd waves and I burned down before passing the first island lol
  6. I think using achievements is a bit subjective since there is no one case on the situation on why an achievement is received. Krakens could easily lean positive since most Krakens would probably come late game which means you were still alive late game. For a long time "don't die early" was a mainstay for advice on the forums on how to "git gud". Conversely, someone could easily get confederate early in a game by pushing in a BB and getting roasted by fires the whole time.
  7. karmajay

    Why no Black/African-American Captains?

    I don't think pointing out there is one Black captain is the win some posters are thinking it is. I'll agree with waverider and jakob_knight - no reason made up captains can't be added when we have so many other made up captains. Or allow some captain customization for race and gender so people can pick and choose what they want.
  8. karmajay

    Captains... Get over your obsession with AP

    I guess since it wasn't really obvious that the use of "99%" in this manner is an online term that fills in for "a lot", "most" or "majority" and since I did not have a spreadsheet posted to back up any numbers I'll be glad to adjust the comment for you. Anyone that has spent a lot of time with ships that have AWFUL LONG RANGE DISPERSION will notice that A LOT of the time A LOT of salvos will land AROUND a ship and not actually hit. Maybe one shell hits but ricochets or SOMETHING but it can FEEL like a waste of shots when it happens continuously. In those cases, I like to use HE because I may get a fire. I hopes this re-wording of my post allows you to understand the intent of the previous comment. Thanks for your time. :)
  9. karmajay

    Captains... Get over your obsession with AP

    You can be the best aimer in the world and a Dunk or Scharn dispersion will cause 99% shots to miss at long range lol. I do agree with ships with really bad long range dispersion I'll shoot HE just to hope to get a fire. I'm usually always trying to get short or mid range with those ships so I do eventually switch back to AP.
  10. karmajay

    G.O.A.T. Ship

    GC great ship at a fun tier. Actually chasing down DDs in a BB disappears as an option when you get to higher tiers :)
  11. karmajay

    PSA: Godzilla vs Kong Co-Op Incompatibility

    I'm curious why it was easy to add ops to the requirements but not co-op. (technically curious)
  12. IMO it makes sense to combine the discussion - sure allow planes in the air after a CV is sunk ONE more strike and then they are gone. It is entirely to much end game control when a set of planes can outlast DD smoke and destroy that DD with multiple strikes. Or to spot and harass a capping ship end game for an extended period of time after they have been sunk. No other ship gets that much leeway.
  13. Ah gotcha - I agree that would make it much harder. At least the bots soak up some damage lol
  14. Like it was said above there was a bug or issue a year ago and this happened A LOT where there were just 2 humans and bits against a full bot team. Definitely NOT a certain loss but it definitely upped the challenge.
  15. Like the title says - so many people play PvE now that the game is over within minutes and sometimes it can be difficult to do much damage depending on starting position. There was a brief time a couple years back where some games would just be 2 players and bots vs bots and there was actually a chance to lose. Maybe if there is > % of players playing bump up the bot side to have extra ships. That would solve a lot of co-op issues. It would actually be more to play against 1.5 or even double the ships :)