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  1. $150 for 2500 pieces is a good price point. The last couple Lego Star Destroyers have been around $100 for like half the pieces.
  2. I'm a big Lego fan. These look great! . I definitely am going to put some of these on my to-get list. As far as the other discussions, I just really enjoy the look of Lego models. I'd rather have a Lego Star Wars ship over a conventional model any day of the week!
  3. karmajay

    Just got the Minotaur. Any suggestions?

    Mino is one of my favorite ships! Ever since the meta changed to all radar all the time I switched away from smoke because it was too easy to die in smoke due to so much radar. Everyone fires at a Mino when it is spotted! I only run radar now. It is great fun supporting cap DDs and just destroying any red DDs in a cap. Not having smoke also makes you much better at learning how to travel near islands and getting into firing positions. AA is pretty good stock and I run hydro and radar so I can chase any DD at the end of a match if needed. Even taking a big cit is not a show stopper if you live! Just pop that super UK heal and you are back in the game. :)
  4. karmajay

    How to make Mouse a grouch...

    This can be said of every ship past this one in the tech tree line as well. Great ships if you can avoiding being hit.
  5. Excellent players will get steel FASTER then less skilled players which is the way it should be (vice less skilled players never getting the thing). Most FTP games work in this manner along with allowing payment to also speed things up. Saying elite players won't play if they don't get things less skilled players can never have is probably not true.
  6. 100 quicker consumable refresh flags (forgot the name)
  7. It would not bother me if they ADDED historic camos to those they already have. I just wonder if they feel that the demand is enough to offset the cost of making them.
  8. If you want actual feedback on the video maybe ask how women who play the game feel about it. Assuming the player base is pretty much all male is not great.
  9. I think after participating in CB this season it was a good idea to exclude CVs. They just don't fit the game format. It would mean every team would have to field a CV every match to combat against possible CVs because they would make such a big impact and the skill gap is just too big.
  10. karmajay

    Legendary Upgrade

    I almost have the Mino one but it is useless with my current play style. :(
  11. IMO, I would rather have graph A. If you have graph B than super good players will gravitate to those "high ceiling" ships which means there is an even bigger gap between average players and more matches become even more unbalanced. Graph A keeps matches more consistently balanced. Actually, graph B can easily be construed as what actually happens when good players get in the graph A ships. What I don't want is the ships to be like graph B BEFORE a player steps into it.
  12. If you don't collect your containers you will get money ones at the end of the day. You still have to open them at some point though.
  13. I actually asked this in the pigeon talk area and the answer was "skipping opening individual containers would minimize the hard work that went in to animating opening containers". I understand why that works initially but this far in the game we have seen it hundreds of time.
  14. karmajay

    What am I doing wrong?

    All games have in game money sinks or why even have money?