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  1. This whole mystery is delightful. Hats off to the people actively trying to solve this.
  2. Qoth

    Is it fun to play CVs?

    That's good advice. The only caveat is when playing with a team that is heavy on friendly bots. Those are the games when a CV in Co-Op can make a more substantial difference, but it's easier to find oneself stranded if the bots are bad and crumble, leaving you holding the bag.
  3. Qoth

    Is it fun to play CVs?

    It is hard to get good numbers with them in Co-Op. Most of the bots they scout out get erased swiftly before their aircraft can really do much. I don't find them very impactful.
  4. Qoth

    Code: SOVBB21

    Thanks very much
  5. Funny you should say that. As with all of that, so with a lot of this:
  6. Qoth


    Thank you, everyone, for turning this thread away from derision and toward something a little more useful and educational. People new to CO-OP need to understand that bot cheating, or whatever word you want to use, are special provisions that allow the AI some measure of more-or-less reasonable challenge against real people The preternatural accuracy and reaction and premonition of some bots is often astonishing, but we need themﹰ to have some kind of an edge in the fight if it is to be worthwhile at all. The list above should be pinned, and added to where possible. It should be said: lower-tier bots are generally more forgiving than higher tier; you can maybe sail circles around tier III or IV bbs and get away with it, but try that at tier IX and you will get quickly vaporized. Also, torpedo boats tend to fare rather poorly, unless you yolo-rush the target, which is very much a preferred method of dispatch. Many bots will simply dance torps, even at close range, even fired from stealth. Deep-water variety doesn't seem to make any difference. Bots can accelerate and decelerate like echolocating bats on the wing.