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    Update 0.10.0. Commander Skills Update!

    Don't worry they definitely wont. The "Marco Polo" T9 Italian Premium BB is a Roma with 16" guns and SAP, and is touted as "highly accurate". So Roma is being powercrept even harder into oblivion.
  2. Eliphas_The_Inheritor

    Update 0.10.0. Commander Skills Update!

    But hey... me and my clanmates are finding out that Roma is actually usable with deadeye almost as though it desperately needed an accuracy buff and plays like a completely different (and better) ship with a mere 10% dispersion change. It can reliably hit what it's shooting at! Shocking revelation! You can tell when Deadeye deactivates too when the shells go from Yamato-Dispersion to "Oh dear christ" dispersion. So here's to hoping that if they fix Deadeye, they also fix Roma accuracy. It's going to sorely need it because Roma HE is the worst BB HE in the game and magically somehow has worse HE than the Tier3 Japanese Kawachi! Holy hell. The imminent Tech Tree ship with access to fire-and-forget SAP is going to mop the floor with Roma if it doesn't get an accuracy buff to distinguish itself in a positive way. Edit: Or so I thought! Because Roma is T8 it gets constant and consistent uptiers and 18.1km range is a complete joke even at Tier 8 let alone when Tier 9/10 ships are Deadeye camping.
  3. Eliphas_The_Inheritor

    Update 0.10.0. Commander Skills Update!

    You know I was interested to see how the rework would play out because of course it would bring variety. But instead... nope. I'm in the "game is dead" camp now. The more I play the more I actually hate the rework. Variety? EVERY SINGLE BATTLESHIP camps the backline and runs from the enemy to the point that games are literally lost because the entire team refuses to move forward either because Deadeye will deactivate or they are in a Cruiser and will get eaten alive because of Deadeye. It was already bad enough when Thunderer players would do this in their desperation to pretend they were good at the game. But EVERY SINGLE BATTLESHIP? Deadeye will be the death of this game if it isn't flat-out removed or nerfed into uselessness (severe damage/reload debuff). It's absolutely pathetic to see games with a severe ship advantage end up in losses or a severe ship disadvantage become a win... because everyone is too afraid to play the actual game. Too afraid for Deadeye to deactiviate or too legitimately afraid to get spotted because enemies with Deadeye can erase them instantly from fair and balanced overmatch + citadel damage.
  4. Eliphas_The_Inheritor

    Update 0.10.0. Commander Skills Update!

    So far the only real complaint I have is "Deadeye" and that the overall rework only half-accomplishes what they intended to do, build diversity. You want to keep things like Deadeye in the game? Invert it so you have to be within detectability range for it to work. When I think of creating "build diversity" I think of adding another level of captain skills that is 1 "free" perk and you can only choose 1 of these perks. Have the new perks be buffs to stats that people like, but with an actual downside. EG: +10% Accuracy and -50% detonation chance at the cost of 20% reload +15% reload at the cost of -20% damage and -3% firechance Boosted firechance at the cost of HE penetration depending on the class of ship (and tuned for some ships like Kitakaze/Harugumo) +10% torpedo damage at the cost of 20% reload +20% secondary range at the cost of 10% Main Armament Accuracy (most secondary ships already have dubious accuracy as it is) +50% secondary accuracy at the cost of 50% secondary reload speed +20% to all stats for 40 seconds after taking 30% or more total HP damage +20% AP penetration angles at the cost of 20% reload Like actual things people would look at and weigh the cost/benefit ratio for an individual ship with large variety to choose from. Instead we have Benefits with realistically pointless downsides(Deadeye). Benefits that are so minor it's not even noticeable (+5% AP damage on DD/Cruisers?). And free upgrades that nobody asked for (+30% flood chance for DDs... I was already flooded 99% of the time a dd hit me FFS). But overall it's basically changed nothing outside of Battleships now universally camping the backline for Deadeye and games being an even more boring slogfest as a result. But hey at least the Range/Reload perks actually work for German 150mm DDs now so the new German DDs aren't Dead-on-Arrival and Z23/Z39 are actually pretty good now. And the open-water gunboating perk for DDs is a good addition.
  5. Eliphas_The_Inheritor

    Update 0.10.0. Commander Skills Update!

    Don't know if this will get answered, but with this update the secondary ranges on all Tier8 and higher cruisers/battleships was buffed. Are the new Italian battleships going to have this as well by default, or is this going to be a blatant weakness? Also, if that are brought up to the new normal on secondary range... is the accuracy going to be buffed so that they are actually usable? I know before they were initially marketed as "highly accurate but short range" however their accuracy was nerfed because they were bad at starting fires hitting the same spot repeatedly. However if they have the range buff implemented in 10.0 but keep their nerfed accuracy they are just going to be like the French, specifically Alscace, where it has alot of secondaries but they don't do anything from inaccuracy and weak HE penetration. Basically harmless distractions and psychological warfare. I've tried a secondary build Roma as a stand-in for the tech-tree tier 8 and it's not pretty. Very slow firing secondaries for their size, low accuracy even with manual control, and their overall damage is very poor with exceptionally low fire chance and HE penetration so low they might as well not even shoot. I was looking forward to the secondaries on these ships but if Roma is any indication they somehow seem to be worse than the French even though they were a marketing point once.
  6. Eliphas_The_Inheritor

    Thoughts on SAP?

    The T5 doing well is because they work at that tier due to the terrible armor schemes and being perfectly capable of doing similar or just plain higher damage if HE was available. I believe the point is that it's largely situational and generally just feels really bad to use SAP especially knowing that HE would do nearly identical damage or more (due to ricochets) while also setting fires. I've been playing Genova, Montecuccoli and Zara. It just feels incredibly bad. The SAP does nothing that HE can't because of the thresholds that 203mm HE already passes and SAP (due to insane velocity) will never get the plunging fire to hit the... tiny 50mm threshold on a remote few BB deck armour schemes. What's more is that it still suffers heavily from oversaturation without the ability to cause fires as compensation, so teammates reduce your damage too. Combine all that with the fact that Italian cruisers have painfully long reload and it's laughable how bad SAP actually is. So bad in fact that they function best in a remote niche of angled but not too angled targets. The developers appear to be self-aware of how bad it is because you seem to get disproportionately more base XP for what you do as opposed to other cruisers. Because I'd have to do 120k to 200k+ damage with a few kills and achievements to be top of the board in a Myoko depending on how my team did. But Zara walks away at 70k and a few cleanup kills. In otherwords SAP is Cruiser-Killer ammo added in a Battleship meta where it flounders helplessly where HE succeeds and AP probably still works. It also has this effect on the Italian Cruisers of getting rid of all their utility for this gimmicky ammo and their situational smoke. Basically a really bad iteration of the French Cruisers where at least they CAN be team-oriented where Italian's literally can't.