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  1. Happened to me yesterday, I kept spamming F3 with my firing button. Hitting esc didn't make any difference. Luckily the game was about finished.
  2. Filthy

    Prime Loot is in....

    I got the the tier ten destroyer Hayate. That was a nice surprise!.
  3. Filthy

    Steel ...best way to get it?

    Too bad you can't convert coal to steel.
  4. Filthy

    non co-op Campaigns

    Ahskance, what's the verdict?
  5. I've started using the Kutuzov and have had some of my best games. If you're lucky enough to have gotten her, try it out.
  6. Mainz and Brandenburg are 2 of my favorites for ops.
  7. Filthy

    Battlepass Sit-rep.

    I'm at 40 also.
  8. Filthy

    Coal Commanders

    Thanks for all the replies. Lot's to think about.
  9. Filthy

    Coal Commanders

    Besides Lutjens, are there any other commanders obtained with coal worth getting for co-op play? Thanks,
  10. Filthy

    SuperContainer time

    15k coal.
  11. Filthy

    The Useless Kharma post

    I give them out to players with good games, clan mates, and anyone who makes me laugh. I sitting at around 600 myself. Karma in coop just helps with the overall friendly style of play, in Randoms it's probably pointless.
  12. Filthy

    Operations and tiers.

    I'd love to see some new tiers for ops. Varity is a great way to make ops better.
  13. Filthy

    Is COOP population higher because of Subs?

    I just love it when we get 2 bot subs on our team in a match. You would think that could be easily fixed.
  14. To me it's the same as getting credits, just 1 extra step.
  15. Filthy

    Whose reviews do you trust with LWM gone?

    I use Potato Quality on you tube for ships released in the last year and LWM for all the older ships.