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  1. Filthy

    Co-op Ruined (PVE Thread)

    I took a 3 month break and came back yesterday. Yikes, co-op sucks now. What the hell happened, this is just not fun anymore. 2 subs per team, add in 3 dd's and games are over so quickly. Guess I'll look for something else to play for awhile.
  2. And the first 2 games today. 2 humans. I'm also getting tired of the bot ship going for the ram kill. It's like demo derby out there.
  3. 6 times yesterday I had the 2 human and 7 bots lineup. All the rest of my games were all human. That was pretty weird.
  4. Thanks Hukom, that was interesting. No Santa gifts for me.
  5. Filthy

    Black friday mixed bag

    How do you acquire the 25k coal? The 2500 gold showed up after the 5 victories, but no coal.
  6. No ships at all, signals and frosty firs.
  7. The Smolensk will have you laughing like Snidely Whiplash. Or maybe it's his dog, either way it's great fun.
  8. Filthy

    0.8.11 Snowflakes

    Do the tier 10 ships get the $1, $3 or $5 gifts?
  9. Filthy

    Snowflakes are coming back

    Well that's a bummer, no Flint this year. Steel for tier 10 beats the hell out of crummy crates.
  10. Oddly I haven't collected any, but sounds like it's right up my alley.
  11. Filthy

    Italian cruiser mission drop chance?

    18 straight containers with no missions.
  12. Filthy

    Bonus code

    Worked, thanks.
  13. Filthy

    Credit Income Nerf?

    All tied to our lack of ability to shoot down carrier planes. Less base exp and less money. Can't believe that I actually miss enemy carriers, but all those extra planes shot down really add to exp and credits.
  14. Filthy

    Increase co-op MM timer to ONE MINUTE.

    I approve this request! Waiting 30 extra seconds to have more humans on your team is a no brainer.