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  1. Filthy

    Did everyone get the Warspite?

    West Virginia
  2. Filthy

    Bonus code

    Worked, thanks.
  3. Filthy

    Credit Income Nerf?

    All tied to our lack of ability to shoot down carrier planes. Less base exp and less money. Can't believe that I actually miss enemy carriers, but all those extra planes shot down really add to exp and credits.
  4. Filthy

    Increase co-op MM timer to ONE MINUTE.

    I approve this request! Waiting 30 extra seconds to have more humans on your team is a no brainer.
  5. Filthy

    Wait... how long has this been here?!

    Hopefully the co-op haters will stay out of here.
  6. Filthy

    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You WG

  7. Amen, after 20,000 WOT battles co-op WOW is so much better. Plus as an old guy it's a good idea to keep my blood pressure down.
  8. Filthy

    The new 8.0 CV !

    For the first time in years I'm checking out other pc games that might be nice to play.
  9. Filthy

    Co-Op and the CV Re-work (No bot CVs)

    Co-op sucks today. Our CV captains are next to worthless with the new learning curve.
  10. I support this thread!
  11. Good riddance, and my wallet says thank you.
  12. Filthy

    Mercy rule needs to GO!

    Just add 100 more points to the bot team at the beginning of the match.....problem solved.
  13. Filthy

    Jean Bart- What a fun ship.

    Picked it up a few days ago, I agree it's a very fun ship.
  14. I went ahead and got both, if they do come back they will probably cost much more.
  15. I'm also just waiting to see what Alaska is going for. Over a million exp and over 200k coal that I'm ready to spend.