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  1. USMC8sux

    What has happened to high tier play?

    I’m not sure if it’s “ridiculously easy to get”, but if you have the flags, sure. I’m not sure what the return rate was in the first few years of the game but you have to remember free xp “items” have all inflated. Getting flags these days isn’t easy either, unless you pay.
  2. 30 mm in some places, but the rest is still 25. Don’t get me wrong, the Azuma is a fun ship, but would be more appealing ship if it was wrapped in 27mm not 25.
  3. WG thinks giving yoshino 3k hp, 2k range and torps while nerfing her heal by 2/20s is a worthy upgrade to tier 10 SC title. A slight buff in sigma? She’ll get blasted by any cruiser and won’t be able to recover in time unlike Azuma. Idk, they need to rethink this ridiculous armor scheme.
  4. I could say the same for most Yamato players. With a little bit of positioning you can overmatch anything.
  5. I’ve opened probably 70 regular crates and have yet to get a mission, but I’d rather have the coal.
  6. USMC8sux

    Totally balansed komrade

    I play a lot of squishy ships and DD’s. Crap shoot on how well I do, since I’m pretty aggressive most of the time.
  7. USMC8sux

    Totally balansed komrade

    I’m fairly conservative with my bonus flags, only using one per game unless I’m seriously grinding XP.
  8. USMC8sux

    Totally balansed komrade

    I’ve had 7 kill games in the Massachusetts. Never got 30k XP from it though, Jesus.
  9. USMC8sux

    Soon (TM) (German Cruiser tease)

    Can’t wait for the British SC, the HMS Pincushion. Giant Mino with half the armor.
  10. USMC8sux

    Why Is This Community So Toxic?

  11. Am I the only one who doesn’t troll people’s statistics?
  12. With the distances you start engaging with this, I know how to aim. At 7k it’s not rocket science. The amount of ricochets I get with slightly angled BB’s and Cruisers is absurd.
  13. I know WG hates the IJN, but the Dev’s need to buff Yoshino’s/Azuma’s AP shells. Full broadside Atlanta took all 9 guns at 7k from my Azuma Aimee perfectly at his GIANT CITADEL. What did I get? 6k dmg and zero cits. That is obsoletely ridiculous and preposterous. 310’s should obliterate a paper thin Atlanta.
  14. USMC8sux

    Do I free XP Seattle or Neptune?

    You want to learn Neptune before Mino. By the end of the grind you should be getting the hang of it, then mino hits and it’s Neptune on steroids.