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  1. What’re those? Oh the premium ones I buy, and the flags, and the captain skills? But the first round that hits me on every He salvo starts a fire...? Ohhhhh
  2. BarneyStyle

    High Tier Full Broadsidepalooza!

    My favorite is when they give full broadside, only for RNG to slap the piss out of your guns and you miss the citadel... multiple times in a row. So much fun.
  3. I support every anti CV thread... yep.
  4. BarneyStyle

    Roma issues.

    I really like Roma, but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea obviously. When she’s on, she’s unstoppable, but when off, it’s a hot pile.
  5. BarneyStyle

    How It Works: Semi-Armor-Piercing Shells

    Give SAP to Roma, give SAP to Roma!
  6. BarneyStyle

    its actually sad how bad italian cruisers are

    I highly doubt we will see SAP in any other line besides destroyers. If they did a BB line, they would decimate battleships/cruisers, even if they gave the whole line worse than German dispersion, and kept the guns at 381. A whole line of Romas... oh man I would be in heaven, and everyone would cry foul.
  7. BarneyStyle

    Next Battleship Line?

    You beat me to it. who doesn’t want a shell traveling at 3000 f/s with zero drag coefficient?
  8. BarneyStyle

    Moskva... in general

    My first 10 games in Moskva almost made me sell her. Disastrous teams, with little to no support. Almost threw the idea of getting Stalingrad out the window. That’s when I changed the way I played her, and I changed my mind. It’s super easy to get focused because of it’s size, detection, and clumsiness. But those guns make up for a lot, they punish anything broadside and can really save your butt. I wish the HE did more damage, but it’s a solid boat. Keep trying.
  9. Meh, the very mechanics of shooting at ships while playing CV cannot even be compared to the other ships in the game, regardless of AA. The fact that rocket or bomb accuracy is not affected by a locking on mechanism makes a huge difference too. So there is technically no counter to CVs in a game. These points alone make them broke, no matter how you look at it, but it’s been beat to death and they’ll never, ever change it.
  10. *cough* *cough* RU cruisers... Definitely not RN cruisers...
  11. BarneyStyle

    JB is a monster!

    I love JB, except when I’m up against 457’s or 460’s. If they’re smart, they will shoot your weak turrets and put them out of commission. Then you’re a floating pin cushion.