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  1. BarneyStyle

    Player base options on nerfing Kremlin and Stalingrad

    Stalingrad is fine, Kremlin is a stupid ship, but it’s still fine. If they nerf Kremlin anymore be prepared for Slava to be released
  2. BarneyStyle

    How to make Worcester relevant again

    It sure how you’re play the Wooster but it’s far from trash, probably the most annoying tech tree ship in the game.
  3. BarneyStyle

    Off for good - finally uninstalled

    I didn’t think it was OP when I first came out, but I understand the game a lot more now. It’s completely broken. Anytime I take the ship out now I do massive damage to the enemy team and their is nothing they can do about it. To the OP, we’ve all been there. I’ve come close to deleting the game, but you’ll just come back. Delete your account and you won’t even have to worry about coming back.
  4. Yes, I’m happy consumables will be standardized.
  5. I hope to get an extra consumable and save 66-88k credits per match.
  6. BarneyStyle

    WG's "Take A Break" event....

    It’s hilarious you think a CC has the power to change anything WG does.
  7. BarneyStyle

    I am suggesting haves and have not's.

    This. It’s hard to grasp this concept until you start playing a competitive mode. Even Ranked lacks a competitive atmosphere because it’s played in solitude. Makes it hard to learn from your own mistakes, at least in my case. I finally started playing CBs and it’s vasty lessened my in game stress. Learned a lot already being able to see my weaknesses critiqued in real time.
  8. BarneyStyle

    Fun Sucked out of clan wars

    You may be ignoring an important factor here. The game play is greatly determined by the game mode that is CBs and the number of players. If this were arms race tier 10 with 12v12 you’d see a hugely different population. I won’t be surprised if there is a nerf, but is it really warranted? I mean they gutted Henri... so who knows. I’m having fun though, but I like the Venezia.
  9. It’s a better offering for coal at tier 9 than Marceau is at tier 10. Honestly the biggest problem I see is the current flooding of 18” guns at tier 9 and 10. Everything overmatches everything so why bring something that doesn’t overmatch anything with 380s. JB is a fun ship but only does well because of the short reload + booster. WG screwed themselves with giving 18” guns out like candy and now they’re offering vegetables in their place.
  10. So, it’s a German Alsace with torps and better secondaries.
  11. BarneyStyle

    The Kitakaze and Harugumo need nerfs

    He’s not wrong about Kita. It’s the most powerful tier 9 destroyer by far with 30mm of pen base. I’ve gone through the line 2 or 3 times now. Harugumo is balanced by being a long slow turning dong in the water that’s easily hit.
  12. BarneyStyle

    Smolensk/Colbert.... WHY?

    In 6 consecutive Random battles I managed to get the following in Smolensk: 4 - High Caliber 3 - Confederate 3 - Witherer 2 - Arsonist 1 - Kraken - over 1 Million total damage I haven’t played the ship in months since before the armor changes and I needed to complete the final 4th part of the EU campaign. It’s completely broken. It’s easy to get 200k damage and I’m not that good at it. hell I started 17-20 fires a game.
  13. I can see why they want to introduce new content to keep the majority of the player base happy and interested. I like the campaigns, I can do it in my own time, don’t need to rush, and the reward is decent enough to invest my time. I don’t think they need to keep pumping out new ship lines all the time, they can take a break. Introduce new perm camouflages for existing tech tree ships and use those for campaigns... make the grind worth it, but still be able to sell them if someone doesn’t want to grind for a camo. I’m sure it’s tough at the moment with the pandemic going on.
  14. BarneyStyle

    Ranked: Are we seeing fewer blowouts?

    I’ve seen crazy game swings in this ranked, it’s been comical. I mean 5, 6 ships down and the losing team comes back and ends up winning.
  15. BarneyStyle

    What Ranked Sprint Looks Like

    Smolensk players be like...