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  1. BarneyStyle

    WG really blew it with the Italian BB line

    The more I play it the worse it gets. But there is a MM bug with this ship and me so it's sort of skewed. I get the trash teams solo as default plus this ship has no carry potential and can't sway a game.
  2. Tier 7-9 are by far the worst Battleships in the game. I'm sure someone can make them work, and I've had rare games that I've done well, but overall they're a disaster to play. The Good: - Turns well. - Smoke The Cons: - The gun reload is painfully slow. - Accuracy is non existent - SAP was nerfed so bad, it's next to useless after the first salvo. With fire being the most potent mechanic in the game, SAP has no place if it can't do consistent damage. - AP only does well against broadside heavily armored ships, overpens everything else. - Burns like GK - Secondary battery's are poor. - Has zero counter to DD's. Your best bet is to keep AP loaded and hope you score hits to do some kind of damage, but other than that just run away. - AA is AA... non existent. Overall I'm very disappointed in the entire line. I was expecting fresh out of the oven Roma style pizza with some benefits sprinkled on top, but I got frozen French bread pizza with over processed cheese that gives me gas.
  3. BarneyStyle

    Get Somers or FDR with steel?

    Sounds like you would go for Somers since it’s leaving.
  4. BarneyStyle

    Get Somers or FDR with steel?

    Do you play CV or DD more?
  5. BarneyStyle

    BB comp in CB lol

    Then... why do they have a competitive mode amongst groups of players called "clans"?
  6. BarneyStyle

    BB comp in CB lol

    Wow it’s almost like the entire community is against things like this? But WG ignores them because... reasons.
  7. BarneyStyle

    WOWS is officially WOT now.

    I would entertain it was far worse after the CV rework, when all nations of CV were extremely broken, but this is more directed at the gameplay and player base itself now. One vs one, you can’t defeat a CV in any shape or form. Throw in blind spotting fighters, squadron super health, 30k dmg dive bombers that can move with your “dodge” and this game has just devolved into a slap fight between cockroaches while the CV flys around waiting to stomp on one or two ships spotting the rest Willy nilly. Try ing to make a “tactical move” is a death wish, as soon as you’re out of the AA bubble, here comes the CV to spot you and the rest of the team focuses you, so why bother making a move? The dynamics of the surface ships have all but been eliminated. Edit: And the fact that they moved the thread into the abyss speaks volumes.
  8. BarneyStyle

    WOWS is officially WOT now.

    Correct, sadly. You’re a sharp fella.
  9. BarneyStyle

    the cv delima

    The CV will never go away, so I chose to never fund their endeavors again.
  10. BarneyStyle

    Yep! Kansas sucks alright. ROFL :)

    I’d rather get crapped on by CV than play that floating dumpster fire.
  11. Things I find hilarious and infuriating about the current CV meta in CB. MVR can perma spot CA with its fighters and not be spotted. FDR planes are a pain in the butt to kill, and an experienced CV player will murder anything by itself (given).
  12. BarneyStyle

    Is WG planning on nerfing the Petropavlovsk?

    Not sure if someone said this already, too lazy to read through the thread. Numbers only tells you so much especially with the current majority of the player base being as bad as it is. Look at Kremlins numbers, pretty mediocre damage numbers but the win rate is high. People last longer in the Kremlin, more people have to focus them down, burning time. Damage is irrelevant if you’re still alive and taking damage while the rest of your team can exploit it. Petro is a mini Kremlin in the sense it can take absurd damage while relatively putting out mediocre damage numbers. It’s not all that good by itself but can drastically change the outcome of a game by just being alive, outlasting the opponent and being an annoyance. That’s when mistakes a made and battleships give broadside at 10k.
  13. BarneyStyle

    WOW Stop jamming cv down our throats..

    Remember way back when two CB season ago? I know people have gold fish memories here, but way back in the day the clans got together and started chatting. They agreed that a low ship count format like CB was pretty toxic with CV in the game. So the clans made their voices heard. WG heard this and decided to make the next season tier 6, with CV in a low ship count format, but didn’t think the clans would care because tier 6 is tier 6. A lot boycotted the season, even many players within the clans boycotted waiting for the next season, hoping WG would listen to their pleas. Here we are at the next season of CB. WG introduces the Petro (replacing Venezia as to go to kiting cruiser) and the FDR (Franklin D. Roosevelt). A CV with so much plane HP it takes battleship levels of HP damage and looses next to no planes. Exactly what the clans asked for? Is it impossible to counter? No. Is it game breaking? No. That’s not the point of the post The point is WG doesn’t care. Now enjoy your CV.
  14. BarneyStyle

    KOTS containers - what ship did you get?

    Needed one container, watched for an hour, didn’t get the drop. Thanks WG