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  1. Sometimes people make fun in any way which would be a bit hurtful, but nevertheless if you believe in a free society, you accepted the part of the nature of political weather. As a politician, you're better off being made fun of than not noticed at all.

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    2. MashuKyrielight


      It's a quote from Chris Patten, it has a nice message that can be taken in different ways. I personally think that he's trying to say "While people may say hurtful things, it is important that we listen to them. Their input may change how you look at things."

    3. Lennon82


      very informative i will have to watch your status posts more frequently :)

    4. MashuKyrielight


      Yeah, another part to my interpretation of the quote is, "It is better to say something that goes against what others say to bring up a point than to let an issue remain."