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  1. it was a fail for me too
  2. My reload in my dd is faster than most ships shooting a a target so f i squeeze in the kill shot between bb barrages its because the red ship was turning guns toward me.
  3. kagero is my goto boat for xp an credits. I am a lousy shot so gunboats don,t work well with me.
  4. how would my radar work then with me hiding behind an island?
  5. Ron4ja

    What is your "contribution" worth?

    i didn,t watch it either but your illegal use of EH can not be tolerated
  6. Ron4ja

    To: WG

    blasto where have you been dude
  7. Helping win boosts xp over what you get if you lose. even if you potato an win you get better xp than losing
  8. Ron4ja

    reviewing completed Combat Missions

    what mission gives you the lightning camo ?
  9. Ron4ja

    Code within

    Just tried it works
  10. Ron4ja

    Current Tier X Cruiser Favorites?

    just picked up the wooster still havn,t graduated from coop yet but it is fun. I am a dd main but struggled with ca till i made it to the wooster averaging 100k damage and 2-3 kills.
  11. Ron4ja

    PSA: New Code

  12. Ron4ja

    Spotlight - Twilight Battles!

    halloween is over. I stopped playing cartoon ships nov 1
  13. the crust is moving i live in north east BC canada and we had two 4.0 quakes last night
  14. Ron4ja

    Most luxurious warship you have been on

    i toured an russian sub retired but it was really bad. I have spent may years in bush camps all better than living on that sub