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  1. Ron4ja

    What's your impression of the early release RN DDs?

    i enjoyed them all but the jervis which i didn,t get
  2. Ron4ja

    Shima "Legendary" Upgrade

    rpf torping works and gives you a heads up where something is going to just popup. I have been running the legend mode on my shimmy for a few weeks and it is a rare occurrence that it messes with me. I like it
  3. Ron4ja

    Aiming Mods

    for those of us who are handicapped those mods make it possible to play competitively
  4. it can't be that bad i am not playing tonight
  5. great to know hindy for us stunted potatoe ca drivers (i am a dd main branching out
  6. Ron4ja


    how many to get orange i had a stupid run getting 6 game penalty twice (it was a glitch the penalty was recinded)
  7. Ron4ja

    Torpedo of Doom

    i torpedo a green hipper thru an island turned pink and detonated 6 game penalty logged out pissed next day logged in to work off pink but it was gone no pink no penalty
  8. Ron4ja

    Shima "Legendary" Upgrade

    i like the upgrade but it does have a steep learning curve. I have adjusted my knife fighting threshold to a 10/1 hp advantage or i smoke and kite or die.
  9. just finished the lightning mission last night and have t5 and 6 too. This on just earned crates. Am feeling very lucky.
  10. Ron4ja

    Does anyone play Arms Race?

    tried it a few times but it wasn,t very fun. Was willing to have another go at it but wait times to long now.
  11. i salt cv now because blasto isn,t posting recently
  12. Ron4ja

    The Upside to being uptiered

    i usually like t10 in my kagero but am in trouble if there are alot of t10 dd
  13. Ron4ja

    For all the losers, you're not alone

    sorry i have been playing against you and your kind(red) can,t seem to lose even when i potato my team carries me. ok poor choice of wording had to go to the head and it takes some prep so scribble urgently to get point across. Apology to those who i offended
  14. its my job to scout the off flank as a ninja dd but then getting hounded by cv and cross dropped. I then taunt cv that killed me (i can,t wait till they nerf cv into the ground)
  15. Ron4ja

    Thank You smokey5011

    i know spotting doesn,t pay very well got over 100k spotting damage an 14k damage for 948 base xp in my kagero this morning but we won yaaaaaa