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  1. Well i have been winning today thanks. But your rite red teams have stomped on some battles i don,t even get much damage as dd i spot my team deletes it sucks
  2. High Salt Advisory

    Oh come on dude we are sailors and sailors be sailors
  3. On the same side

    Enjoy coop dude its unique enuff from randoms but can be very fun. And yes many times team mates have failed to read my mind and messed up a sweet torp run. Game rules are you dont fire torps if you are aware of team mates in harms way. That skill you need to improve on just like learning to lead shots and angling. Its all a part of get gud you have been doing thru out your tenure with ships
  4. Customer Support

    Good luck support is a total failure. If the answer isn,t in thier stock of prewritten emails you will never get answers
  5. I love watching the umbrella of bb shells arcing over me as i spot for them in my dd
  6. Today Double striked two red dd hiding in smoke capping and clipped a ca with 2 torps blind firing but its not hard guessing when launching wall of skill in my shimmy
  7. Last 2 timesz i pinked were ca coming from behind while i was timing firing torps to clear islands. Both of us tunnel visioned both aplogized and me pink for 2 battles.
  8. A Question to DD Players

    Smoke in caps isnt for hiding in its a torp sponge lay it a be somewhere else
  9. I alwayss treat my aigle as a cl
  10. Just got my japanese 10pt captain today so your all good
  11. And whats wrong with drawing fire. As a dd i regularly get 300-500k potential damage and often watch a ca get deleted by a bb as they pour shots at me.
  12. Well, I'm pink...

    Wheres the salt?
  13. Also another handy thingy in the control section of the settings tick the potential damage an spotting damage counter to see it up by the ribbons while battling
  14. Hijack it wasn,t the team your cv sucked more than the red cv
  15. CV skill gap

    As a ninja dd main if a cv wants me dead not much i can do about it. Db don,t hurt much unless i have 1k hp, cross drop torp get me 50% spotting 100% if reds arnt potatoes. This if i do nothing stupid if i do something stupid then all other ship types kill me. Cv can kill me before i can contribute other ships kill me after i do 10-30k damage 10-20k spotting dm and 200-500k potential dm. Cv don,t target me much but getting deleted at thier discreation drives my frustration thru the roof.