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  1. Super Containers

    go figure second sc in two days 50 more camo. I use a lot of camo playing hight tier dd so these are great sc for me
  2. Super Containers

    50 good camo last night first sc in months
  3. i think that was me in the kag got 80k spotting damage and still ended bottom spotting may get you wins but no xp
  4. don,t always win in divisions but its funner losing in a div than losing alone
  5. Aiming at DDs

    you can,t hit dds so don,t shoot at them but if you must shoot at me don,t shoot zoomed in
  6. Rant - ships not fighting

    if i am being hunted down by 7 reds they are not hunting down my teammates i am doing a great job
  7. hey gunther i was in a battle with you yesterday your chat was on. You an most of the team defended a cap for most of the game. I was in the other dd delaying c cap was ambushed by red team push into c died at 7 min mark. Good work sticking together an wiping out the red team. Thanks for the win
  8. Is Aigile a good boat?

    it was a good boat but with the current radar meta its harder to smoke up an shoot it has great acceleration
  9. These past few days....

    so who is winning all these battles that everyone is posting about being on loser teams?
  10. Focus fire the map icon!!!!

    it makes baiting radar harder as they get extra seconds of hits on me as i pull out of radar range. And your right about the dispersion as even with radical manoeuvres i get hit. Despite all the changes to the dd meta i am still having lots of fun in my ninja dds
  11. Ships seem very slow lately?

    i am a dd main and have noticed the same
  12. op i go in close to the cap spotting. if spotting radar ships i bait by enter cap until radar is on wasding away as multiple ships bloom into your sights. Its you who are passive failing to sink the spotted ships. Once radar is on cool down i go back at the cap. I have been chased half way to the back of the map by red radar ships that you have failed to deal with. Dds appear passive because op has failed to deal with spotted red ships. Why are ca an bb so passive?
  13. fubuki is fun. Until you get good at anticipating where the reds will go shoot half forward and half back of the aiming fan, if the red goes straight you hit if slows or speeds up you get hits. After you launch watch what your prey does learn and adapt
  14. Best Class

    ijn dd are great but there are a series of learning walls to get over at certain tiers but be the ninja
  15. i have more fun in my t8 in t10 battles but i am a dd main. Got in a t8 battle and felt like a fish out of water