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  1. 25 torp hits was easy for me a dd player but dam how to get that 1000 main gun hitz
  2. Supercontainer glitch

    Not that one but finished something and was awarded a container but back in port it wasn,t there, that happened today
  3. Why did you pick your patch?

    Mine is a place holder till i can get the tea bag emblem. I don,t like em can we delete our own?
  4. When there are cv,s in game as one is usaully good and one (on my team)bad
  5. As a dd if i can make over to assist i will even if i don,t make it there are often one shot kill enemy ships around to wreak revenge on
  6. Holy lag Batman

    I have a mid level gaming system and about 1/4 of the time i have lag but even lagging you can play ok but when massive lag happens its hard not to hit islands an torps
  7. Torpedo Alley!!!

    Us dd are having to work together now to hit anything
  8. Submarines and Wowarships

    My dd becomes a sub quite often. Aaahoooga dive dive blub blub blub
  9. 3 things I don't get

    I am dd driver an smoke saves my butt all the time you must be cursed or when i am in my cruiser i single shot in smoke if i have no other shots anywhere and that works on rare occcasions. So maybe i am the one hitting you in smoke on those rare occasions
  10. Will you buy the Błyskawica

    This isn,t a dd its a lite cruiser its miss labelled
  11. this is a link to the museam in poland where the dd is http://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g274726-d2521164-Reviews-Okret_Muzeum_ORP_Blyskawica-Gdynia_Pomerania_Province_Northern_Poland.html
  12. My two biggest pet peeves

    I drive ijn dd and i always gun dd torps are for shooting dummies. When i drive my bb i do dumb things cus i am always looking for my smoke an increase speed button whare to heck is that stuff on a bb?lol and you can see my toyota dd is sinking in my sig pic
  13. It upsets me when i am top tier in my dresden. I love being bottom tier in it not many will waste time on me but i fire hose any ship that is busy shooting someone else
  14. navy movie real kool

    the movie is about admiral yi battles great battle scenes
  15. The.Admiral.Roaring.Currents this is an asian movie but its about 5 turlte ships taking on over 100 enemy ships. a different time but still ships