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  1. Ron4ja

    Seattle & positioning

    gotta admit 2 months of seattle and i free xp to wooster. Wooster is way funner
  2. Ron4ja

    Rage Against the CV

    had 7 battles yesterday with no cv (5 in CB) and had fun only won two of the battles. All t9-10. To help dd lets give the f3 teleport button to them. Planes focus dd the dd teleports to his cv all good. If dd comes around island ambushes island humping ships unloads torps hits f3 survives all good.
  3. Ron4ja

    29k plane damage squat reward

    so have them run up and hide behind an island. If ca can do it cv could to. And its up to the team to protect them if are helping win
  4. In my yugumo the other day i got 22 plane kills and 29k plane damage. Zero ship damage and got squat for rewards. Make plane damage equal to ship damage and i wouldn,t mind dying in first 7 minutes if i can take a bunch of planes down with me. And at the risk of the cv mafia roasting me would limiting the the theater of operations of planes to within hard cap from the cv work. The cv would have to move up into the danger zone to be effective, cv could spot cv. Cv would need control of their ships again. Many cv already operate in the danger zone and die when spotted. Cv will benefit from being closer to battle with faster turn around. We would be closer to balance if we brought cv closer to battle and it wouldn,t cripple the here to stay cv.
  5. oh rite how awfull you have cv in your battle
  6. yaa spotting and 50 ribbons in a torp dd is dumb
  7. dd have always been feast or famine. Often great games posted need a bunch of famine games to get. 4 battles last night in my dd cv in all of them. I was torped/sunk by ships in all 4 battles. It is very rare that i eat torps my guess its kharma for being so salty anti cv
  8. Ron4ja

    Glory or Honor team?

    loyalty perks are meh
  9. Ron4ja

    Team Honor or Team Glory?

    its rigged the losing side gets + modifiers and winning gets- modifier so get on the losing team all the time to get more tokens
  10. Ron4ja

    High Tenure Players.

    i don,t know about tenure but i am high
  11. dammit i was just putting a stratigy in my dd dashing in between spotted planes and capping it worked a few times. Now i have to wait before dashing
  12. Ron4ja

    How do I deal with a CV focusing me?

    your a bb tank so the cv doesn,t kill me the dd