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  1. SmithWinston_655321

    Invisible Aircraft (AC)

    I dont turn on AA when Im not even able to determine if im lit. It's damned hectic and impossible when the planes are invisible on the map and the real screen.
  2. SmithWinston_655321

    Invisible Aircraft (AC)

    I suppose that is an accurate way to describe it. I have no idea where they are so I cannot drive away from them or select AA zone sides.
  3. SmithWinston_655321

    Invisible Aircraft (AC)

    I do not have replays or know how to turn them on. Do share how.
  4. SmithWinston_655321

    Invisible Aircraft (AC)

    RE READ " i was not in smoke"
  5. Armament switches from torps to guns on DD So while running undetected, after firing the first torp rack, a second mouse click to fire the second and BOOM my ship fires ONE SHOT from main guns. Now I'm detected all to hell, likely completely without smoke. AT NO POINT DID I SWITCH TO GUNS. The first 3 times this happened I assumed I somehow accidentally selected main guns. NOT THE NEXT SEVERAL TIMES! This is reminiscent of the weeks of (AND IT HAPPENED AFTER SEVERAL PATCHES) the torps that would fire 90, 45 and 180 degrees from the SELECTED PATH, typically directly into friendly ships. Often torps firing right out of the bow. Never a word from WEEGEE. This is reminiscent of the weeks of (AND IT HAPPENED AFTER SEVERAL PATCHES) the torps REFUSING TO FIRE when the main guns are locked. JACKED UP AS INTENDED, CAPITALIST! Always these shenanigans after a new patch comes out. What a fun way to lose Ranked games or turn Pink.
  6. SmithWinston_655321

    Invisible Aircraft (AC)

    Played a game against W. Voss CV. First time this issue has been seen. While out of smoke and not radared, repeatedly I was attacked by invisible aircraft. The AC would appear on my threat circle with the appropriate small AC symbols, but the aircraft were not visible. I was struck repeatedly by the invisible aircraft. 50% of the time they would appear on the map and be visible, but not always. What is this fresh hell?
  7. SmithWinston_655321

    Ranked reset today from Silver level 3 to 7!?! What gives?

    Well son of a bish. I work out of town/country, typically for 4 days at a time. Just like how WG made it physically impossibru to earn a Benham, they have screwed my Ranked game play option COMPLETELY. I have a 3 day season and others get 7. FML. This is craptastic.
  8. I played earlier today. I was between 3-4. Now I log in and am at Rank 7? RANK 5 is IRREVOCABLE! Please help.
  9. SmithWinston_655321

    Updates to Ranked Battles

  10. SmithWinston_655321

    Black Friday Combat Mission 5 wins not being credited

    Clear as Black mud. Thanks mate. I've never participated in anything like this in past years.
  11. Bought Cossack Won 2 for 2 Received no combat mission credit Why not? I see the event appears to already have begun. I need the 2500 doubloons to buy the Azzholio B today! Is there a glitch or am I missing some detail of these always confusing WG rules?
  12. SmithWinston_655321


  13. Torps refuse to fire when guns are locked. Torps shoot out my nose. Torps shoot 45 and 60 degrees off point of aim. Ill be reading books until then.
  14. SmithWinston_655321

    Free Captain XP - Methods to maximize it

    Elite Commander Experience Yes that is exactly what I meant to say. Thanks sir
  15. SmithWinston_655321

    Free Captain XP - Methods to maximize it

    I see stated benefits for Premium ships for XP and such. Where does it state the Free Commander XP? Or is that just a function again of the XP basis for it?