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    How to Control your Win Rate

    It's important to note that your WR didn't "plummet." It merely looks that way because of the scale of the chart. In fact, minor fluctuations (and a few tenths of one percent IS a minor fluctuation) are totally normal. And while your damage done and PR did go up slightly, they are still so low that you're still only contributing a fraction of what the average player would be expected to. You might be doing a bit more damage, but the fact is, you're still doing so little that such a marginal increase won't have a meaningful impact on your team's performance. An extra 800 damage per battle is roughly equivalent one(!) more heavy cruiser HE shell landed per battle. It shouldn't be hard to see that one extra shell here and there won't be significant in many battles. If you compare your performance in all your ships to the server averages, it should be clear to you that most other players are getting far far more out of their ships than you do. It's up to you to decide if you want to change that.
  2. Phoenix has it right. Stalingrad's guns were designed to do something completely different, and with different performance standards, than US guns. And are we really so surprised that there were advancements in weapon design between 1939 and 1948?
  3. It's not an implied promise to sell anything. And even if it were, it wouldn't be legally actionable. The VW situation is totally irrelevant. You didn't buy a product, and so have no standing to file a suit over false advertising. You can't sue or file a claim based on what a company says they plan on doing if they later change their minds.
  4. BabyHuey206

    I know this gets asked a lot but....

    Even if they didn't release the exact formula, giving a basic idea of what is rewarded seems like an easy way to promote team-based play. If WG made it obvious that capping objectives and spotting damage were lucrative activities, more people would do them.