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  1. Love the idea of some kind of monitor like #8, the IJN "Atlanta", and the Wyoming covered in 5" guns. The other ships that come to mind are: HMS Courageous/Furious as originally built, pure lolz. HMS Canada, the Iron Duke with 14" guns. HMS Agincourt, because doesn't everyone needs a BB with 14x12" guns?
  2. The enhanced skills Honore gets are really strong as it is (if you actually select them), a 23 point skill captain would be beyond ridiculous.
  3. Maybe I missed something, but these skills look really strong to me. The improvement over regular AR is 25%. If you could get a captain whose BFT offered -12.5% loading time instead of -10%, would you call that negligible? The EM is great too. For small-caliber guns, it's an improvement of 20% over the regular skill, and for large-caliber guns it's 42.8% better. The chart Zarroc posted demonstrates just how big a difference it makes. As strong as these skills are, giving him extra skill points would be absurdly OP.