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  1. Hangout by the Sea

    Whoa this thread is still going
  2. Try Ctrl+Shift+Backspace. It's an old camera lock/unlock that is still in the game controlled by the arrow keys.
  3. Does this really bother you that much? Like I hardly notice it because either a. it's not so common, or b. it's usually only mentioned once.
  4. I haven't posted here in a while but might as well throw down what I got in my folder that has been sitting around: Image list: https://imgur.com/a/mzgjF
  5. However, usually you're given a notice to change your clan name before they change it on their own.
  6. Hangout by the Sea

    This page is never not active...amazing
  7. British BBs having radar is more of an on the surface issue. The core issue is WG oversimplifying a game from Alpha and now have such a limited supply of gimmicks they can use to make ships have a "unique" playstyle that this is what it has boiled down to. The worst part about this, is they can't really start complicating this game because they run the risk of scaring off their core audience. It's a loose loose situation and this problem has been slowly simmering for 2 years.
  8. I feel like with every Submarine thread that is created, this is obligatory:
  9. Yea, raw numbers do not describe the whole story. Never put your full faith in numbers, as they may give you an odd picture, looking at physical design may give you a better understanding of what is going on.
  10. People complain because BB players think they are the best. *tsk* We are the best, just accept it. There's nothing wrong with being second best to the BB.
  11. Super containers are now like "Here's a super container, but wait, there is a chance it may be worse than a bad container."
  12. The Forum Changed!

    This just happened to me too! RIP
  13. The Forum Changed!

    Oh hey, the now even count the initial post as part of the post count. Neat.