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  1. In the months leading up to the Christmas event, WG was holding so many con events, Q&A sessions, live streams, etc to promote and discuss the plans for the game in the coming months. And, not at a single one of these did the mere possibility of re-balancing 'OP' premiums even come up-which you would think would be a BIG discussion point. Heck, one would think during the Christmas event WG would have put out a disclaimer on the ships they were so heavily advertising with 'oh, by the way, we are looking into re-balancing these ships soon. Bear this in mind before you gamble.' But, no. They suddenly bring it up, almost out of nowhere, a mere couple weeks after the event ends. Can anyone give any sort of logical explanation for that? Because I don't think 'they forgot/it didn't come up' or 'they just now decided to deal with it' is really gonna fly here....
  2. I've seen a good seven or eight in the last two weeks. And they always get REALLY testy when someone in game chat begs to differ about the ship, almost like someone just insulted their mother.
  3. People who own Stalingrads are a curious bunch. In the game while they play it, they brag about how amazing the ship is and how much they do in it. Then, when in forums and the devs are looking, it suddenly becomes 'not that great'.
  4. You're forgetting Yamato was already weakened from battles from two months before. To the point that during Ten Go they gave the ship a skeleton crew and sent it on a suicide mission. Because 60% of the players don't understand 'evasive action'. And I'm not. All I did was point out your name suggests bias. That's not 'anyone', that's YOU specifically with a very specific justification.
  5. The suckers who know the ship for its name and reputation, but don't follow the community enough to realize it got nerfed, for starts.
  6. Watch. After the nerf, it'll be back in the shop. You can take that to the bank.
  7. And that's why you don't see a single GZ in game these days. /s.
  8. First off, I never said 'perfectly balanced', I said 'deliberately kept unbalanced'. It's been obvious these last few months when WG flat out ignores testers by introducing a blatantly unbalanced feature they'll 'fix later'. Meanwhile, the feature itself either brings in money, or the counter does. Do you think it's 'coincidence' that when the CV rework hits, the shop suddenly has a special for the battleship that has the most powerful long-range AA at tier 8? But, as for 'near perfect balanced' games with monthly updates- Elite Dangerous, DCS World, Monster Hunter World...I can go on.
  9. There's 'need to make money', and then there's 'sleazy tactics to manipulate people into spending money'. This is the latter. And that isn't what WG is doing. They're (sort of) trying to make the ILLUSION the game is balanced...but always keeping it from actually BEING balanced so they can promote some form of gimmick.
  10. It wasn't two months ago WG was actively promoting how OP the ships were to try and get people to spend money on loot boxes so they could gamble for them. Now, all a sudden they wanna talk nerfs. Is it not obvious they saw a dip in revenue of the Santa crates, realized they weren't making the money they thought they were trying to get people to gamble for the ships-so now, the nerfs are incoming so they can justify selling them again? This has nothing to do with 'balance', this has everything to do with $$$$. Meanwhile, Stalingrad is just 'fine' with the absurd sigma.
  11. First off, bear in mind those battleships were slugging it out at ranges far exceeding that in the game. And secondly, a lot of the planes attacking Yamato were high altitude planes, such as B-17s. The low level planes didn't move in until Yamato was already well crippled, as were her escorts. But, not like your name suggests any bias at all.
  12. Think about what you just said for a moment. Out of twenty-four planes, they only managed to successfully land THREE torpedoes. On a ship that 'didn't have devastating AA abilities.' If you're proposing a 12% success rate in WoWs under the best of circumstances for a CV, I'm all for it.
  13. Perriwen

    Steel for Coal and Coal to Steel Conversion

    The thing that always intrigued me is...coal is used to forge steel. Steel isn't turned into coal. How WG came up with 'converting steel into coal' is beyond me, as it's the reverse of the actual process.