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  1. Really? I didn't know there was a file edit. I'll look into it then and see which file to edit. That would be very helpful, thanks!
  2. My clan is loving clan wars as well but like OP said, lots of training. On that note, any chance of getting training battles in game without modding? Could help out a ton.
  3. Strike Essex is pretty good, just need to play smart and use your planes effectively. You probably won't do well in a straight up fight with Jap CV but it's do-able, just takes a little practice and luck. Haven't tried AS though.
  4. Hey guys, Just curious to see who you guys prioritize and why when you join a match.
  5. I thought the "flavor" of USN CV's was fighters and dive bombers, not torpedo bombers. Could just reword the dive bombers to give them the reticle of the Saipan for tier 7-10. This way the current AS builds are still formidable and USN strike builds more so.
  6. I run mine with a 18 point captain. I use it like a big destroyer, ambush type of role. Stick into islands, and then blast from close range. AP at cruisers under 7km and you can usually get 4+ citadels and then HE (with IFHE) at EVERYTHING else. Such a fun boat! - AFT -BFT - IFHE - concealment Also...