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  1. To give battleships and heavy cruisers something to defend themselves with, maybe make the fighter they get as a consumable able to auto attack nearby subs, like 8km ish from the boat? Maybe make it a bot plane that drops a depth charge bomb every few seconds to subs within range. Same CD though, and only attack subs in range?
  2. _Loot

    Subs do bring about a change

    So I understand that people hate the subs, cool. But I don't get why people aren't all PO'd about new battleships getting smoke, stealth radar cruisers, etc. I mean honestly, subs are a pretty small negative compared to other things
  3. 1. Reduce underwater speed 2. Remove super-mega-#gitrekd torps that bypass torp protection. I mean that's LITERALLY the point of a torp belt 3. Add a little bit of a CD on surface/dive mechanic. Figure you have to refil the Co2 or whatever subs use? I like the idea of them so far and am interested in playing them in live battles. They just need some more work which is what WG is doing so everyone can calm down, they aren't going to be going live in the next patch....
  4. _Loot

    Premium CV review... All of them.

    I found the best way for Graf is to be opportunistic with your drops. If things are bunched up, there isn't a lot you can do outside of slingshotting your planes until they thin out . Personally, I've not tried being aggressive in my ship movement to really use the secondaries, usually save those if a DD is hunting me but to each their own