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  1. you underestimate the power of fans of the anime and/or wanting a second Yamato to play in. I would have bought the standalone yamato bundle too if it came with a 10pt captain and the legendary mod instead of hiding it behind the bigger more expensive bundle.
  2. storm0545

    Pumpkin Disappointment

    yea i played nearly 70 battles during that weekend and am also bummed out to see that the majority of pumpkins didn't even come close to playing 45 battles.
  3. I don't even know where to start with coming back to world of warships again lol.

  4. well guess i should update my status im playing again lol

  5. Happy 4th everyone, time to play some tanks for that 5x

  6. Oh boy wow patch 6.2 comes out tuesday sigh here i wanted to take a break from hardcore raiding

  7. storm0545

    Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    So how easy is it to set up a Japanese Proxy connection and get into the lottery to attempt to play this game. Or should i just wait for a international release somewhere down the road for non local ip addresses.
  8. oh hey its my birthday maybe ill buy some warships tokens

  9. yay beta is here

  10. Wonder what the pre-order packs for this game shall be.

  11. must find more interwebz friends lololol

  12. can we just extend the weekend beta for a bit longer er... like till next month :P

  13. Well this weekend has been a fun time of sailing.