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  1. https://tradingeconomics.com/russia/wages
  2. They are not the same. Russian salary can’t handle 50$ ships
  3. I have been thinking about doing a rollback and then buy any new ships on a seperate account with the heavily discounted prices.
  4. Doesnt bother me probably could buy all the ships for 100 instead of 1000
  5. Would changing VPN to RU get me access to Russian shop?
  6. So the RU server gets special privileges because they are factually poor in Russia. Therefore, WG subsidizes their prices in the premium shop. Now I know I have to download the RU client but if I go through the Ru premium shop I get American prices still. Do I need to use a vip to change my physical location to Russia in order to see RU prices? Why spend 56$ for a Tirpitz if I can spend 5 or whatever peasant price that is? By the way I am Russian and originally from Russia. If an exception can be made for me to get peasant prices on the NA server that would be great. I can provide my USSR passport and other documentation through the Russian Embassy.
  7. IvanPonomarev

    Premium Ship Refunds

    its called a monetary refund
  8. IvanPonomarev

    Premium Ship Refunds

    I’m speaking for others I’ve never asked for a refund but I know many a players feel this way.
  9. IvanPonomarev

    Premium Ship Refunds

    If you offer goods and services rendered then you change that good or service you would be required to return the transaction value in a monetary denomination. If I pay for a new phone then am told that the phone is actually bad I either get a free new upgraded phone or I get my money back. If WG changes a ship and offer a doubloon compensation then there needs to be a monetary compensation also. I don’t want your doubloons I want my actually money back. You can’t just only offer doubloons. When WG changes a ship it is in essence a product recall. “Sorry everyone we are recalling the Julio Cesare, you can return it for doubloons or keep new ship but you don’t get your money back because we will scam you out of that haha”
  10. IvanPonomarev

    How to stop a consumable in use

    Flamu has used such a function in several of his videos
  11. What is the key und that stops a consumable in use such as radar DFAA or plane. Tried finding the answer I know it exists. Does anyone know what it is?
  12. IvanPonomarev

    One shot kills on cruisers in Twilight.

    You need to angle away and stop traveling broadside in straight lines. The leviathan has an accuracy consumable. Stay out of range you have 17km vs their 14/15km.
  13. IvanPonomarev

    Rasputin Unlocked Twilight Game Mode

    It is not lacking. Same guns but reload time is about 15 seconds. It has faster turret rotation pretty much a cruisers sped. It does have 200K health. It travels at most 26.5kts.
  14. My friend @spongemon9 and I sat down and grinded out the 50 wins for Rasputin. First two on NA. Super fun ship can't wait for the other ships to be unlocked. Here is a video of a dev strike from an earlier game in Leviathan. AT-cm_346996259.mp4