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  1. Captain_PP

    Rank 5 waiting list

    there is a rank 5 to 1 group ingame i suggest you add it in the search function
  2. Captain_PP

    Wahsup with the patch eh? Borked again?

    Can Wargaming do anything right? They didn’t have the hindsight to look into this yesterday? Such incompetence.
  3. Captain_PP

    PSA: 0.8.3 delayed a day

    So that's two days less of CB it would be nice for WG to credit back the clan battles times cough cough
  4. Which one will you choose?
  5. Apologizes for them turning out to be OP but wait you can get them in these Christmas Containers! We have stopped their sale for like two years because they over performed! Wait I didn’t know they were OP! Thonk.
  6. He defintely plays WOWs
  7. I can tell you I made custom suits of high quality Italian wool If I turned around to a client and said the wool was from china but you still got the same suit I would be broke. Which is just about the same situation WG found itself in. Time and time again WG has been horrible at handling PR issues. This company is constantly plagued by them. You may try to be cute with your response but your transparency around this issue is deafening. You may try to bring your meme photos out for OP and try to be sly but no one here is laughing about these changes so I hope you get a little more serious and start being upfront.
  8. That’s asking for a unicorn to show up
  9. First off Wargaming will most likely nerf premium ships we all know the top 5 ones. If the nerf is seen as a big change then These are the things I ought to expect. 1. Wargaming issues a public apology. They would say either they made a mistake and that the ship should not have been released. 2. Compensation should be issued. When the Graf Zeppelin was released in a broken state they issued special camos for players who kept the ship instead of getting a monetary refund. Or something else as increased item compensation I really don’t know what. 3. Require a monetary refund for changes to a ship, if the ship was bought. If you got it in a container you would get it back in doubloons. 4. That should include any other premium ships deemed to be nerfed in the future. You release a broken ship is not the communities fault you screwed up but that doesn’t mean you keep money for it. 5. Simply don’t buy premium ships. Emphasis on last point. You can play for free and not give a darn about all this drama. The game is free after all if the company goes belly up you have no monetary risk tied to it.
  10. WG doesn’t want to hurt their sales and sub Octavian is playing dumb about it. He states that WG doesn’t it but in fact they really do. That’s why the slap the banner to say you can get those ships in crates it drive sales. Imagine if they don’t offer the ships in crates, then sales drop. Also older veteran players have been leaving the game meaning those ships are taken out of match maker.
  11. Will you be nerfing Belfast Nikolai Kamikaze Trio Köning Albert Since those ships over perform. Why not eliminate them from future sales and not include them in if you buy x amount of containers you may get one of these. Sounds incredibly counter productive.
  12. https://tradingeconomics.com/russia/wages
  13. They are not the same. Russian salary can’t handle 50$ ships
  14. I have been thinking about doing a rollback and then buy any new ships on a seperate account with the heavily discounted prices.
  15. Doesnt bother me probably could buy all the ships for 100 instead of 1000