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  1. Destroyer Streamers/Players to Watch

    Good DD streamers to watch, I recommend tmgrunty and sirvenom both on twitch.
  2. To prove or disprove this, you cannot take ship class alone or their particular benefit, i.e. radar into account. I did not see it stated, but you would have to rule out the win rate of each player on each side to make sure one side does not get the better players and the population win rate of a particular ship because as we know, certain ships perform better than others. Would also have to remove the rare, we can call anomalies, of where people division with lower tier ships and bring them to a +3 match.
  3. Tier 8 sucks

    There is nothing wrong with being in tier X matches with tier VIII boats, just have to learn how to adjust. That is part of the challenge of a game. Take the opportunity to learn and get better. This goes with all matches you are up tiered. I often see the lowest tier do the best in matches. There are potatoes at all tiers and matches, learn to be a better spud.
  4. Reworking Detonations

    I think they are fine the way they are. People just wine too much sometimes. Take the flags and move on to the next game. Statistically, it is insignificant. I have had 80 detonations out of 9665 matches, 0.008%. I am fine even if it was one percent.
  5. Bunch of flags 4k dubloons 90 day premium x2 Bunch of free experience one Kii with ten point captain one ohotnik with ten point captain

    Instead of complaining about MM, play the ship you want or enjoy and make the best of it. We all play this game for enjoyment, however it is fulfilled within the game. Getting worked up, whining or upset over matchmaking which we all are affected by does nothing positive. Sit back, shoot and torpedo enemy ships and enjoy the game. Having a defeatist attitude because you are low tier in a match already puts the opponent at the advantage, do not do that to your teammates. There are things you can do being low tier that help the team. I often see the lowest tier ship in the top three in experience for a match, all ships can be effective in a match. Have fun.
  7. Yup, premium time will be better than a CV premium. You want a good credit earner, I recommend the Texas, Arizona, Atago or Tirpitz. Molotv and Warspite are good too.
  8. Armada: Giulio Cesare

    the pronounciation of the name is wrong in the video. Here is a link: https://forvo.com/word/giulio_cesare/ As of Italian descent, they could have done better for the video.
  9. There are ways to adjust to this smoke mechanic change. When I play a dd gun boat, I prefer to be moving from range and harassing the enemy over sitting in smoke. Sitting in smoke can at times make you a target for enemy torpedo. There is the captain skill to make larger smoke area to sit in back as someone mentioned. DDs that like easy mode sit in smoke just to spam fire which most of the time is awful when you should be spotting. This does not mean it does not have its useful moments but the changes do not end DD play or cruiser play. It is a challenge to adjust your play style, rise to it.
  10. there are many reasons not to have different modes. Not large enough player base is a start.
  11. When you carry so much..

    Personally, I have enjoyed playing all the German DDs, even the T22
  12. When you carry so much..

    z23 is a good ship
  13. I have come to an understanding that some people just like to shoot and do not care if they are spotted followed by death. They are just here to have fun. There are those that take this game too seriously and those do not care much other than to click button and have fun. Getting tilted, stressed or upset over other people's play in the long run is not health for ourselves. With that being said, it is hard to do for some of us, myself included.
  14. AFKs Ruin Gameplay

    Here is a solution, if someone is AFK for a few minutes or ships is not moving for a certain time, allow the AI to take the ship over so the team does not hurt.
  15. Suggestion for a new game mode: - have a mode where you keep coming back to life for the entire match time of 20 minutes, victory is determined by how many points you have at the end of the game, no point limit - have a mode in domination where the cap can be a repair port for all ally ships for a certain time interval in the game, while in the repair port, you cannot move or shoot anything, repair a certain percentage, not full health - have a mode where parts of the map are gradually opened as the match progresses and have certain tasks to complete or caps to secure to earn a certain amount of points I would be willing to assist in developing these modes further with a discussion