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  1. Whiski

    OMG...What a game.....Op Narai...

    Your lucky. The teams I have gotten today are just .... indescribable, I'm no specialist but holy f#$@. From letting the transport go on the merry way to dying the first encounter. Just horrible....so much so I don't have hair left to pull out....no curse words left I have not yelled.
  2. Whiski


    I am just starting to get this problem and I am not using Steam for this game.
  3. HE spam from behind islands and fires....lots of fires!!
  4. Never got a 30% off coupon Not that I could find. I got a 20% off, I think a little over a week ago.....but no 30% off.
  5. Good Idea and I am all for it. I have the Kutuzov and it is a good ship and credit earner. I would just love to have the Mo in my collection and sail it into battle. Given the chance I would buy it or the Belfast in a heart beat.
  6. Whiski

    CV Rework Feedback

    I believe this is a good rework. For what limited amount of games I have played in CV it was kind of meh...insta nuke a ship with cross drop torps over and over. Not that I was a good cv operator but I found it unappealing. No huge damage hits now for cv so I guess people who liked cv for that reason will be raging. Those who loved the CV for what it was, well....they will adapt and be just as deadly.
  7. The mm is the reason I hardly play T8 anymore. A good percentage of the time T8 is in a T10 match. Got tired of it to be honest.....all the mm needs to be adjusted for a 1 tier spread. Would make for a more challenging game I think. And it was said earlier in this post, T7 is the best tier by far.
  8. Whiski

    Saving Tier 8 - How do we do it?

    Drop the tier spread to 1 so a t6 faces max a t7, a t8 faces a max of t9.
  9. Whiski

    Tired of this.

    Far too many islands on the maps anyway to be honest and thinning them out a little wouldn't hurt. The game has become a hide and seek kind of scenario with cruisers hiding and hoping a target presents itself to lob shells from behind the island, BB's sniping from the back cause they don't want to get too close to the island clusters and get burnt to the waterline without ever seeing the enemy and the dd's extend trying to spot or throw blind torpedoes out and eventually get radar spotted or spotted by the other dd's and killed. Had the ocean map yesterday and that was by far one of the better battles I had in a long time even though we lost. I enjoy that map immensely. The current maps are like playing wack-a-mole, except the mole never shows his head....just stays in cover and burns ya till your dead or your lucky enough to disengage and escape or if your really lucky he shows enough of his stern or bow to get a shot at him.
  10. Whiski

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    My greatest achievement today is getting out of bed for work...lol. But hopefully when I do play later today I do well.
  11. Whiski

    Narai, a teamwork way

    Nice. I would use the Hood for reasons you have stated above. All in all a great strategy.