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  1. Just answered my own question. You have to play a game in the "B" version to enable the mission, then play in the regular ship for the gold.
  2. So I am a bit confused. I received all 4 of the new "B" ships in Prem Black Friday containers. I do not see these missions anywhere. Do you only get the missions if you bought the ships outright and not just through containers?
  3. Bought 12 crates. Can't recall everything in them, but I received Massachusetts B, Asashio B, Atago B, 1250 gold, and a mix of camo and free exp.
  4. The key point of my post was before they implement this change to buy a bunch of premium time as it exists now, as it would appear that when that patch hits, that you will get the addition of the WoWs Premium for the same duration of time that you already have premium for, for free. After that, you'll have to pay some sort of rate for it on top of, or exclusive of, the old-style premium time. Hopefully they clarify this a bit more as they flush out the idea more.
  5. My impression upon reading it is that if you have 300 days of "Universal Premium" across all the games, that you will get 300 concurrent days of WoWs Premium. So the incentive to buy more Universal Premium beforehand would be that if you only have 15 days prior to the addition of the WoWs Premium, you will only get the the free "double dip" for 15 days. So I plan on buying a lot so they give me the WoWs Premium for longer, as opposed to only having a small amount and having to pay for it on top of Universal Premium later.
  6. "When the warships premium account will be added, all players with an active premium account will receive a warships premium account with the same duration. Thus, they will be able to test the service and evaluate its benefits for themselves, without incurring any additional costs." Note to self: Buy a F load of premium before the actual release of this change (if they move forward with it).
  7. oberstwake

    BB secondaries are worthless

    My Massachusetts would like a word with you.
  8. So after unlocking the Jutland this afternoon I came across a fairly disappointing spectacle in the form of the 113mm guns on the Jutland. So HE on them is unusable unless you can consistently hit the 13mm and 16mm superstructures on certain ships, and the 8% fire chance isn't going to help much either. So you either take 4 pts into IFHE and be able to pen 24mm (still garbage), or you shoot AP always. But what gets me the most is that the 4.5" gun that superseded the 4.7" gun (like that on the Lightning), had a heavier shell and a higher muzzle velocity... So why did WG decide that the tier 9 and T10 HE should be worse than the T5 thru T8s? Seems like a really bad balancing decision based on an oversimplified HE pen mechanic. IMO, these ships need the IJN 100mm 1/4 HE pen buff. I mean I got it, their AP has the better normalization that the cruisers have, but they also only have smokes that last 30 seconds and crap range so they aren't exactly given the luxury of being able to sling shells at their leisure, from a lengthy smoke screen, and hone in their aim. After playing Lightning I just find myself completely underwhelmed by these ships. I would rather take a T9 Lightning with a heal any day over the Jutland, even with its 10km torps.
  9. oberstwake

    No boxes from Hall of Fame again?

    No one is being impatient here bub, I am simply stating it is pretty poor QC when you have an issue that takes you three days to fix the first time, and then fail to take precautions that it doesn't happen again.
  10. oberstwake

    No boxes from Hall of Fame again?

    But this is not the first time they have flubbed a RN Hall of Fame container distribution. One would think that after the first time it was not executed properly, that necessary measures would be taken to ensure that future distributions would go smoothly, patch or not.
  11. oberstwake

    No boxes from Hall of Fame again?

    Yeah, but this isn't the first time, so maybe the expectation that it shouldn't be an issue in the first place isn't unreasonable?
  12. oberstwake

    No boxes from Hall of Fame again?

    Nothing here either. Maybe they were too distracted by the Youtube outage lol.
  13. oberstwake

    IFHE on Massachussets?

    IFHE is a must for Massachusetts. CE is for ships that can sneak in and then blap something with their main battery. Anyone who has fired Mass's main battery knows that isn't going to happen, but if you get those secondaries singing, they can out DPM your main battery easily once you cross that 11.3km threshold.