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  1. Correct, the only relevant information is how much oil a person has contributed to their current clan. Once you leave that clan, you leave any contributed oil behind. If you join a new clan the contributed oil you'll see next to your name in that clan will start at 0.
  2. Those who are in the clan can see how much personal oil each person has gained on the main clan page in the game. It is in the stats list next to their names.
  3. It literally just went on sale here too. Theories are out the window. Requests for changes are denied, currently. Pitchfork sales set to increase rapidly! https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/nostairway-denied/
  4. Reworking Damage Control

    I like it. It would also add some consistency with how WoT does damage control. You hit the repair button, and then a number corresponding to the affected system, or alternatively you hold your "show cursor" button and click the affected system. The only thing that would add complexity would be showing the multiple cooldowns times in an efficient way. Maybe have the ability to show them separate be an option like it is for torpedoes. For the normal view just have the "clockwipe" style visual we already have but fully grey out the rep icon and show a little 0 on it only when they've all been used, and otherwise show the lit up icon and number of uses ready, with a clockwipe showing the time until another one is ready (like how Diablo or MMOs tend to show multi-use abilities on a hotbar). Decent proposal +1 (although I think 3 should probably be the maximum...maybe 2 on DDs and CA/CLs and 3 on CVs and BBs)
  5. Which Special Mods Worth Buying?

    Damn, yeah I forgot about the hydro mod one. Gonna have to snag one for my german DDs, not to mention the Lo Yang as well!
  6. Which Special Mods Worth Buying?

    Smoke, Engine boost, and Radar are the only 3 that are worth anything. Boost works just fine on French Cruisers. No idea where it says it doesn't, but in-game the description is correct in saying it can be applied to Tier VI to X Destroyers and Cruisers. Smoke on the Perth is kind of lol, as it adds 27 more seconds to the duration that the consumable keeps making smoke bringing it to 117s, and it only takes a second off the duration of the smoke puffs (from 10s to 9s). The Smoke upgrade is also fairly useful on the RN CLs, adding 2s to the amount of time it makes smoke, which can allow you to activate it a bit sooner without overshooting the smoke (duration the smoke remains up for loses around 10 seconds, which isn't too bad).
  7. Team and Ranked battles

    Ranked: being tested on the PTS, so right around the time the next patch hits. Team: not being continued as far as I know. They're using what they learned from Team Battles to make something for clans to battle other clans. No idea when we'll see something from that.
  8. I've tried it in the past on the Warspite, as the turret turning rate is abysmal. It can be useful, but it's not useful enough to allow you to keep guns on a target while in a hard turn, so I tend to go back to the increased secondary range mod for my Warspite build. Haven't tried it on any other ships tho.
  9. While that was what I first thought, those are not DDs. The ship on the left foreground is a Caledon-class (Tier 3 CL), and left background is a Weymouth-class (Tier 2 CL). The ship on the right foreground is the Black Swan (Tier 1 Sloop), and right background is I think a Danae-class (Tier 4 CL). Sorry folks . I still hope we get more RN ships SOON!
  10. I figure they play with a standard or dynamic scale using either the ones in-game or a modded variant. But when they do commentary on their videos, they're watching the game using the replay system usually, because it's much easier to comment on a game you've already played. One of the quirks of the replay system is that the numbered scale is not shown when you're scoped in. This is why you're not seeing it in many of their vids.
  11. One thing to remember when playing nearly any ship (save RN CLs), you are generally able to lose speed faster than gain it. You have one source of acceleration: your engine. But you have 2 sources of deceleration: your engine and your rudder. If you are trying to throw off fire at mid-long ranges (think 15km or so) and you're in a relatively fast ship going full speed parallel to your attacker, drop your speed and turn towards the direction of fire. Similar to avoidance of torpedoes, this allows you to get past the rounds faster, and if shots are still on target they may become either overpens through the superstructure, or bounce entirely. Turning away is pretty dangerous in this situation (again similar to torps) as you put yourself in the path of shells you would have avoided otherwise, and also may cause below the waterline pens, and citadels, for those shots that were fired at the waterline or above in the first place by your enemy. The best "general" advice I can give for speed avoidance is to avoid patterns of evasion when fighting the same enemy. Eventually they will catch on. Vary your path and speed as much as you possibly can. Stay on top of the changing battle situation. And BE AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS!! Happy Hunting
  12. This^. If the major opinion is that the FDG is a meh upgrade, then I really can't relate. The Bismarck main guns seemed to go everywhere except where I aimed them for the most part, while the 406mm guns on the FDG so far have great accuracy, and the punch that comes with the higher caliber is felt even as early into the grind as I am. It is quite a bit larger, and less maneuverable, so you have to factor that into how you play it more than you did at tier 8. I'm looking forward to the upgrades, but even stock it does very well.
  13. I Swear I'm Gonna Do It.

    Nothing gets by this guy^ OP, I'll probably have to do the same...I hate playing CVs but with the missions needing me to, I guess I'll have to suck it up and buy back a Zuiho.
  14. Missouri's Anti-Air

    I think the current stats of the Missouri have it with an extra quad 40mm Bofors mount over even the C-Hull Iowa, but with only single 20mm Oerlikon mounts like the B-Hull (C has dual 20mm), and fewer of them. So I'm expecting a lot less close-in AA damage, but the strength of the Iowa class anti-air is in its longer range quad 40mm Bofors and 127mm mounts anyway, and it looks like Missouri will be at least as good, and possibly very slightly better at this range compared to a C-Hull Iowa. (Disclaimer: all of this is speculation based on older information, and subject to change like anything that hasn't been released yet)